Kung Fu Panda: The War

Chapter 6: New Ally, Old Enemy Part 1

Location Data:
Mega-sector: Galactic Federation United Territories
Sector: Trigon
Galaxy: Twisting Nether
Arm: Atlantis
System: Mundus-Oblivion (Atlantean Name: Airaseon 2)
Planet: Nirn (Official Designation: Trigon Aetherius Alpha 1 G3V-1994x325 P3 Nirn)

Continent: Aldmeris
Sub-Continent: Si-Wong
Province: Jadestone
Region: Valley of Peace

Time: 8:20 AM WCTZ (West Continental Time Zone)

Among the first to regain hearing is Shifu, Po, and the Furious Five. Looking to the west, a mushroom cloud can be seen. Shifu tells the Furious Five to go fetch Po and investigate the western edge of the valley. It did not take long to get Po, mainly because he was at the bottom of the stairs, partially conscious. The shockwave caused Po to lose his balance on the stairs, and nearly blew out his eardrums. A small amount of blood can be seen coming out of his left ear, a sign that his left eardrum is injured. Within 2 minutes, They carried Po to the infermory. Mantis takes a peak inside Po's left ear. An obvious hole can be see in the eardrum, blood slowly oozing out, forming a scab. A very small amount of pus can be seen. As Mantis is about to tell the others Po is deaf on the left, a strange blue glow starts emanating from the still forming scab. The blood flow stops, while the pus dissipates. The hole in Po's left eardrum starts shrinking. As the hole shrinks, Mantis briefly sees something behind the eardrum, something made of metal. Po's left eardrum is now healed. Mantis tells the others about what he saw, just as Shifu walks in. Po slowly starts to wake up. While Po was being carried to the imfermory, Shifu checked the vase that contained the Mongolian Fist Demon. The vase was shattered, and the demon unconscious. No doubt knocked out by the shockwave. Pieces of the vase were scattered around the room, mixed with pieces from other fragile items destroyed by the shockwave, and pieces of both the ceiling and walls knocked loose by the shockwave.

The Furious Five and Po travel west, towards the source of the shockwave. Looking west, a steady column of smoke rises up. A few stalks of bamboo around them are broken, while small pieces of debris floats down a stream of water. Tigress looks back at the palace, and spots the partially destroyed back end.
Walking along the path, they continue towards the western edge of the valley, unaware that someone was watching. The person watching them fought Po for the Dragon Scroll around a few months ago. The person watching them is Tai Lung.

During that fight between Po and Tai Lung, Po used what ever he could to fight, while Tai Lung used his skills. Highlights from the fight include Po sitting on Tai Lung's head, Tai Lung taking a cast iron pan to the face, and the destruction of a 3 story building. When Tai Lung fell from the sky after getting deflected by Po's belly, he left a hole in the ground shaped like his body. He climbed out and tried to hit Po, who promptly put Tai Lung in a wuxi fingerhold. The wuxi fingerhold unleashes a concentrated blast of chi that disintegrates the person caught on the receiving end, but it only works on fully organic beings. Tai Lung was not fully organic, so the chi blast caused a dimensional rift. Within a fraction of a second, Tai Lung's body was broken down into it's base components and elements, such as carbon, and sucked into the rift, seemingly wiping Tai Lung from existence. Another rift opened up elsewhere. A few of the components in Tai Lung's body anchored him into this dimension, preventing him from fully leaving this dimension. His body started to materialize where the second rift opened up. Molecule by molecule, his body was reassembled, though parts of it were lost in the rift. Tai Lung was fully aware of this. To him, this ordeal lasted a long time. In real time, it was a few seconds. When the chi blast started, time started to rapidly slow down for Tai Lung. He watched in horror as the golden glow of chi spread up his arm, his hand starting to atomize. He was paralyzed, unable to move as his body atomized. Tai Lung could feel himself being sucked into another dimension. He was not going to let Po win, so he tried and failed to grab Po's hand due to his own hand phasing through Po's hand. The pull was too strong, and he was sucked into the rift. He was speeding through a tunnel of gold light, before emerging in an empty black void. Tai Lung looked around. There was nothing but black. The was no ground, no walls, no gravity, just an infinite black void. Tai Lung thought he would be stuck here for all eternity. A lone white speck of light came into existence, catching Tai Lung's attention. He looked at the speck, just floating there. The speck started growing brighter. It was getting brighter and brighter, until, BANG! With enough force to punch a massive hole in the space-time continuum, the speck exploded. Bands of white light flew out in all directions, millions of specks flew out. Tai Lung has just witnessed the birth of a universe, specifically our universe. Time around him starts to speed up. Atoms start forming at first, before eventually stars and planets start forming. A few spirals of light form, one of them is orange. The orange light spiral is the Twisting Nether galaxy, the galaxy that Chinaria is in. Tai Lung looks in awe, before a strange force pulls him towards the orange spiral of light. Within moments, he flies by several star systems on the edge of the galaxy. For a brief moment, he stops. Infront of him is a world, the original homeworld of the Atlanteans: Airaseon. Bands of clouds obscure the oceans and landforms. Suddenly, a flash of orange light blasts apart a portion of the planet. Columns of volcanic debris blasts out of the surface while massive streams of lava erupts. Large cracks start appearing. The Atlantean homeworld is breaking apart. Atlantean ships can be seen fleeing from the doomed planet. Within minutes, the planet starts to come apart. Huge explosions tear apart the surface as chunks of the planet are ejected into space. Eventually, the planet's core explodes, reducing the planet into an asteroid field. Airaseon is no more. The Atlantean ships form into three groups, each group going to a carefully selected star system. As all three groups of ships warp, Tai Lung is pulled through time and space. He rematerialises at what would soon become the Mundus-Oblivion System. A large red star lies before Tai Lung, a star at the end of its life. The star's core can no longer sustain the nuclear fusion required to keep it stable, so it starts to collapse into its self. The star goes supernova. Within moments, a nebula forms. Over time, a new star is born at the center of the nebula: Aetherius. As Aetherius grows to a main sequence G-class star, the leftover dust and debris start to form into planets. What took moments to Tai Lung was actually around a few hundred million years in real time as right before his eyes, Chinaria was forming. Chinaria, like Earth, started as a molten mass of rock floating in space. Chinaria is a somewhat unusual planet because its orbit puts it as the fifth planet from it's sun, and yet it's just like Earth. Chinaria is a bit bigger then Earth, but has the same gravity, atmosphere, and length of day. As Chinaria forms, a large object the size of Mercury slams into the planet. The impact throws out massive amounts of debris into orbit, creating a ring around the planet. Over time, a moon forms out of the debris created by the impact. A few thousand years later, a small planetoid is captured by Chinaria's gravity. This is the birth of Chinaria's moons: Masser and Secunda. Time goes by, and Chinaria slowly becomes habitable. Around 3 billion years after it formed, one of the three groups of Atlantean ships arrive. A few of the ships land on Atmora, while others land on Aldmeris. During this time, the continents are in very different positions on the planet, such as Tamriel and Aldmeris merged at the southern polar cap. The climate was also vastly different, such as Skyrim having a lush rain forest, and Elsweyre being covered by the southern polar ice cap. Over time, Tamriel drifted north due to plate tectonics. A rift valley forms where Tamriel and Aldmeris are joined, separating the two. As Tamriel slowly drifts towards it's present day location, Atmora splits off of Akavir and drifts towards the northern polar cap, eventually getting covered by an ice sheet. The continents reach there current positions, and the Elder Scrolls saga plays out in under a millisecond. A few thousand years before the saga begins, the Valley of Peace is formed by the collapse of a magma chamber, so the Valley of Peace is actually a caldera. The Wu-Dan mountains forming the northern edge of the caldera. Tai Lung suddenly finds himself floating above the valley, the Jade Palace overlooking the village. The Valley of Peace starts to transform, glass towers rapidly rising out of the ground. Within a matter of seconds, the valley has transformed into some kind of city. Alot of the buildings seemingly pierce the sky, while black roads snake their way around. The Jade Palace is dwarfed by the size of some of the buildings, especially the tall ones. Day turns to night, and the city lights up the sky in a spectacular fashion, almost like a perpetual fireworks show. Flashing red lights adorn the top of the tall buildings, while multi-colored lights wind around the city. The palace is also adorned with lights. A bright flash of light catches his attention. Tai Lung looks up, and sees some kind of red and white orb of light in the sky. The orb is getting bigger. Below, the city is in chaos. Tai Lung can see people panicking in the streets. An explosion catches his attention. Columns of smoke are rising out from under the palace. A part of the mountain the palace sits on collapse, taking the training hall with it. Molten rock starts spewing out from where the training hall stood just seconds ago. The tall buildings start to sway as volcanic fissures start to open up, curtains of lava setting fire to everything they touch. One of the buildings start to lean at a dangerous angle, before the upper portion of the structure breaks off. Fire balls start to rain down from the sky, one of them hitting the stairs leading up to the palace. A section of the Wu-Dan mountains collapses in a massive landslide, while the mountain the Jade Palace sits on starts to collapse. A pillar of ash shoots out of where the palace stood. Buildings everywhere start collapsing. The valley floor drops by about 5 meters while curtains of lava erupt out of the surrounding mountains. The center of the valley floor starts to bulge upward as the magma chamber below builds up pressure. An explosion in the sky catches Tai Lung's attention as he sees the moon break apart. He feels himself getting dragged towards Gongmen City. Tai Lung remembers visiting Gongmen City when he was a child. As he flies towards Gongmen City, the Valley of Peace is destroyed by the magma chamber erupting, sending whats left of the valley into the stratosphere. Tai Lung arrives at what is left of Gongmen City. The massive earthquakes has destroyed most of the city, including the Palace of The Sacred Flame. The orb of light in the sky hits somewhere off the western coast, a wall of destruction is now sweeping across the planet. Tai Lung sees the wall of destruction coming right at him. He manages to partially break free of the force that was holding him captive. He attempts to out run the wall of destruction, but he is not fast enough. Tai Lung is blasted by energy that is tearing the world apart, getting launched across the sky at sub-sonic speeds. The strange force grips him and yanks him into orbit. As Tai Lung is whisked away from the world, he catches one last glimpse of it, the whole planet breaking apart. A massive fissure spreading through where Gongmen City once stood. Another tunnel of golden light envelopes him as he is thrown through space and time.

An interdimensional rift opens up just to the south of an Atlantean settlement on the western edge of the Valley of Peace. A snow leopard is thrown out of the rift before it closes. When Tai Lung rematerialised, he blacked out due to the pain of having every atom in your body slowly reform. The rift generated quite abit of noise, attracting the attention of a lone Atlantean chi healer. The Atlantean chi healer saw the rift and Tai Lung falling out. He brings Tai Lung into the village, taking him into a small medical station. The Atlantean takes note of Tai Lung's injuries. Tai Lung has numerous burns and lacerations across his body. The hand that was caught in the wuxi fingerhold is almost completely obliterated. As the Atlantean identified the extent of his injuries, he noticed something... strange about Tai Lung's body. The skeleton is clearly visible at the mostly destroyed hand, the bones taking on a metallic grey. On closer inspection, the bones were definitely not organic. It was made out of some kind of metal. The exposed wrist joint is alot more complicated then a native snow leopard's wrist. There is also alot more bones in Tai Lung's wrist. It suddenly came to the Atlantean, this was no ordinary snow leopard, it was some kind of biomechanicle being. The Atlantean recognized the way the joint worked, it was atlantean engineering. He realised he stumbled upon something big. The Atlantean's name: Daniel.

"Are you crazy? They have been destroyed about 1500 years ago!" said an Atlantean technomancer. "Jake, just hear me out." said Daniel as he tried to convince the technomancer, named Jake, to listen. "Alright, fine. But it better be convincing." said Jake. Daniel began telling Jake about what he found. "I was going north to gather some herbs. Just as I began picking some jade buds, I heard a strange noise. When I look towards the source of the noise, there was this weird glowing orb of purple light.". "Whoa, stop right there. An orb of purple light? Dude, I think some of those herbs have messed with your head." interrupted Jake. "Will you please just listen?" said Daniel before continuing on. "As I was saying, I saw this weird orb of purple light, just floating there. It suddenly grew into some kind of portal and spat out a body before vanishing." Jake sighed in boredom. "I brought the body over to my office in the North Grove Medical Station. When I inspected the body, it, it, you'll have to see it." finished Daniel. "If this is true, I need to see it." said Jake.

The settlement, named Forest Grove, is a small village with a population of just over 1200. A forest canopy provides shade during the summer, while geothermal hot springs provide heat during the winter. Poking out of the tree canopy are several solar panel arrays and communication towers. The hot springs not only provide heat, but also power that is used to keep the village out of the dark. A few roads wide enough for two freight trucks to pass by each other provide land connections to both other settlements as well as major cities like Hydlantis and South Shores. Every so often, natives visit the village and do some trading, resulting in some usage of basic Atlantean tech in the province. Good examples include the Jade Palace training hall (Self-powering industrial strength motor), some of the lighting fixtures (Light-sensitive crystals), and Taotie's inventions (Self-powering motors, pneumatic/hydraulic components, lubricant pumps). There has yet to be usage of advanced tech by the natives despite the fact that the entire valley is covered by all manner of telecommunications, such as television, radio, and the ever-famous internet (The internet spans the whole universe in 2240).
Daniel and Jake walk along a dirt road used primarily by cargo trucks and armored military vehicles. They are walking east, coming from a small utility structure that connects Forest Grove to both the Aldmeris electrical grid and the Jadestone water supply system. The morning sun casting light upon the valley. A few armored jeeps and an Atlantean AT-7 mobile AA turret drive past, kicking up mud from the still moist ground, a result of last night's thunderstorm. "Hey!" yelled Jake as some of the mud nearly hits him. The military vehicles don't slow down, because they did not hear Jake's voice over the high powered hydrogen internal combustion engines powering the vehicles. A jet of steam shoots out of the AT-7's exhaust vents as it changes gears, increasing the engine's power output to get through a large mud puddle. The AT-7 is basicaly an AA turret and tank body mounted on a diesel train locomotive chassie modified to run off the rails. The two bogies replaced with all-terrrain drive trains. These off-rail "bogies" are fitted with eight large off-road reinforced wheels and shock absorbers. The vehicle runs on a twelve chamber hydrogen internal cumbustion diesel hybrid engine. The convoy is headed west towards a security outpost. Daniel and Jake continue towards the village, tall com-towers stretch above the trees. They soon arrive at the western edge of the village. The road transitions from a dirt path to a paved surface. The buildings are square moduals fixated onto reinforced concrete stumps. They arrive at a T-intersection, the intersecting road leading north. They head north. After walking for almost 20 minutes, they arrive at the North Grove Medical Station. The building looks just like any other building in the village, but has a radio tower mounted on the roof. They climb up five steps to reach the door. A phenumatic hiss is heard as the door slides open. The first room they encounter is a basic waiting room with chairs and a check-in desk. A water fountain is fixated on one of the walls. Daniel and Jake flash their ID cards to let the teller know they are permitted to enter the back. They proceed to Daniel's office. "Holy s***." said Jake as he spotted the snow leopard on the bed at the rear of the office. "See what I mean." said Daniel as he inspected the snow leopard. Jake walked over to the bed and began examinating the snow leopard. Jake could tell this was Atlantean technology just by looking at where one of the snow leopard's hands used to be. He could see a combination of bionicaly enhanced muscles and phenumatic/hydraulic pistons sticking out of the exposed wrist joint. "Is this thing even alive?" asked Jake. Daniel checked the body for signs of life before saying "I think so, judging by a faint pulse. But than again it is not breathing.". Without warning, the sound of a power core activating eminated from the body, the abdomin starting to rise and fall as the snow leopard started breathing. A blue glow seeping out of every cut and wound on it's chest. "I think it's waking up!" said Jake before hastily making his way towards the door. A combination of blood and phenumatic/hydraulic oil started seeping out of the exposed wrist joint, the intact hand starting to twitch. (Just to be clear, Tai Lung's right hand was blown apart by the wuxi fingerhold I think. This is to clear confusion about witch hand was destroyed.) Daniel backed away from the bed as the snow leopard started to stir. It's eyes started to open.

Tai Lung started to wake up after being unconcious for almost two hours. As he wakes up, the first thing he sees is a white ceiling. Tai Lung starts to slowly become aware of his surroundings as his senses start to return. The first being sight. Tai Lung tries to sit up, but finds himself paralysed. At first, he is only able to move his eyes. He catches a glimpse of a window to his left, and a few lights above. His facial and jaw muscles become usable, but what good can they do when you can't speak or move your head. The neck muscles eventually start to respond to his nueral impulses. Tai Lung manages to rotate his head to the left, seeing trees and bamboo outside the window. Tai Lung's brain starts registering the rest of his senses: hearing, touch, taste, and smell. As soon as his sense of touch returns, he notices that he can't feel his right hand. Tai Lung manages to get himself into a sitting position despite how weak his muscles are, and looks over to his right arm. Tai Lung almost goes into shock at the sight of whats left of his right hand. Where his right hand should be is replaced by a mangled mess of bone, muscle, metal, and wires. Blood and phenumatic/hydraulic oil seeping out of the exposed wrist joint. The only thing keeping Tai Lung from going into shock is the sight of two humanoid beings.

Daniel is both amazed and scared as the snow leopard wakes up. The snow leopard looked towards the window, then sat up before it looked at it's hand. Judging by it's facial expression, it was about to go into shock. As They inch their way forward with caution, the snow leopard looks at them.

Tai Lung looks at the two humanoid creatures. Both creatures have blue skin, with fish-like features, such as gills and fins. They appear to be slightly older than him by maybe three years. The creatures start to slowly inch their way towards Tai Lung. Both are more curious than afraid.

While they inched their way towards the snow leopard, Daniel grabs a bio-scanner and aims it at the snow leopard.

Tai Lung notices one of the creatures grabs somekind of device from a table next to the door, and points it at him. A strange blue beam of light comes out and criss-crosses Tai Lung, a slight tingling is the only feeling it creates.

Daniel activates the bio-scanner, a grid of blue laser beams shoots out of the bio-scanner and proceeds to travel in a scanning motion over the snow leopard. Within moments the results of the scan appear on the scanner's energy crystal display. The results were definetely not expected. The snow leopard's skeleton was made of a super strong but outdated alloy dubbed atomic titanium. Most of the muscles were genetically altered and infused with advanced high-speed phenumatic/hydraulic bio systems. The chest cavity holds a MACH 2 Gen 5 ionic energy power core right infront of high endurence bio lungs. The heart has additional chambers attached for some kind of cooling fluid. Daniel was stunned, every single component in the snow Leopard's body has been modified to the point that it could be considered a snow leopard/bionicle hybrid. Not even the brain was untouched, a trident OS micro super computer is fused to the brain, giving the snow leopard enhanced mental capabilities. Daniel shows Jack the bio-scan results. Jack nearly faints in surprise, before rushing towards the nearest computer console.

End of chapter