Hello all! This is a new story from a recent game I got called Kid Icarus: Uprising! I couldn't get this out of my head, and so I had to type it . I will get back to my other stories, but first I want to leave this up to see what you all thought of it and whether or not I should continue this piece

I hope you all enjoy and I don't own Kid Icarus! I only own my OC, Nikki 3

~Ch.1 Under Their Wing~

I've heard of how the world was saved by angels taking down Hades. I've also heard of how many things happened by the legendary Pit, the angel, and Palutena, the goddess. But things still haven't changed with a nature goddess, Viridi, trying to wipe out humanity. I've heard rumors about Medusa coming back with the help of Persephone. I refused the rumor to be true until today.

I was walking around my village to try and get food for myself. I was halfway to the food market until I heard someone screaming. I looked behind me and noticed the infamous woman with snakes for hair arriving. I remember her as Medusa from three years ago, and I thought she was brought down by Pit and Palutena. I noticed Medusa starting a fire in the village, and people running for their lives, well, everyone except for me that is.

"Why are you not running from me, girl? Do you want to die at my hands?" Medusa questioned me.

I said nothing towards the snake head. My silent response led to Medusa being pissed at me and soon charging at me. I started backing up which soon broke into a run, but Medusa caught me at the last second. I was thrown into many houses by Medusa, causing me to get burned, bruised, and a few broken bones. I was on the cold ground, expecting to be attacked by Medusa once more, until I saw a light hitting one of Medusa's pets.

"Medusa, I thought you were gone when Hades made you disappear!" I heard a male's voice shout at Medusa.

"Apparently, I was brought back with the help of Hades' lover, Persephone. It was one of Hades' wishes in order to be brought back with a body," Medusa explained.

"What? You mean Hades' is still alive? But how is he still?"

"That doesn't matter now. Get out of my way, Pit!"

Medusa was about to charge at Pit, but then he attacked her with the power of light. Medusa shrieked at the light and soon disappeared without a trace. Pit cheered victory and started to talk with Palutena from within him. I tried to crawl away, but I was caught by the famous Pit himself. We both looked each other in the eye, and Pit held out a hand to me. I hesitated, but I grabbed his hand.

Soon, the both of us were pulled up by a column of light from above. I was in the same room as the goddess herself, Palutena. Pit held me up by carrying me in bridal style. I looked around and the area appeared refreshed than what I heard used to be. Palutena walked up to me and Pit, and she took a look at my appearance.

"Pit…who is this girl?" Palutena asked the angel carrying me.

"Uh… lady Palutena, you told me to take her back with me so we could treat her wounds!" Pit exclaimed.

"That's right! I need you to take her to the hot spring we have here, okay? I need to run a few errands. I won't be gone too long!" Palutena says before disappearing in thin air in front of us.

"…not again, lady Palutena. Oh well, I'll uphold lady Palutena's orders! So, what's your name, miss?" Pit asks me while still carrying me, walking to a hot spring nearby.

"…Nikki…" I answered.

"Well, it's nice to meet ya, Nikki!"

I looked up at him and he gave me a silly grin. I giggled a little and smiled back at him. We soon entered a room that contained a hot spring. Pit carried me into the hot spring and allowed me to sink in the water. I closed my eyes and I soon started to get visions of a dark version of Pit and Medusa fighting. I wondered what my vision was about, but I shook it off and started to stand up on my own.

"Are you feeling better enough to get up?" Pit asked me worriedly.

"…yeah, I'm feeling fine now," I reassured him.

"I see…well, in that case, I should send you back down to your world."

"Please don't do that!"

"Huh? Why shouldn't I send you back?"

"…just don't, okay?"

"Not until you give me a reason why, Nikki."

"…my life isn't…important to the villagers down there. That's all I'm saying…"

Before Pit could try to make me tell him more, I got out of the hot spring and ran off. I hid in one of the rooms and panted slightly. I reopened my eyes and saw a guy that looked really similar to Pit in the same room I'm in. I also noticed he was about to change out of his tunic, so I majorly blushed and was about to get out of his room. The Pit twin stopped me before I could leave him be.

"Who are you and what're you doing here? Humans aren't allowed in the sky, only angels and goddess' are," the guy said in a threatening tone.

"I-I'm sorry…!" I apologized, afraid something bad might happen.

"Answer my questions!"

"…m-my name's Nikki… P-Pit and Palutena brought me here because M-Medusa attacked me…"

"So that bitch Medusa is back, huh? How did she come back?"

"…s-she came back by P-Persephone…"

Before the other version of Pit could ask me more questions, I ran out of his room and ran through the hallways. I ended up outside of the building Pit and Palutena took me into. I looked around and saw how beautiful the world above looked. It looked like a paradise, and I thought all of this was too good to be true.

I suddenly collapsed onto my knees and sealed my eyes shut. I saw another vision of both versions of Pit badly wounded and I was facing against a possessed Zeus. I was badly wounded in my vision, and I was about to reach my downfall. The possessed Zeus was about to finish off both Pits' until moved them out of the way, soon leading into unconsciousness. My vision was soon cut off by someone calling out my name.

"Nikki, are you okay?" I heard the Pit who saved me earlier today call me.

"Pit, what's up with this girl? Why the hell did you bring her here in the first place?" I heard the other Pit question Pit.

"She was badly wounded by Medusa and I had to bring her here, Pittoo!"

"Stop calling me Pittoo! Call me Dark Pit! Besides, Nikki already told me. We sort of met by her bursting into my room."

"Did you want to stay at Viridi's place?"

"No…she was busy enough as she is. By the way, we have to take Nikki back."

"She said she doesn't want to, though! Can Nikki stay here for another few days?"

"…fine, but you better ask Palutena. I'm going to bed."

I watched Pittoo walk off and Pit walking towards me. He helped me up again and brought me back inside his place. Pit led me into a room that was vacant, and suited my taste. Pit told me I could stay here as long as I wanted, until Palutena can decide what to do with me. Pit soon left my room and left me unattended to my new room. I collapsed onto my new bed and curled up into a ball.

It's better than staying in that village…one more day there, and I would've been hunted down. I have to tell them sometime, but I hardly know them. I'll decide tomorrow… I thought to myself before I fell into my slumber.