AN: Hi everyone, here is the sequel of Love Between Two Captains. Hope you like it! This fanfiction is for DearestSayaka who have asked. Hope you like it.

Summary : Sequel of Love Between the Captains and dedicated for DearestSayaka. Tezuka's life is perfect. Famous tennis player, beautiful wife, three children. Everything seems perfect, but there is no such thing called perfect in this life. The Tezukas will face something soon...

A Dent in the Heaven

Chapter 1

Fuji now Tezuka Syuuki opened her eyes when a bright morning sun shine hit her beautiful face. She groaned softly as se felt her eyes were blinded by it. She glanced to the alarm clock and sighed. It was 6 o'clock in the morning and it was Friday. A day where she got a chance to finally accompany her husband training for a national tournament. It had been a long time since the last time she accompanied him. The last time was six years ago and she ended up fainted and dicovered that she was pregnant again the next day.

Syuuki slowly sat up, trying not to wake the sleeping human being beside her. She didn't succeed however when a strong arm tightened his grip around her waist. Syuuki was pulled on a bare chest she loved so much.

"Kunimitsu, let go" She said, earning a groan from the man. Tezuka Kunimitsu opened his eyes and smiled lazily when his hazel brown eyes found Syuuki on his chest. Syuuki sat up, bringing him with her.

"Good morning" she whispered, her blue eyes locked to his hazel ones. Tezuka grinned and leaned down to kiss the pale pink lips that only inches away from his own.

"Oh no, no, you don't!" Syuuki said, laughing as Tezuka's lips left her lips and traveled down to her neck. Tezuka ignored her protest and continued to place small kissed down to her breast covered by thin night gown.

"Kunimitsu, stop it you bad man!" Syuuki said teasingly as she, with difficulty, got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom. Tezuka fell back to the bed and watched her walked into the bathroom. He put an arm on his eyes and about to fall asleep when Syuuki's voice was heard.

"Don't fall back to sleep, your training starts in two hour" Syuuki said, laughing when she heard a groan from her husband. She hummed her favourite song as she enjoyed her hot water. She jumped when a pair of arms wrapped around her waist. She chuckled when a kiss was planted on her neck.

"Wash me too, anata!" A deep voice whispered into her eyes. Smiling, she turned around, pour some soap to her hand and began to wash the closest part of Tezuka'sbody she could reach, his chest. Tezuka's eyes never left her small frame as she busily washed his body. He leaned down and kissed her lips as he lift her up and pushed her to the wall. Syuuki moaned and soon their shower became something hotter than the water around them.

-Dining room-

"Give it back!"


"Give. !"


"Children!" Syuuki warned. The five year old twins looked at her and pouted.

"Oh don't give me that look! Ren, give the spoon back to your sister and both of you, finish your breakfast" Syuuki said. Ren scowled as he gave his sister's spoon back while Ai grabbed it as she sent him her death glare. Shin chuckled as he watched his siblings acts.

"Where's Father?" The eldest of the three children asked.

"He will come down soon. As usual, he's busy in front of the mirror, checking everything so he will look perfect" Syuuki said, smiling.

"You mean, in front of the mirror, looking for my glasses which was missing from its usual place so I can walk around without bump to something" Tezuka said as he entered the dinning room. Shin laughed as his father ruffled his hair.

"Father, Ren was so mean to me!" Ai pouted.

"Ren, don't be mean to your sister!" Tezuka said gently. Ai stucked out her tongue at Ren, who was glaring at her, and continued eating her breakfast. Fuji put his plate in front of him and sat down beside him.

"Father, when will you train me again?" Shin asked, his blue eyes shone with hope.

"I don't know Shin, maybe this weekend, if I have time" Tezuka said. He really wanted to spend more time with his family. His son, especially, who was now busy with his own tennis team.

Shin and Ai were the ones who seemed to be really like tennis like him. Syuuki was still fond of it but it just a hobby for her now, she was content with her job as the CEO of her father's company. The first time he found that Ai likes tennis was when he watched a match Roger Federer on TV when he heard some squealeing sound. He turned around and saw his daughter was looking at the TV happily and mimicked whatever the tennis star did on TV. Ren, on the other hand, didn't find tennis interesting at all. He liked drawing and Tezuka had to accept the fact that he might be a painter or something involved drawing when he was older.

"Let me send you to your school, Shin and you twins to your grandmother's house" Tezuka said when he saw Syuuki put a rather big bag for the twins on the table. The twins eagerly finished their breakfast.

"Grandpa said that he will let me cut his bonsai with him today." Ren said happily as he hop off his seat. Tezuka held back a smile.

"Does he really?" Ren nodded happily.

"Yesh, and I will make it prettier, Tou-san" Tezuka shared a smile with Fuji who was shaking her head.

"Of course you are..." Tezuka said. He let his son ran to the car while he turned around and kissed Syuuki goodbye.

"Father does know that Ren will make his bonsai bald, doesn't he?" Syuuki asked, raising an eyebrow. Tezuka chuckled and nodded.

"I think so. I'll be back in thirty minutes." He said before he walked to the car and started the car.

-Kuniharu and Ayana's house-

Ayana ran to the gate when she spotted a black sedan entered through it. She smiled widely when her grandchildren ran out the car into her arms.

"Ren-kun, Ai-chan!" She greeted as she showered their face with kisses, making them giggled.

"Do I get some hug too?" Kuniharu asked, opening his arms. Ren and Ai broke their embrace with their grandmother and ran to Kuniharu, screaming "Grandpa". Ayana smiled and she turned to her son.

"Mother" Tezuka said, hugging his mother.

"Kunimitsu. Where's Syuusuke?" Ayana asked.

"She's at home, preparing everything we need to for my practice this morning" Tezuka said. Ayana nodded.

"Well, you and Syuusuke are the only one who use tennis practice as a date. You need to bring her to a candle light dinner or omething, Kunimitsu. It has been a long time since you spoil that wife of yours. Kami-Sama knows how patient she is with a husband like you" Ayana said jokingly. Tezuka only smiled and shook his head.

"I will. Well, if you excuse me, Mother. I have to go soon" Ayana nodded and turned around, only to find Kuniharu and the children weren't there.

"It seems that your father is being dragged somewhere by your children." Ayana turned to Tezuka.

"Practice hard. We would have a very special dinner if you won your match"

"I will, Mother." Tezuka said before leaned down and gave his mother a kiss on her cheek. Tezuka bid his mother goosbye and drove back to the house.

"Everything is ready?" He asked as his eyes swept the bags on the sofa. Fuji was standing in front of the TV with a bottle of water in her hands.

"Yes, let's go let's go!" Fuji turned off the TV and grabbed her bag before walked passed her husband. Tezuka smiled and shook his head before grabbed his own bag and walked out the door.


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