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Skyler sighed as she left Defense class, exhausted from all that happened. Looking at the watch on her wrist, she grimaced as she saw it was only three in the afternoon.

"Hey, Sky!" Ashland yelled, skipping up to her friend.

"Yes?" Skyler smiled, turning to look at her.

"What are you up to?" Ashland asked, flinging the bag in her hands over her shoulder.

"Heading to my Uncles quarters." Skyler sighed. "Care to walk with me?"

"Oh, sure." Ashland frowned, turning to look back at her other friends seemingly waiting for her. "I'll catch you later!" she called before turning to look back at the blue eyed girl.

"Thanks." Skyler smiled, relieved.

"No problem." she smiled back. "Why are you going up there exactly?"

"Oh, because he wants me to move in." Skyler sighed, running a hand through her tangled mess of curls.

"What, why?" Ashland snapped her head around, eyebrows raised in question.

"Because, he thinks I need more protection." Skyler smiled slightly before continuing at her look. "A few boys won't leave me alone." she lied.

"Ah." Ashland nodded in understanding, following her up the stairs. "Understandable."

"Mhmm." was all she could say, sighing to herself, happy she didn't ask what boys.

Skyler led her friend silently up the few flights of stairs to his office. When they reached the corridor, the eagle at the end, Skyler turned to her friend. "Thanks for walking with me Ash."

"No problem." the Gryfinndor replied, winking. "Catch up with me somtime?" she asked, turning to head back down the stairs.

"Yeah, sure." Skyler called back to the retreating figure before dashing down the long hallway, murmuring the password before flying up the spiral stairs.

"Come in." a voice said softly as she raised her hand to knock. Rolling her eyes, Skyler pushed open the doors.

"Ah, there you are, my dear." Albus said, looking over his half moon spectacles. "How was your class, good I hope?"

"Well enough." Skyler sighed, throwing her book bag on the floor before flopping into the chair, earning a eyebrow raise form her Uncle. "Well, he drones on and on." she sighed, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms. "Could you hire good teachers for defense? Not that i'm complaining, I have you teaching me, but seriously.."

Chuckling deeply, his blue eyes twinkled at her. "That my dear, I'll keep in mind."

Nodding, Skyler perched her feet on his desk, leaning back. Closing her eyes, she listened to the many noises the office gave off. She could hear ticking, sand pouring in hour glasses, popping in the far corners of the room. "Does it have to be so damn noisy?" Skyler snapped, sitting up suddenly.

Glaring over at her still smiling Uncle, she sighed before her eyes snapped back up to his. "Why am I having Defense lessons with Snape this week?" she asked.

"Professor Snape," Dumbledore corrected her, smiling when she rolled her eyes. "I have business to attend to else where."

"You're not going to tell me what that business is, are you?" she asked, sitting back once again.

"I am not." he smiled, winking at her. "Would you like to see your room?"

Looking at him oddly at the sudden offer, she nodded her head, standing up. Following him through an archway, and down a small hallway, she watched him wave his wand as he reached a door, undoing the wards.

Walking through, Skyler noticed two new doors, following her Uncle to the smaller one, he opened the door.

"This is your bathroom." he said simply, moving so she could get a better look. When she had, he continued, going to the slightly larger one. As he opened it, Skyler gasped before flinging her arms around her Uncle.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" she screeched into his neck before unlatching herself and stepping into the room. Her room. "Uncle Albus, it's exactly like my Head Girl Dorm."

Nodding his head, eyes twinkling at the happiness radiating off the girl, he smiled. "Yes, I thought it would be more comfortable for you."

Smiling, Skyler walked around the room, running her hand along the same Slytherin green walls, and stopped when she spotted a fireplace in the middle of the room. "You put the fireplace here too?" she asked, eyes scrunched in confusion.

"Yes, I set it to where it only goes to the class rooms you're assigned, anywhere else you'll have to use mine with permission." he said, following the girl in the room.

Nodding, Skyler continued around the room until she reached her collection of books. Smirking, she ran her thumb along the spines, until realization hit her.

"Uncle, that book that Dolores has." Skyler suddenly said, spinning around to look at him.

"Yes?" he asked, eyes knitted together in confusion.

"I remembered when you showed it to me as a girl, I felt a connections of sorts to it..." Skyler said. "Why is that?"

Watching him stroke his beard in contemplation, Skyler sighed until he responded. "The book, you don't know what's in it, correct?"

Shaking her head, Skyler mumbled a soft 'no'.

Nodding his head, Albus walking closer to his niece before continuing. "The book," he started. "Is an ancient on, only one of it's kind. It has been passed through the Dumbledore family for ages, way too far back for me to even begin looking at when it was created."

"But, if it was so far back, then how are we able to understand it?" Skyler asked.

Smiling at her quick mind, Albus answered simply. "It changes to whatever language you were raised or know. For instance, if I got a man or woman who spoke only French, the book would be seen only as french to that person."

"Brilliant." Skyler said in awe.

Chuckling, Albus continued. "The book, I dare say, could mean the very worst for the Wizarding World now that Dolores has it..."

"Then, how are you going to get it back?" Skyler asked, eyes wide in fear.

"Ah, that, I will tell later when dinner if over and both you, and Professor Snape are present." Albus said, turning to walk out the door.

Following his blue and purple midnight swishing robed, Skyler took one last look at her room before shutting the door.

"What's in the book?" Skyler asked, sitting back in the chair she had just recently vacated.

"That, is another story for another time." he answered knowingly.

Grumbling at her Uncle's words, Skyler glared at nothing particular at his desk.

"I would like you to try and spend as little time with Miss Davis until we can find out if she really is behind your attack." Albus said suddenly.

Snapping her head up in surprise, Skyler nodded slowly in understanding.

Hearing a faint bell go off, Skyler turned to her uncle, eyebrows raised in a silent question.

"Dinner." he chuckled, standing and offering his arm to the smaller girl. "Shall we?"

Skyler awkwardly ignored Vivians glances throughout dinner. She sat on the opposite end of the Slytherin table. Sighing, she cursed herself silently for picking the one spot where she was surrounded by perverted boys.

"Hey, Dumbledore." One of them winked from across the table.

Rolling her eyes, Skyler dropped her fork on the plate in front of her, before raising a silent eyebrow at the boy.

"Uhm," he started, a little weary of the blue eyes piercing his brown ones.

"He thinks you have a nice rack." the one next to her smirked, throwing a arm over her shoulder.

Skylers anger bubbled to a roar in her ears, the goblet the boy was holding exploding in his hand, water splashing all over him.

Rising from her spot on the bench, she stormed out of the Great Hall, every eye on her.

Severus looked up as he heard a explosion from his table, catching the retreating figure of Skyler before turning his glare on the young boy covered in water. Waving his hand, he was dry.

Turning to look at the Headmaster who was already looking at him. A slight tip of Albus' head was all he needed, before he too stood and followed the girl out of the Hall.

Walking swiftly along the corridor, gaining on the figure in the distance, he growled.

He watched as she stopped and turned as she heard his foot steps, wand drawn.

"Put that wand away, Miss Dumbledore." he said dangerously low, robes billowing as he came to a stop in front of her. "You could hurt someone."

As she did what he asked, he said a quiet 'come with me' before continuing, not even turning around to see if she had followed his orders.

Severus did everything he could to keep his anger from over powering him, trying to save the girl from a rant. He could feel it pulsing through his veins, hands clenching and opening with little self control.

"Sir, you're walking too fast." Skyler said, running after him every few seconds, gasping for breath.

"Well, you'll just have to walk faster, now won't we?" Severus snapped, saying the password before the gargoyle jumped aside, allowing them to climb the spiral stair case.

When Skyler shut her Uncles office door and turned around, she gasped and backed up into it at the closeness of her professor. Looking up into his eyes, she could feel the anger radiating off his person.

"Do you have any idea how foolish what you did just was?" he snapped, glaring down at her, their noses almost touching.

"What are you talking about?" Skyler asked, trying to make herself smaller.

"Albus specifically said for you to not wonder the hallways alone if you could help it!" he roared. "But, you blew a boys goblet up in front of his face, and stormed out!"

"What was I supposed to do?" Skyler shouted back, shoving her professor in the chest from the sudden anger building up in her. "They were being perverted and saying things about my 'rack'." she finished, spitting the last word out.

Her chest heaving in anger, she watched the stiff posture of the man before her soften a bit, his eyes conveying the anger he still held.

"That still is no reason for walking the halls alone." he said quietly, steel lining his voice.

"Vivian was in the Great Hall!" she yelled. "There was no way for her to hurt me!"

"We don't know if it was her that attacked you." he said, his voice still quiet, but his body advancing towards her again, pushing her back up against the door.

"Oh, bloody hell." Skyler spat. "Of course it was Vivian, stop treating me like i'm stupid! And. Stop. Advancing. Towards. Me." she yelled, pushing him further away with each word.

Suddenly, her wrists were in his hands, and her body was spun around. Gasping, she tried to get out of his grip, only resulting in a tighter one. Heaving, Skyler struggled for a few more minutes before going limp, falling back into his chest in defeat.

Skyler felt him release her wrists before turning her around to look at him. "I'm sorry." she mumbled, before hugging him, her face buried in the same spot she was shoving him at.

Sighing, Severus awkwardly wrapped him arms around the girl, rubbing her back in calming circles. "I suppose it's both of our faults, I did loose my temper as well." he smiled slightly as she withdrew her arms from his waist and stepping back to look at him.

"Was Uncle Albus coming up?" she asked softly, turning to look around the room, gasping at what her eyes discovered.

Covering the floors were books, her Uncles trinkets lying around various places, cabinets open, paper everywhere. Turning to look back up at her professor, Skyler shook her head. "Did I do this?"

"Yes." he said simply before the door opened, the said blue eyed wizard walking through. Stopping short as he saw the mess, he glanced between the two people in the room. Raising a eyebrow for one of the them to explain, Skyler immediately set off.

"Uncle Albus I am so sorry!" she said quickly. "I didn't mean to.. Sev- Professor Snape and I had an argument, and I didn't realize I had lost control of my magic! If you want, I can clean this all up the muggle way as punishment, I don't-" she continued before being interrupted.

"Now, my dear." Albus chuckled. "That is quite alright. It's not your fault, I had a very similar situation when I was your age."

"You did?" she asked quietly, walking over to her normal chair, flopping in it as usual, earning a raised eyebrow from both wizards.

"Yes." he said simply, before waving his wand, the office being cleared in seconds. Another flick and a chair presented itself for Severus.

"Now, I'd ask what happened in the Great Hall, but I think I had an idea." he said, looking over his spectacles at the girl who blushed and looked away.

"I didn't mean to," she mumbled. "It just happened."

Nodding his head, Albus looked intently at his desk for a moment. "I would like you to learn Occlumency."

"Occlumency?" Skyler gasped, staring at her uncle. "But, why?"

"Because I believe it will be an easier approach for you to learn to control your mind." he said softly. "Instead of the usual combat on Tuesday's and Thursdays I have you do, I'd like to as Wednesday to that, cutting your Potions lesson."

Chucking at the disheartened look on the girls face, he continued. "But," he said, turning to look at the man in all black. "I would like Severus to teach you."

"Me?" Severus said at the same time Skyler said 'him?'.

"Yes." he answered simply.

"Very well." Severus complied, knowing very well he wouldn't mind spending everyday of the week with the blue eyed witch.

"Will I still have Potions lessons every Monday and Friday?" she asked hopeful, looking at him with wide eyes.

"Yes." it was Severus' turn to answer simply.

"Now, on to other events." Albus pushed forward, gaining both of their attention. "I was going to have you, Skyler, apply for a job for Dolores," he smiled slightly at her scowl before continuing. "But, I have decided to get an auror from the ministry and have them use Polyjuice Potion."

"What for?" Skyler asked.

"Information, but most importantly, the book." he said, the twinkle disappearing from his eyes. "The book is everything."

Nodding her head, she approved of his plan. "Now," he continued, standing up. "I do believe it is time for a potions lesson?"

Severus stood up at his cue, signaling for Skyler to walk ahead of him. Nodding his head at the headmaster, he watched as the girl kissed the aged wizard on the cheek before descending down the stairs, him following shortly behind.

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