This is Draco's POV of Lucius beating him, and his mother's death. Enjoy

A crack sounded just outside the windows. Someone was here.

But I was distracted as a pain went across my arms. I didn't cry out, no, that'd just make it worse. I stared at my father as he spat at me insults. Things I had been used to since I was a young age.

"How dare you, Draco! The Dark Lord expects great things from you! How dare you keep him waiting?"

"I'm not, father," I insisted, but I knew it was in vane. I could hear mother's footsteps echoeing in the corridor as she passed the dining hall. My father seemed to sense it as well and raised his cane threateningly as if I'd need to be told twice.

The footsteps passed and then he brought it down against my back. I winced, but did not give him the satisfaction. Soon, I'd be bleeding if he continued at this pace.

My father struck me once more in the back, "How dare you not have your task already completed, Draco!" he hissed. "He'll kill us all! He'll torture us and murder us in our beds-"

"It's almost done, father," I said shortly.

"But it's not done!" Another thwack. And the door shot open. I glanced at it in surprise, leaping to my feet. Strawberry blonde hair was the first I noticed, and recognized. Why was Orpha...? The furious face, however, was second.

"Get out," Lucius snarled at her.

"Actually," she said slowly. "No." She moved towards me a bit, but not very close.

"Get your whore out of here, Draco," my father spat at me. I saw hurt cross her features at the name calling, but she didn't offer a defense.

"She's not a w-" I started to defend her, but a sharp thwack to the stomach sent me doubling over in pain. Always a weak spot of mine...

"You will kindly step away from my boyfriend," my beautiful, brilliant, and bold girlfriend told my father stiffly. "Now."

"Or what, Orpha? You're going to tell your father?"

"No," she said simply. I watched her cast a stunning spell at him, and then she stepped towards me, offering her hand to tug me away. But I had seen my father dodge the attack, something she obviously didn't count on. The cane cut across her cheek faster than I could warn her. She spat out some blood on the a family heirloom, white rug. "No one touches my face," she threatened darkly. That's my girl.

My father raised his cane, again, but I stepped in front of her. "Look, this is my problem, father. I'll deal with her and we can continue this chat later."

The cane lowered and my father glared at me, "I expect you back in ten minutes, boy."

I didn't reply as he practically dragged Orpha from the room.

"What are you doing here?" I demanded as I threw open her bedroom door.

"I came early because my mother and father are fighting," she obviously lied. "Are you alright?"

I didn't meet my eyes as I took the trunk from the hall and set it in her room, by the foot of her bed, "Fine. Stay here, please?"

She grabbed my wrist, "No. Don't lie to me. I know you didn't run into the Whomping Willow, Draco. I've known since then..."

I swallowed, "Why didn't you say anything?" Why didn't she? She always spoke her mind... always-

"If you wanted to tell me, you would have," she told me as if it were that simple. I admired her ability at holding back and not demanding an answer out of me. She seemed to see me staring at her and I shook my head in amazement. Really? She reached out and touched my cheek, but I stepped away.

"Just, stay here," I told her. I didn't want her hurt. Her face was already showing a bruise.

"I'm making no promises, Draco. He shouldn't be hurting you like that..." She bit her lip worriedly as she remembered what she saw. She wouldn't stay here, not at all.

I sighed, "I'm really sorry-"

"For-" she started to say, but I stunned her. I had her frozen against the back of a chair by the door and knew she would be there when my father finished. He wouldn't take long.

The dining room was now filled with the sounds of my mother's cries of pain. She tried to stiffle them, but it was no use. My mother wasn't as tolerant of pain as I was.

My father seemed to alternate between my mother and I - he seemed to take a particular interest in me, however, so I knew I would have bruises littering my body.

My father slowed as he got tired, his strikes not as tough as they were when he started. When he swept from the room, I helped my mother to her feet and she gave me a tired smile as she called upon an elf to heal her. I ignored her insistance to be healed as well and headed straight to Orpha's room.

She was staring at me as I entered, seeming to take me in. I glanced down at myself and saw that my dark blue shirt had blood stains on it. Wonderful... I unbound her, to which she went to her trunk, digging around, and then pulled out that nifty little jar that required me getting shirtless.

Silently, I sat on the edge of the guest bed and pulled my shirt off. I knew what she was doing. She didn't need to tell me twice. She climbed onto the bed behind me and I reveled in the feel of her hands slowly kneeding out the tension in my neck. Merlin, it felt good.

But something kept nagging my mind. How did she know that my father did this? Why didn't she believe the Whomping Willow story I had thrown at her?

"How did you know?" I asked, unable to take the silence.

"When we were on the Astronomy tower, I saw the imprint of the snake from your father's cane. And the Malfoy symbol," she answered quietly. The snake... stupid cane.

"Pitiful, isn't it? That I don't defend myself," I stated.

"I know it'll only get worse if you do," she told me simply. She was smart, if she knew that. "How long?"

"Since I was six," I said equally as quiet as she, remembering back. "I had seen an injured bird in the yard from my window... I went outside to find it, and when I did, I tried to nurse it back to health." I smiled at that a bit, and she began rubbing my shoulder blades next, gently as the potion worked its way through my skin, and then more firmly as the bruises started to disappear. I didn't feel an inch of pain from her pressure. "My father spotted me and told me that only Gryffindor's did that. He killed the bird. And then he beat me."

"I'm sorry," she said quietly as I winced when she dug the heel of her palm into my back.

"I'm used to it," I admitted with a sigh.

"I'd ask you to lie down, but I don't want you to hurt yourself," she told mequietly. But I was already moving until I was lying face down on her bed. I could feel her hesitate briefly before she was climbing over me and straddling my backside, seemingly hovering as I felt nothing of her touch me. Merlin, I though, my eyes closed. Think dead kittens. Think of the Dark Lord naked...

"If you wanted me on your bed, Orpha, you could have just asked." I smirked.

"I'm a Slytherin," she replied sexily. "I'm sneaky."

"Why are you here early?" I asked, still trying to picture the Dark Lord naked. It'd definitely get my mind off of what she was doing to me... That and the pain of lying on my bruises. "You weren't supposed to be here tonight..."

"My parents," she said, but paused. "Okay, that's not true."

"What happened?" I asked, alert. Did someone try to kill her?

"Stupid stuff."

I nodded into her mattress, my head turning to the side so I could watch her with one eye. She shifted lower and started to rub my mid-back. I stayed silent, my eyes watching her. Did she take some lessons in this? Did some Swedish massuse train her?

"You're really good at this."

"I read a book on massages," she told me, squashing the Swedish massuse idea away. "I thought it'd help with the sex appeal."

"It's working," I smirked. Bloody hell, was it working. But I had to prove to her I was different than those other guys... I didn't want her for just her body, but it would be a bonus.

She smiled as she reached for a jar, applying more to her hands, before rubbing it in my back. "My mother is Evangeline, right?"

"Yeah..." That was random...

"She's not," She told me. "She's Lily Evans."

"Okay, so she changed her name," I said slowly. But why did it sound familiar?

She shook her head, "Merlin, I know you're going to hate me, Draco... I don't want you to hate me..." Hate her?

"I'm not going to hate you. What are you trying to say? She's a Mudblood?" I had my suspicions when she requested that she live in Muggle land. But so what? Orpha wasn't...

She whimpered, "Yes..."


"Lily Evans is also... more well known than you think." I knew it!

"It does sound familiar," I said slowly. "Is she a musician?" A singer in something? I mean, I know I've seen her name - her real name - before.

She shook her head, "No... She's as tone-deaf as I am." I nearly laughed as I was reminded of our truth or dare game when she sang God Save the Queen.

"Okay... then what's wrong?" I didn't get the point of this.

She got off of me, "Flip over."

I did so without complaint and she got back on top of me. Merlin... bloody hell! The Dark Lord has saggy - that did it, but it didn't help the situation. I bit back any suggestive remarks I could have made as I saw her worried expression. "Orpha, what's wrong?"

She shook her head, "You're going to hate me..."

My hands caught her wrists, which were massaging my chest - and it did feel good, but when she looked at me, I knew it was mission accomplished. "Orpha...?" I wiped a tear from her eyes as it fell.

And then she kissed me, so suddenly I never saw it coming. When she pulled away, she ducked her head as if she were embarrassed, and stared at her hands, bound by my own. "Lily Evans married James Potter..." she whispered. "Potter's my half-brother."

I froze. Okay, so there was worse... She continued, "That day, where Myrtle thought I was killing Potter, I thought I was going to. But he handed me this picture. It was my mother... and she was dancing in the snow with this guy that looked like Potter. I thought he'd charmed one of my father's pictures - stole it. But Dumbledore came, took us to his office... and he told me that my mother was Potter's mother too... And that my father had gone to Godric's Hallow after the Dark Lord's fall... And he checked to see if she was alive. She was. Potter was dead. Harry Potter was gone. My mother found me and she went with my father." She got off of me, and it snapped me out of my thoughts. She was Potter's sister? "I'm so sorry... I had no idea-"

"That's why you wanted to get drunk, isn't it?" It all made sense now...

She nodded, "I didn't want to have to comprehend... Deal with it." No one wanted to deal with Potter.

I sat up slowly, "Am I going to get my massage or are you going to sit here apologizing?"

She glanced at me in surprise, "What?"

"Do I get a massage or no?" I asked. "I don't pay for half a massage."

"But... but-" She was on the verge of gaping like a fish.

"You didn't know. We couldn't control our parents. And since Snape's your dad, I reckon you're alright," I shrugged. Really, Snape was my godfather anyway. If he fell for a Mudblood, then she had to be alright.

"Alright?" she gasped, taking offense.

"Well, you could be Potter's full sibling," I told her, shuddering at the thought. "That'd be far worse."

She seemed to relax, and climbed back on top of me, pushing me gently so I was lying back down beneath her. Merlin, what she does to me... "I guess you're right..."

"So I don't care," I said quietly. "Just don't expect me to be best friends with him." Merlin, that's the day hell freezes over.

She snorted, "I can't even stand the git, what makes me think you can handle him?"

I laughed richly, making her smile, "So... does your mother know?"

She nodded, "She just found out today that Potter was alive. Well, Harry Potter. The James bloke died for real. She's with the Boy-Who-Lived now..."

Her hands reached my abs, and she glanced at me for confirmation. I fluttered my eyes closed, though. Merlin, this was an amazing feeling. "She's with Potter?" I asked in surprise. The Dark Lord knew who's mother she was? Suddenly, it made sense why she was good in the Dark Lord's eyes. She was a huge help to the Dark Lord.

"My father took her there... But you can't tell anyone." Like I would have...

"Not planning on it."

I heard her sigh in relief and slowly started to massage my abs. She reversed directions after a while and moved her hands to my chest. "I was with them."

My eyes flew open, "What?"

"I was with my mother and father. We were at the Order... I don't know where it is... I wasn't told, but..."

"They didn't kill you?"

She shook her head, "No. I mean, they weren't even hostil. Well, Potter was, but the others seemed to be expecting us."

I closed my eyes as she moved to my arms, "My father was upset because I hadn't finished the cabinet."

"The thing at Borgin and Burkes?" she asked. "What's that got to do with your mission?"

"I have to bring Death Eaters into the school," I told her. "And then I have to kill Dumbledore."

"Do you know how many people will be in danger?" she demanded, and I could hear anger in her voice. Like I couldn't know... Death Eaters in the school was like a kid in a candy shop.

I nodded, "A lot."

She moved to my other arm, silent. By the time she was down to my Mark, she spoke, "How fond are you of risks?

I smirked, "I believe I was the one to ask you that."

"Are you fond of them?" she asked me.

"This one's turned out pretty great. So yes, I'm quite fond of them." My gray eyes watched her closely, an unsettling feeling in my stomach. "Why? What are you planning?"

"What if we took a risk so daring? So stupid? So... dangerous?" Merlin, she's starting to scare me.

I regarded her warily, "I'm not getting married just yet."

She smacked my chest, amused by the thought, "Not that. This is different. What if we ... we just took off? What if we stopped listening to the Dark Lord?" Was she insane?

"You're going to get yourself killed talking like that," I said immediately.

She bit her lip, and I found it incredibly sexy, "You don't have to kill anyone. I don't have to kill anyone. . . We don't have to be bad people, Draco. What if we went to the Order?"

"You're mental," I told her.

She took my left arm and stared at the Mark before revealing her own, her sleeve rolled up. When did she get marked? It was fresh, it was brand new... She was obviously in pain when she moved it. "Would you? Would run away with me?"

We regarded each other silently, and I tried to determine if she had lost her mind.

"Where would we go? No where's safe anymore." My gaze dropped to her mark, my fingers ghosting over it silently, "It's fresh," I observed. She swallowed.

"It happened two hours ago," she told me quietly. "I know no where's safe, but it's safer than here... I was thinking the Order." Was she insane?

My reaction was immediate. I flipped us over so that I was hovering over her, "You're going to get us killed."

"I talked to Mrs. Weasley," she insisted breathlessly. "I told her I was terrified. She was cleaning the Mark, so it wouldn't get infected... And..." The Weasley mother had seen her mark? What else did she know?

"Did you tell her I was marked?" I demanded, my heart rate increasing.

She shook her head, "No, no, I swear-"

"Dammit, Orpha!" I groaned, tugging my hair as I flipped over so I was lying next to her. "They won't have me. I'm a Malfoy. They hate me."

"They hate me too," she told me. "But they were rather nice. Lupin even coaxed me into a conversation."

"Do you know reckless and stupid this is?" I asked her.

She swallowed, "I know. I just... I can't do this anymore, Draco. I can't be the person that's expected to kill and like it. I've never killed anything before. No insect... no animal... It's not in my nature. I just want to know if you're with me or not. If not, I'll go on my own..."

I was silent, staring the ceiling above us. "You're barking, you know that?"

"I know," she said quietly. Merlin, I'm going to regret this...

"When do we leave?"

She gasped and flipped onto her side, a brilliant smile on her face, "Really?"

I nodded, anything to see that smile, "Yeah, really."

"Oh, my Merlin," she whispered, and then kissed me full on the mouth. I smirked against her lips, kissing her back. She was bloody amazing. "Tomorrow morning?" she asked me. "Before Christmas?"

I hesitated, thinking, "He'll kill my mother..."

She faltered, "That's right... Um..."

"She's the only mother I have, Orpha..." I sighed.

"I know," she sighed back. "I'll think of something... Maybe a shopping trip? A spa day?"

"She just went to the spa." I shot down, remembering.

She swallowed, laying back on her back. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked that of you..."

"It's not your fault," I told her. "It's the Dark Lord's."

"I still asked it and I shouldn't have."

"I'm glad you did," I told her, sighing. "You gave me hope, Orpha. That's more than I can say I've had in a while."

"You don't deserve to be in this position."

"This is karma getting back at me for being horrid in school," I told her, chuckling.

"I don't believe that," she told me quietly. "You're just in an unfortunate situation."

"Right, and what are you in?"

She lifted up her Marked arm, "I'm just unlucky."

"I think you're brave," I told her. "You get the Mark... you don't even show how much you're in pain. And just two hours after facing the Dark Lord, you talk about deserting." I remember I had let lose as soon as I was in my room, demanding the elves heal it quickly.

"I sound like a coward," she told me. "Not brave."

"No. I disagree. If my mother wasn't involved, I'd leave tonight, Orpha. I really would."

She bit her lip, "I know."

"Just, don't leave without me. I know it's a lot to ask... but I don't want to go through this alone."

"You won't," she promised.

When the clock in the hall rang, we were staring at each other. My fingers suddenly touched her face, the salve on my fingers as I gently rubbed the potion in.

"Your bruise is getting worse," I explained.

She let me rub it into her skin. When her bruise completely disappeared, I rubbed my fingers over my own bruises, but she bat me away and took over. "Everyday," she told me quietly. "Everyday so far this break, I worried constantly. Worried you were okay. Worried you were alive. Worried you had died. It tore me apart, more than I expected."

"If it's any consolation, I swore I would be dead too," I joked weakly.

She didn't seem amused as she touched my cheek gently, watching the bruise fade, "I'm really starting to care for you, Draco, and it scares me to death. I've never... I've never cared for anyone before."

I gave her a soft smile, "I wouldn't be here right now if I didn't already care for you." I kissed her gently, and revelled in the fact that we had until Christmas to emerge from her room.

I awoke with her in my arms Christmas morning. Ever since the incident with my father, she hadn't left my side. It was cute, how she felt the need to protect me, but I could take care of myself. But I suppose, if that was true, then I wouldn't be tortured by my father daily.

She buried her head into my chest, breathing in my scent. I did the same to her and smelt chocolate, perfume, and lilies.

"Happy Christmas," I murmured to her.

"Happy Christmas," she returned.

She squirmed away an hour later to go to the bathroom, but returned rather quickly. But already I was out of the cuddling mood and was sitting up in her bed, running my hand through my hair to fix it.

"You look a mess," she told me, smirking.

I rolled my eyes, "I was thinking..."


"I was thinking," I repeated, smirking, "That you're opening my present first."

She rolled her eyes, but grabbed my wrist, pulling me from her room, and down the stairs.

"Where are we going?" I asked, confused.

"Your tree," she said simply.

"Oh," I laughed. There goes those fantasies.

I handed her one of the few presents underneath. It was small, not at all like the present I got her last year - a box full of air. I had claimed that it was precious air, as I had breathed it myself. She didn't seem amused, but had accepted it graciously.

"If this is a loch of your hair," she threatened, "from your precious head that I should be honored to be granted with-"

"It's not," I laughed.

She tore off the silver paper, gently pushing it to the side, "A... block of wood?"

I rolled my eyes, taking it from her. A block of wood? She was so... "Not just any block of wood." I flipped it over and showed her the small crack in the wood.

"A cracked block of wood?" she guessed. "Um, thanks?"

I smirked, "Touch the crack."

She slowly did so, unsure if she should trust me. And the piece of wood promptly turned into a map. A map of the world.

"What is this?" she asked, amazed.

"I picked it up in Romania last time I was there," I told her. "You get a drop of blood," I explained, and held my finger over the map. "And you drop it onto the map. And it'll permenantly remember it until you don't want it to. And look." A drop of blood fell from a wound I made and landed on the map. It absorbed a moment later and I pointed with my uninjured finger to the far corner. "My name and color shows up there. I'm red," I winked.

"Is that for your favorite color?" she asked, surprised.

I smirked, "I don't know. Is it?" I loved teasing her.

She bit her lip, "I'm serious. I have no idea."

"I perfer maroon," I shrugged.

She smirked, "Gryffindor on me?"

I rolled my eyes, shoving her shoulder teasingly, but shaking my head, "It's the color of blood." And the lion's.

"Right," she smirked at me, shoving me back. "Thank you, I love."

"That way, if we ever get seperated, you'll know where to find me," I told her.

"How I do I get it back to wood?" she frowned at it, flipping it over.

"You fold it once," I said simply. "And it'll only open to your touch."

"What about polyjuice potion?" Valid point.

"If you're using the polyjuice, then it'll work for you. But if someone tries to be you, it won't work."

"Spectacular," she told me. She kissed my cheek, "Mine next."

She handed me an object and seemed hesitant over it.

"What is it?" I asked, shaking it slightly.

"That's the whole point of opening gifts, Draco," she scolded. "Open it."

I tore open the paper and tossed it aside, glancing at the object. No way...

"You did not," I gasped at her.

She smirked, "Maybe."

I gaped at the season pass for Bulgaria's team. And below them was a gag gift. 'How to be the Good Guy.' I chuckled when I read the title and set it down. "You're awesome. Thanks."

We finished opening our gifts and then I insisted upon a celebratory drink for the holidays. She agreed.

I broke out the rum and poured us each a glass. I raised it, as did she, "To us."

She smiled at me, and repeated, "To us."

Our glasses clinked just as the door burst open. My father was there, and my mother in his arms. He tossed her inside, not seeming to see us as we were on the other side of the dining room. As Narcissa fell, she whacked her head on the large wooden table. I knew it wasn't a good hit. She'd be seriously hurt from that force.

My father raised his cane, the snake head up, and began to hit her with it.

"Father!" I barked in surprise. My mother... was she alright? She fell hard. My father paused briefly, seeing us advance on him.

"What are you doing here?"

"Celebrating," I said shortly. Orpha pointed her wand at Lucius, causing him to lower his cane slowly and step away. I knelt beside my mother, seeing her injury. Blood was seeping from her black and white hair. A head wound. Shakily, I touched her neck, desperate for a pulse. When I couldn't find any, I began to panic. "I-I can't-"

Orpha's wand still pointed at Lucius, she knelt beside me and felt my mother's wrist for a pulse.

She didn't say anything, just closed her eyes painfully and began to murmur under her breath.

"You bastard," I spat at my father. "You killed her!"

"She's merely faking it," he spat.

"She's not," Orpha said flatly. "She has no pulse. She's lost too much blood..."

My father grew pale, "No, she's faking it."

"She's not!" I shouted at him. "Are you happy now? Look what you've done!"

The Dark Lord arrived, hearing the rukus, and assessed the scene. My wild look in my eyes, my father looking pale and shaky, and Orpha's solemn face as she tried to sooth me from murdering my father.

"What is the meaning of this?" the Dark Lord drawled.

"My Lord, Narcissa Malfoy is dead," Orpha said quietly, and I flinched minimally at the admission. "Draco and I were having a drink to the holidays and Lucius threw her in, my lord. She hit her head on the table as she stumbled. She died from the impact."

The Dark Lord regarded my mother with cold eyes before turning to the my father and I. "I see. Lucius, I believe we should... discuss a few things. Draco, clean this up."

"Yes, my Lord," I said stiffly, nodding to the Dark Lord.

As soon as my father and the Dark Lord were gone, Orpha joined me at my mother's side.

"She's dead," I said as though I couldn't believe it. I couldn't. My mother... always made it. Always survived.

"I'm sorry," she told me softly. She waved her wand and the blood disappeared from the white carpet. I took my mother's pale hand, shaking my head. She was really gone.

"She's already cold," I said quietly.

"Let's have the elves put her in the crypt, okay?" she said gently. "That way she'll be safe."

I nodded, snapping my fingers. The elf appeared and started to wail as he spotted his dead Mistress. "Mistress! Oh, Mistress!" the elf sobbed.

"Clean and dress her, and place her in the crypt," Orpha told the elf softly.

"My Mistress!" The elf wailed. He touched Narcissa's hand and she disappeared with the elf. Nothing was left to even show she died.

Orpha touched my shoulder, but I didn't acknowledge it. We sat in silence for a while, no movement except for the grandfather clock ticking as the seconds passed. Dings alerted us of the hour change, but we didn't pay attention. She grieved with me as we sat on the rug. His eyes never moved from the spot of his mother.

When the clock chimed noon, I took her hand, lacing our fingers together. Ding. Eleven. Ding. Twelve. Then silence.

This was the decision maker's moment. And I decided.

Suddenly, we were moving. I was dragging her behind me, but she didn't ask me where we were going. I was angry. I was upset. I was upset.

We came to my bedroom, on the other end of the house, and I let go of her hand, grabbing my trunk, throwing it on my bed, and then I started to throw things into it.

"You said you can get me out of here," I told her, my voice harsh.

"I will," she promised.

"Then let's go."

She seemed a bit surprised, but didn't question it as she folded my things in my trunk, making room for more things. I set the season passes and book she had given me just a few hours ago onto the top of all my belongings, and then slammed it shut, not even noticing I almost took off Orpha's fingers until she sent me a deathly glare.

I shrunk the trunk, shoved it in my pocket, and took her hand, taking off once more. We were in her room minutes later, and I watched as she threw everything she had in her trunk. She shrunk it as well, sliding it into her pocket, before she took my hand.

She asked, "Are you sure?"

I only nodded, staring at the wall in front of me. She tightened her grip, and then apparated.

To the Order we went.

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