Raindrops mix with the tears on your face
I don't know which is which
I do nothing

You cry in front of me
I have caused this hurt
You love me

I'll always save your life
Like I've done so times before
(Though you did not know it was me)
But I can't make it better

You see me as your savior
But I do not feel such
The good I have tried to do for you
Has only hurt you

I'd hold you closer than I thought possible
I'd kiss you then
But alas, I only watch the raindrops
Roll off your cheeks

Knowing I've caused this hurt
Causes an aching pain inside myself
And telling myself I've done the right thing
Does not help
(It never will)

My love for you struggles to flow freely
But involuntarily I restrain it

I am frozen here as you cry

I'd wrap you in the warmest embrace
Kiss you like I've wanted since the beginning of time
But alas, I only watch the teardrops