Evolution - The Dawn of Ages
Chapter 1 - In the beginning

It was the usual, hot, boring long day on the continent of Kazalkus. It was like that only because most of it was a desert. Something that wasn't a usual occurrence around here, were many groups of Explorers. Why they were here, is quite simple, they were searching for the legendary treasure.

The legendary treasure, it was thought of only as a myth, some chose not to believe it while others pursued. It was once said that this treasure, could bring either life or death, depending on whom finds it first, one such person who wants to find such a tool, was non other than a boy called, Buster Rod.

Buster, an explorer of multiple talents, was the first to hear of such 'Legendary Treasure'. He also made the decision that he would be the first to get it and the last to ever-lay sight on it. "I'm gonna get that treasure, and no one else will have it but me!"

The place that Buster stayed at wasn't what one would call inviting. It was in fact a large stone cold castle like structure stuck up high above the planet's surface, perched atop the largest mountain peak. Not many have been able to live on this mountain let alone scale it to the top. But the Rod family has done so.