Title – Harry's Secret

Chapter – Eight

Author – xxxiliveforthefuturexxx

Beta – None

Summary – Voldemort was killed in Harry's 6th Year and now they are back for their 7th Year but Harry has a secret that no-one expect Draco, Theo, Blaise, Severus Remus and a few other Slytherin's know. What will happen when everyone will find out? One thing is for certain, Harry's life will never be the same.

Disclaimer – I do not own Harry Potter or any characters/places, all that goes to J. K. Rowling!

Couples – Harry/Lucius, Draco/Hermione, Severus/Remus, Blaise/Neville, Seamus/Dean, Pansy/?, Daphne/?

Warning – RON and few Weasley and Gryffindor bashing! OOCness! In all characters! XD Don't like? Don't read then!

Authors note – AU because Dumbledore is alive and I changed Lucius' age to be mid 30's so Draco was born when Lucius' was in his 20's.

Emerald eyes blinked up owlishly at the blond haired male that was towering over him, his eyes locking with the molten silvers.

"Did you want something Lucius?" Harry asked with an arched brow as he turned back to his Charms homework. Even though they were back only for a few days he wanted to actually do some of his work right now so that he didn't have to wait for the last minute to actually finish it.

Lucius' glared at Harry slightly before wrapping his arms around the raven-haired teen's shoulders.

"You've been ignoring me today." The blond accused his husband with a slight sulk as he placed his chin on the 17 year old's head as he looked down at the work that Harry was doing.

"I'm sorry Luc." Harry smiled slightly though didn't look up at the blond as he finished off his work.

"It's fine..." Lucius sighed softly and shook his head, kissing the top of the black-haired teen's head. He knew that he had to hold himself back since they were at school and not home but it was hard for the blond to not have Harry at his side every minute of every day to just hold, tease and kiss all that he wanted.

The black-haired teen stood up and stretched slightly, turning around to press a kiss to Lucius' lips. "Shall we go to dinner Luc?"

Said male nodded his head and took the black-haired teen's hand, squeezing it softly as the two of them left their rooms and then made their way to the Great Hall.

"...Where are Draco and 'Mione anyway?" Harry asked after a few minutes, realizing that he hadn't seen his blond best friend and his bushy-haired best friend either. Those two really became inseparable ever since they became a couple.

"They are currently spending some time together by the Black Lake but I was told to tell you that they would see you after dinner." Lucius informed Harry of what his son and his girlfriend told him.

"Hmm..." Harry hummed as he nodded his head and then walked into the Great Hall, spectacularly ignoring the glares coming from his former house as he walked towards the Slytherin table and sat by Blaise, who surprisingly enough was whispering quietly to Neville and holding his hand though Harry was oblivious to that, or so they thought as they held those hands under the table.

A quiet chuckle left Harry's lips at that and when Neville looked up, he flushed a nice cherry red, when he saw where Harry was looking, though he didn't take his hand away from Blaise's grip. Blaise looked up when he heard Harry chuckle and he froze slightly when he saw Harry looking at his and Neville's entwined hands.

"If you hurt him Blaise I will haunt you down and slowly torture you until you are begging for forgiveness and death." The black-haired male murmured towards the older Slytherin with a smirk when he noticed that Blaise stiffened even more and then nodded.

"Don't worry Harry, I won't hurt Neville."

"Good." Harry grinned before he pilled food onto his plate and humming quietly under his breath as he ate said food. It was a quiet affair for the Slytherin Table at least until one Ronald Weasley and Ginevra Weasley came storming up to Harry.

"Potter!" Ron snarled, glaring at Harry with hatred. Eyes swiveled to the pair and the Slytherin table, watching what Harry would do. Everyone held their breath as Harry calmly placed his utensils down and turned around to stare at the two Gryffindors, his eyes slightly cold.

"What is it?" He drawled out lazily, leaning back in his seat so his back was on the edge of the table. His hand was already clenching his wand and everyone could see that Harry had a hard time containing himself from lashing out at the two red-heads and cursing them into the next century. The power that was crackling around him, waiting to be leashed out on his masters' tormentors, was as clear as day and everyone could see the beautiful green aura that surrounded Harry's body. Which said tons of things about Harry's magic power because not every witch or wizard's aura would show it's self like that.

The two Weasleys' stopped what they were about to say and took a step back, their eyes wide as they watched the eerie green aura that surrounded Harry's body. It was a scary sight, it made everyone, even the teachers shiver. It's no wonder that he was the boy-who-lived.

"Well?" Harry asked, annoyance seeping through his words and his body language. The magic around him crackled more, the green aura around him becoming more prominent. "Are you just going to stand there with your mouths open and stare at me as if I'm some sort of freak show or are you going to say whatever the fuck it is you want to say?" He snapped out at the two red-heads, startling everyone with his language.

Everyone was surprised at Harry's language except a chosen few that knew that Harry had the mouth of a sailor. No-one in the whole of Hogwarts had ever heard Harry use that kind of language with anyone, even if he hated that person's guts.

"Umm... Erm..." Ron spluttered and, with a glare at Harry he just stalked off to the Gryffindor table, Ginny following after him. The raven-haired teen just snorted and shook his head.

"Bastards." He muttered as he turned back to his food though he quickly pushed it away, he wasn't in the mood to eat a thing right now as those two just soiled his dinner with their very presence. He was actually on the verge of curing both of those red-heads into next century but he wasn't sure if Mrs Weasley would actually be happy with him if he did that, he knew the Twins would be as well as probably Percy and Charlie but Bill, Mr Weasley and Mrs Weasley would probably be upset with him. After all Ginny was the precious princess of the Weasley's and they wouldn't take lightly to her being hurt by him and Ron... well, Ron was just Ron.

Harry sighed and stood up from his seat, waving away Neville's question and worry when the Longbottom Lord started to open his mouth. Harry could read his friend like an open book. As he walked out of the Great Hall he took his wand out and flicked it, silently summoning his bag to himself before he strapped his wand back into it's wand holster. He ignored the gaping looks and just walked off, deciding to just go back to his rooms and quite possibly collapse into bed, lock it and ward it and then go to sleep, though, he thought with a slight smile, Lucius would kill him if he did ward the door, it would be funny though.

Deciding to do just that, Harry walked into the Malfoy-Potter rooms and then as soon as he got to the bedroom he cast all and any wards he knew on the door so no-one would disturb him. He collapsed in the bed, not bothering to change into his pajamas and just laid there, resting and looking up at the canopy of the bed. Before he knew it he fell asleep and submerged in the world of dreams.

It was around 2 hours later that he was woken up from the sound of his husband cursing up a storm.

A laugh escaped his lips as Harry stood from the bed and waved his wand over the door to let the wards down. "Lucius, please be a little more composed." Harry's voice was filled with amusement as he stared at his husband after he opened the door.

"Did you put wards up on our bedroom?" Lucius ground out through gritted teeth and Harry just stared at him with an impish grin.


Lucius narrowed his eyes and then lunged at Harry, tackling him onto the bed, straddling the younger males hips. With a flick of his wrist Lucius closed and locked the door as well as putting up silencing charms.

"What will you do?" Harry asked with a grin, staring at Lucius with defiance.

The blond haired male just smirked at him and proceeded to 'punish' his younger lover and husband through out the whole night, thanking Merlin that it was a Saturday the next day.

When Harry woke up the next day, he was rewarded with sharp pain going up his spine.

"I am never, ever locking Lucius out of the bedroom again." He grumbled as he stood up, wincing as the bottom of his spine throbbed. The younger male swore that he would get Lucius back for his punishment, though said punishment was more prolonged pleasure then anything else. While Harry certainly enjoyed himself, he didn't like the fact that Lucius didn't even let him come even once for at least two hours.

The young man shuffled to the bathroom, smiling a bit at his still sleeping husband before he walked inside and shed his pajamas before stepping into the shower and turning the water on, waiting for it to heat up before he started to wash himself.

He finished showering himself quickly, scrubbing himself clean before wrapping a towel around his waist and walking back into the bedroom, smiling when he noticed Lucius was awake and just watching him.

"Good morning Lucius." Harry said, smiling at the blond haired man as he dug through the closet and took out a pair of boxers, a pair of black skin-tight jeans, an emerald shirt that made his eyes stand out, some dragon hide boots and a leather jacket.

"Good morning Harry." Lucius smiled at him.

Harry quickly dressed in his clothes before sitting down to pull on his dragon hide boots and zip them up.

"I'll be waiting in the kitchen." He pressed a quick kiss to Lucius' lips before walking out of the bedroom and to the kitchen where Draco was already sitting but the surprise was the fact that Hermione was there as well.

"Well.. Hello there Miss Granger, I didn't expect you here." Harry said as he walked to the kitchen, starting to make breakfast.

"Hey Harry... You're making breakfast?" She asked, arching her brow.

"Of course." He snorted. "Those two spoiled Malfoy men don't even know how to make a bloody cup of coffee so I have to make breakfast." He told her. "Since house-elves are not allowed in private quarters it falls to me to make something."

"I resent that!" Lucius' voice sniffed from behind him.

"Lucius, you had burnt a bloody simple toast last week!" Harry told him, pushing him into a chair and forbidding him with a look into coming to the kitchen. "Hermione come help me." He told his friend with a smile.

"Sure." Hermione smiled and between the two of them they made a perfect English breakfast that had Harry thinking about something.

"You know Hermione," Harry started, looking at his best-friend. "I think we should open up our own restaurant. Between the two of use we could be really popular. And think about it, we could have both a magical and muggle restaurant."

"You know Harry that is a great idea!" Hermione nodded as they ate, ignoring the bewildered looks from their respective other halves. "We can even get Molly to join us. That woman has mean cooking skills."

"Good idea... Let's go and make some plans after we finish breakfast."

Hermione nodded her head and the two were quick to finish and clean up before locking themselves in the study that was something like a library and study together.

Draco and Lucius just stared at the closed door with gaping faces.

"Father... Did Hermione and Harry just say they were going to open up a restaurant?"

"I think they did..." Lucius told his son, slowly starting to eat breakfast. "...And I think that they would quickly grow popular."

Draco just nodded stiffly and started to eat his own breakfast.

It was five hours later that two, very satisfied 7th Years left the study, a note book in hand as they sat down in the living room.

"So we got the initial idea... Now we need to just think of where to buy the place for the restaurant." Harry murmured softly to Hermione as they placed all the plans on the table.

"Did you came up with all of this in just a few hours?!" Draco gaped at the plans with wide eyes, Lucius having the same expression on his own face.

"Uh... Yeah..." Harry nodded his head as he made some more notes on one of the pieces of paper.

"Well how about we buy one in Diagon and another in London?" Hermione asked. "We could find where the two would be close and then we can like get rid of the wall between them, redecorate the whole thing before putting the kitchen between the two. It would work well if you ask me." Hermione said and Harry nodded his head.

"Good idea... And I even have enough money to buy more then one place..." Harry narrowed his eyes before smirking. "And I know just who I can ask about this." He gathered up everything and motioned for Hermione to follow him.

"Hermione and I will be busy the whole weekend, don't expect us tonight quickly." Harry told his husband and Draco, giving the former one a peck on the cheek just like Hermione did to Draco.

The two then swiftly made their way to the headmasters office where the older wizard greeted them happily.

"Hermione, Harry, it's nice to see you two." The older wizard greeted, smiling at the two. "A lemon drop? Maybe tea?"

"Tea please. Black with two sugars." Harry told him.

"Same for me." Hermione nodded as the two of them sat down on the chairs in front of Dumbledore.

Albus nodded and ordered three teas and a plate of cookies before he locked his fingers together on top of the table and looking at the two students.

"Headmaster, Hermione and I had an idea but we need your input on it and if we should go with it." Harry said, laying the plans of the restaurant on top of the wizard's desk. "We want to start up our own restaurant. One that is both for muggles and wizards." Harry told him and Albus nodded, reading through the plans that the two came up with.

The older wizard was really impressed with them because to him it seemed that it wasn't just a whim but a really thought out plan that took everything into consideration.

"It's a very good idea." Albus told the two after he finished looking through the plans. "But I think that you should set up one as a trial first.. To see how it goes. Not a big one... Just a small one.. Maybe here in Hogsmeade." Albus advised them.

"It is a very good..." Harry nodded, his brow furrowed. "We had thought about that as well..." He bit his lower lip. "Do you think Hermione and I could go to Gringotts to speak to my Family Goblin Adviser? I'd really like to talk this out with him as well and maybe start getting some plans along the way so the restaurant in Hogsmeade could be done for next month... And I'd like to speak to Molly as well. Maybe Fleur too."

"I'd like to come with you as well... I need to go and visit Diagon as well." Albus smiled as he stood up. "Shall we go then?"

"Sure." Harry smiled and gathered all his things, shrinking them then placing them into the inside of his jacket. Hermione followed suit and then the three left for Diagon Alley.

It was 30 minutes later that Harry and Hermione were sitting in front of a smiling Griphook who set the plans down on the desk and looked at Harry.

"Well Mr Potter-Malfoy, I have to say you never fail to surprise me." Griphook said with a chuckle. "A restaurant. For both the muggles and wizards. Not a bad idea I have to say."

"Thank you Griphook." Harry smiled at him before furrowing his brows a bit. "Griphook, are there any places that can be bought in Hogsmeade?"

"I am sure that there are quite a few."

"Then I would like to buy one. Hermione and I will first do something like a trial with the restaurant in Hogsmeade. It would be good practice to see how popular it can get." Harry said. "But I'd also like to buy a place in Diagon Alley, one that is somehow connected with a shop or building in the muggle world in London, that way we can get rid of the wall, decorate it and then put a kitchen between the two."

Griphook listened to what Harry said and nodded. He got of his chair and went towards the huge filing cabinet he had and took out three folders.

"This folder has the buildings that are free in Hogsmeade." Griphook said, passing the smallest folder to Harry. "This one has buildings that are free in Diagon. And this one has buildings that are free in London. If you look in the London one you will see that at the bottom it says if it's connected to a building in Diagon or not." These folders he gave to Hermione.

The two started to flick through the folders.

10 minutes later Harry had picked the perfect place picked for the restaurant in Hogsmeade.

"This one." He passed the folder to Griphook where the page was opened to show which one Harry wanted. "It's the perfect place. In the middle of Hogsmeade."

Griphook nodded and took out the page, placing it to the side and then putting the folder away.

"Harry, what do you think of this one?" Hermione asked, passing both the London and Diagon folder to Harry with pages open as to which buildings. Harry looked at them and smiled.

"Perfect." He grinned at her. The two buildings were big enough to hold at least 100 people each with enough space to make a big kitchen and bathrooms. It was the perfect place for the restaurant.

Griphook just smiled as he took the folders and took the pages out.

"I don't care how much you have to pay for them. I want them bought by the end of today." Harry told Griphook. "The one in Hogsmeade I want done by next week and the one in Diagon and London I want done by the end of November, maybe earlier if you can get it. I also want the best wards you can get on them."

Griphook nodded and made the notes.

"Could I make copies of these?" The goblin waved to the plans. Harry just waved his wand over them and three copies of everything was made. He kept the original, gave one to Hermione, the other to Griphook and the last one he planned on giving to Dumbledore.

"If we need anything else we'll come by again. Goodbye Griphook." Harry smiled and shook the Goblins hand and Hermione did the same.

When they left the office Harry waved at Hermione to follow him. He walked up to one of the tellars and cleared his throat.

"Hello, I'd like to set up a Vault for Hermione Granger." Harry waved towards his best friend who just gaped at him.

"Harry!" Hermione shrieked.

Before the woman could complain further the Goblin smiled and nodded his head.

"Please come this way Lord Potter-Malfoy, Miss Granger. We'll get the vault set up." The goblin motioned for the two follow him and Harry took Hermione's arm to tug her behind him.

Hermione was still a bit surprised but gave all the information and some of her blood to make a key for her vault.

"I'd also like for 1000 Galleons to be deposited into her account every month from the Black Vault." Harry told the Goblin, BlackClaw, who nodded and wrote that down.

"How much would you like to deposit in now?" The Goblin asked.

"1000 Galleons, 500 sickles and 250 knuts. That should work for now."

BlackClaw wrote that down and smiled at him.

"It shall be done Lord Potter-Malfoy. Anything else today?"

Harry shook his head. "No that will be all, thank you for you help BlackClaw."

The Goblin just nodded his head and escorted the two out. Harry had to grip Hermione's arm as it seemed his best friend was still shocked at what he did.

It was 20 minutes later that Hermione finally broke out of her surprise and looked accusingly at the black-haired male.

"Harry! Why did you do that?!" She asked him, glaring at the male.

"Did what? Set up a vault for you?" Harry asked Hermione who nodded at him. "Because you are my best friend Hermione. You and I are forming a restaurant. And I love you like a sister!" He told her and Hermione nodded her head.

She had no idea that Harry cared so much about. She was really touched and just hugged him tight.

"Now we have to talk to Molly and Fleur but we'll do that tomorrow. We have to meet with the Headmaster in The Leaky Couldron." Harry told her and the two left, going to meet with Dumbledore before flooing back to Hogwarts.

Harry was quite pleased with how much they managed to achieve that day and Hermione was equally pleased. Nothing would break them from their happiness, not even stupid Ronald Weasley and Ginevra Weasley who they just ignored and went to meet with their other halves and spend the rest of the day, or night as it was, with them.

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