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How had he, Severus Snape, never come to acknowledge Skyler Dumbledore? She was the best in potions, Slytherin, pretty, the headmaster's niece! Ever since the end of her sixth year, at the final prefect meeting, he had been dreaming about her, waking up at night the same way.. Those eye's. Those gorgeous blue eye's that seemed to pierce right through anyone who looked at them, much like the headmaster.. Now it was just moments before the students would return, and he couldn't help but fidget in his seat in anticipation.

"You alright, Severus?" Minerva asked, smirking at him. "Your never one to be happy about a new year."

"Fine." Severus snapped, glaring at the witch.

Before she could respond, the doors opened and the second through seventh years flooded through, taking their appropriate seats at their house tables. Severus gazed through the crowd until his eye's found the lovely Skyler. Her brown curls bouncing as she walked, talking animatedly with two other seventh years that he recognized as Vivian Davis and Jarred Themis. At the sight of the boy walking with her, he bubbled with anger, an anger he didn't understand. She was just a student, nothing could happen between them, as it was strictly against school policy.

Severus kept an eye on her through the first years ceremony, paying only enough attention to notice there was now twenty one new Slytherin's. Smirking he took a sip from his goblet, ready to scare the wits out of them to where they wouldn't dare do anything, step a toe out of line, until Christmas at the least.

Albus stood, waving away the desert plates, before stepping forward. "Welcome first years!" he called, beaming. "And welcome back to the rest of you. Now, I have a few announcements to make, let's start with Head boy and girl, shall we?" He paused a moment before continuing. "Head boy will be.. Bryan Chamberlain!" he called, clapping.

Severus frowned at that. There was always a Head from Gryffindor, if not both. There hadn't been a Head boy or girl in Slytherin in over fifty years, so why was he holding a Head girl badge, ready to present it to a member of his house? He watched as Minerva pinned the badge to one of her precious lions.

"Head girl will be.. Skyler Dumbledore!" he called out, clapping for his niece, a broad smile on his face.

Severus' eye's widened in shock. How could he have not known it would be Skyler? Who else in Slytherin would qualify? She was brilliant in potions, and from what he heard, quite the dueler.

Standing as she walked up to him, their eye's met, and she gave him the biggest smile, her eye's wide in surprise.

"Thank you, sir." she said as he pinned the badge to the edge of her robes.

"No need to thank me, Miss Dumbledore." he said, giving her a rare, but still there, smile.

Nodding her head she turned and quickly walked back to her seat, her cheeks already gaining a red color.

"Skyler, you foul puppy!" Vivian laughed. "Congratulations!"

"Yeah, congratulations!" Jarred yelled above the clapping.

"Thank you." Skyler smiled before turning to look up at her potions masters face. How had she not noticed how handsome he was? Walking up to retrieve her pin, his black eye's were on her every moment. How intense his gaze was.. They seemed to be almost black holes, ready to suck you in, and twirl you around forever. Sighing, she couldn't help but smile, her, of all people, has a crush on the fearsome bat of the dungeons. A man that struck fear into every student, except her, of course.

"Now, on to more serious things." Dumbledore called out again. "The forbidden forest is banned to all students without the aid of Professor Snape, or Hagrid, and those will be in your classes! Mr Filch would also like me to remind you that no magic is allowed in the halls to those underage, detention will be served accordingly." he looked over his spectacles and glanced knowingly at a few students before continuing. "Now, all of your have a good night's sleep, don't want to be tired for your first day! All prefects and head boy and girl head to your respectable Head's of house on information of your patrols. Now, goodnight, sweet dreams!" he smiled before sitting back in his chair, watching as the students stood up, first years following the older classes.

Severus was sitting at his desk, waiting for the prefects to show up, or more importantly, Skyler. He ran a rough hand over his face in annoyance. Why was this girl getting to him? Never in his life had he ever looked twice at a girl, but Skyler.. She had been on his mind for months, and he didn't understand why.

A knock sounded on his door, breaking through his thoughts. "Enter!"

Severus took two hours explaining their duty's involved with their position, the power it involved, and how to contact him if anything got too out of hand, via a bracelet for the prefects, while the Head girls had a button upon the badge.

"Now, i'd like to speak to Miss Dumbledore alone." Severus said, looking at the two prefects in turn.

"Yes, sir." they said together, before walking out of the classroom, closing the door behind them.

"Sir?" she asked, confused. What would he want to talk about that he didn't tell the prefects?

"Miss Dumbledore, your uncle has asked me to give you advanced, one on one, potion lessons." Severus started, looking at her blue eye's.

"H-he did?" Skyler asked, wide eyed.

"Yes, now, it comes to my attention, that your are quite advanced in my class." he continued pulling out a piece of parchment and grabbing his quill before quickly writing. "Your the only one that hasn't blown up a cauldron at least once, correct?"

"Yes, sir.." Skyler said nervously, rocking on her feet in excitement.

Looking up from his scribbling, he watched as she fidgeted nervously, or was it excitement? Smirking, he continued, handing her the paper before sitting back in his chair.

"Lessons every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday?" Skyler asked, looking up at her potions professor.

"Yes, is there a problem?" he asked, raising a eyebrow.

"Oh, no, not at all.." she said quickly before adding a shy, "Sir."

"Very well." he said standing up, and walking around his desk to the Slytherin common room door. "I may ask for your assistance in brewing paste's for the hospital wing, but not too often."

Skyler nodded her head in acknowledgment. "May I go now, sir?" she asked. "I need to do my patrol."

"Of course, Miss Dumbledore." he answered back silkily.

Contemplating on what to do to show her thanks, she kissed him lightly on the cheek before running out of the class room quickly, so he could say anything.

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