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It's been far too long since I've updated this story, almost nine months. I've been super busy. Apologies.

For those wondering about the characters in Lucy's novel, here is who represents who.

Princess: Lucy
King: Jude
Natsu: Dragon (obviously)
Happy: Cat
Goat: Makarov
Red Mare: Erza
Blue Stallion: Jellal
Lion: Loke
White Wolf: Gray
Mermaid: Juvia
Manly Bunny: Elfman
Adorable Puppy: Wendy (I believe she was purple like her hair)
Bear who likes honey: Cana (Tried to make her alcoholism into someone who loves honey)
Jackal: Gajeel (I didn't want to make him another dragon character as children's tales are usually more simplistic)
Hummingbird: Levy

Some people said that the Jackal and Hummingbird represented Zeref and Mavis. Has Lucy even met Zeref? I don't know. But even if she did, he didn't have an impact on Lucy's life more than Gajeel has. In any case, for everyone who guessed correctly, you get one point per answer. And to everyone who reviewed, thank you.

This chapter gave me a lot of problems. I had a clear objective with this one, to showcase the word mentioned. But this was a problem of too many ideas and not enough direction. I went through sixteen versions of this story and not really liking any of them. I don't know what it is with me and NaLu. I just find it really hard to write consistently good stories about them. I either write really great stories or really crappy ones. There are hardly in between.

Well, in any case, this was the best I could do with this. Sorry if this isn't really up to par with my other fics. But enjoy the feature presentation. Also 15 points to BlackIris, Arabelle, and TaleWeaver for getting the word right.

O is for Opulence

Money can't buy happiness. ~ Old Proverb

Waking up with the morning sun was never really difficult for Lucy Heartfilia. She was used to allowing her body to dust off the last vestiges of sleep with the sun's gentle rays seeping through her window. Especially in hers and Natsu's new house. It wasn't much. Two and a half bed and baths, a full kitchen, and a modest yard for gardening if she could ever find the time. But the reason that Lucy ultimately convinced Natsu of this house was the view. When the sun rises in the morning, it shines in the master bedroom like a kaleidoscope. Lucy loved it.

But not today. Today, when the sun's rays trickled on her eyes, Lucy groaned. She wanted a little bit more sleep but it seems as though the blinds were pulled up. The blonde tried to pull the covers over her head. However, she realized that they must have fallen off the bed. Now, with no other recourse, Lucy decided to get up.

The first thing Lucy noticed when she got up was that she was naked with Natsu laying besides her, also naked. Years ago, if Lucy had gotten up without clothes, she would have freaked. But being in a relationship with her lover for about four years has taught her that it's weirder when she IS in clothes in the morning rather than when she's not.

When Lucy took her first steps out of bed, she felt a bit woozy. It was strange. It almost felt like she was hung over. The Stellar Spirit mage also had a bit of a headache. Again, something that she would associate with drinking. But it wasn't that.

Lucy got her bedroom robe (which she bought for Happy's sake just in case he ever barges into the room) and headed to the bathroom. She opened up the medicine cabinet and took some aspirin. The blonde down the aspirin, expecting her pain to be gone. With that out of the way, Lucy could prepare for her day.

Fairy Tail was bustling with excitement. Well, that would be normal anyways. But lately, there has been much more to celebrate.

Lucy turned to the source of the celebration. A woman with long blue hair was sitting on a chair next to the stage. She was holding a hand to her slightly distended stomach while a man with spiky black hair was waiting on her.

Juvia Lockser...my apologies...Juvia Fullbuster was four months pregnant with hers and her husband's child. Gray was waiting on her had and foot. In all the years that they've been together, Lucy can count on one hand all of the times that Gray has doted on Juvia publicly.

Eariler in the water mage's pregnancy, she had terrible mood swings. even more so than she did. In fact, it was only when she was pregnant that Lucy ever saw Juvia yell at Gray. She figured it was the hormones racing through the water mage.

Lucy could still hear the raucous cheer when Gray announced to everyone that they were having a baby. And she remembered exactly what happened afterwards. Natsu, enflamed that Gray would be having a kid before him, hoisted Lucy onto his shoulder and took her home and...well... Let's just say that he didn't want Gray to beat him in anything, even in this. Natsu spent nearly a week trying to get Lucy pregnant without realizing that she was still on birth control. (From what she learned later, Gajeel did the same thing with Levy.)

Lucy looked at her own stomach and put a hand to it. For a moment, she wondered what it was would be like to be pregnant. How would she look like? Would she be as big as a house? Would it be a pain to do simple tasks? Would her personality change?

Lucy was broken out of her thoughts when she felt someone wrap their arms around her and took a deep whiff of her neck. Years ago, if someone did that, she would freeze up in shock. Now, she knew that that was Natsu's way of saying hello.

"Good morning, Natsu." She whispered to her lover.

"Morning." Natsu greeted taking another deep whiff of her scent. The Dragon Slayer took some more short sniffs of the Stellar Spirit mage. He frowned.

"Natsu, what are you doing?" Lucy asked.

"Did you change your soap or something?" Natsu asked, sniffing around her head, shoulders and arms.

Now Lucy was getting weirded out. "No?" She hesitated. "Why?"

"Something's different in your scent." Natsu told her.

"Something wrong?" The blonde asked.

"Not wrong. Just different." Natsu reiterated.

"What do you mean?" Lucy pressed.

Before Natsu could answer, Lucy heard someone call her name... someone unfamiliar. She turned her head and saw a messenger boy calling her name. Lucy got up and walked towards the boy. He handed her a sealed envelope. Lucy handed the boy a tip and he left. The blonde went back to sitting with Natsu.

"What's that?" Natsu asked.

Lucy examined the envelope. When she saw the return address, the blonde did a double take.

"It's from Auntie Migdalia." Lucy gasped.

Lucy ripped open the envelope in a very unladylike manner. Inside was a gilded paper adorned with floral patterns at the corners. She read it in her head.

My dear Lucy,

I know this is sudden but I wish for you to visit me. I do not believe I have much time left on this earth and I would like to see everyone in my family one last time. That is why I am hosting a dinner party. Of course, you may bring that young man you write about. I would certainly love to meet him. I look forward to hearing your favorable reply.


Migdalia Heartfilia

Lucy's face eked out a sad smile. How long has it been since she had seen anyone from her family? Years? She really needed to reconnect with them, if only for Auntie Migdalia's sake.

She turned to Natsu.

"Natsu, would you like to go with me to see my auntie?" Lucy asked.

Natsu shrugged his shoulders and grinned. "Sure! Sounds like fun."

"It's going to be a formal dinner party." Lucy warned. "Which means you are going to have to brush up on your manners."

Natsu groaned. Ever since the Grand Magic Games, in which Natsu had personally embarrassed all of Fairy Tail with his atrocious table manners, Lucy had taken it upon herself to teach him dinner etiquette. Even after four and a half years, it was like he hadn't learned a thing.

"Come on." Lucy said, pulling on Natsu's scarf. "Let's go home. We've got a lot of work to do."

"But Lucy..." Natsu whined as he was pulled out of Fairy Tail.

"I'm gonna hurl." Natsu whimpered sickly as he felt their carriage hit another bump.

Lucy rented a carriage to take them to her aunt's manor. Natsu had objected vehemently, citing his motion sickness. Lucy explained that they had to bring formal wear to the party and it was liable to get dirty if they trekked around on dirt roads. The Dragon Slayer would have fought harder to get his way but Lucy used trick 27 out of her "How to Get Natsu to Do What I Want" book: Lucy-sama's Amazing, Spectacular, Unforgettable Paizuri. Afterwards, Natsu was completely wrapped around her little finger.

So this is how Natsu found himself in a carriage with his head in Lucy's lap. To be honest, it was his favorite place to be on trips like this. Her scent calmed him, especially when he could still smell the last vestiges of sex on her. It was great, knowing that he was the only one who knew every part of Lucy.

To take his mind off of his motion sickness, Natsu went over all of the etiquette rules concerning dinner (if only so that he didn't embarrass Lucy while visiting her folks). The silverware issue was the one most troubling to him. Why was it that every food needed its own fork or spoon? How was he to tell the difference between the salad fork, the shrimp fork, and the dessert fork? Well, to be fair, he wasn't really a salad man. And shrimp was only something he ate on special occasions. Now dessert...

Another bump in the road brought Natsu out of his thoughts.

"Are we there yet?" Natsu groaned.

"Almost." Lucy said. "We are about to cross into the valley. Do you want to see it?"

Natsu responded by puffing out his cheeks, feeling the need to hurl.

When the carriage thankfully stopped moving, Natsu crawled out on his hands and knees, hugging the ground. He could barely see that they had stopped in front of a valley.

"It stopped." He groaned weakly. "Thank god."

Lucy got out of the carriage and gave Natsu a sarcastic look. She grabbed both of their formal clothes out of the carriage.

"Stop playing around and grab your clothes." She said.

"Give me a moment." Natsu whined.

"We don't have a moment, Natsu." Lucy told him. " We are running late. If you aren't ready, I'll call out Loke in your place." She pulled out the Leo key and dangled it in front of his eyes. The key started flashing, as if to taunt him.

Trick 15 in the "How to Get Natsu to Do What I Want" book, using Loke, especially in situations where he wasn't as enthused to do something. Loke's flirtatious nature towards Lucy would be the figurative fire that stokes Natsu into action.

As if he was challenged, Natsu got up off the ground. The air started heating up around him. "I will not let that bastard take my place." He roared. The pink haired man snatched his formal clothes from Lucy and took off. He didn't see Lucy's victorious smirk.

"So predictable." Lucy smirked as she followed him.

As they entered into the valley, Natsu couldn't help gasp that escaped his lips. It was huge.

"Auntie's place hasn't changed at all, even after all these years." Lucy said wistfully.

Natsu's head slowly turned towards Lucy. "You mean to tell me that all of this is owned by your aunt?" He asked softly, not trusting the words.

Lucy nodded.

"But it's bigger than the place your dad owned." The Dragon Slayer said.

It was true. Their family residence was the size of a town. This place, however, was the size of a city.

"Who needs all of this land?" Natsu asked. "I mean what's the purpose of having all of this land if you aren't going to use it?

Lucy pointed to her left. Natsu followed where her finger pointed. There was a large farm, bigger than some of the commercial farms that he's ever been to. It was growing large acres of crops. There were people who were working the crops, putting the ripened ones in baskets.

"See over there?" Lucy asked Natsu. "Those crops will be given to local charities free of charge. And the workers who are farming them are getting valuable job experience."

Natsu nodded, taking in all of the information Lucy gave him.

"My auntie believes that money and land is useless unless it serves a good purpose." Lucy explained. "Many of the people who work here have nowhere else to turn. Usually, it's a temporary deal. But many people like the work here so much that they stay here."

Natsu was listening with rapt attention until he saw where they were heading. He pointed ahead to a large building.

"Is that where we're going?" Natsu asked.

"That's my auntie's house." Lucy answered.

Natsu's eyes bulged. "That's a house?" He yelled.

House was the hugest understatement of the year. Natsu saw Lucy's old house when he, Gray, Erza and Happy went to stop her from returning. That was a mansion. But this... this was a castle. It was as large as five Fairy Tail guilds, could probably hold a couple hundred thousand easy. And one woman owns all of this. It felt so excessive.

"Well, from what I understand, my mother's family have own this property for decades." Lucy told him.

"Your mother's family?" Natsu asked. "But I thought that your father was named Heartfilia?"

A sad smile crossed Lucy's face. "From what I understand, my mother fell in love with my father." She said softly. "But her parents, my grandparents, didn't approve. But they loved each other so much that they ran away and eloped. Afterwards, when my father made his fortune, they allowed him to marry into the Heartfilia."

Natsu nodded. He honestly didn't understand the complexities of the Heartfilia family situation but he had nothing to add.

They reached the entrance of the mansion. Just as Lucy was about to knock on the door, it was opened.

A stern looking man with salt and pepper hair stood on the other side. "Ahh, Miss Lucy Heartfilia." He greeted. "The Madam expected your arrival to be right now. Please come in and wait in the antechamber while I get her."

Natsu and Lucy were led into the mansion by the man at the door.

While Lucy looked straight ahead, Natsu took in the sight of the interior of the mansion. It was breathtaking. The first thing that caught his eye was the chandelier. It had to have been made out of crystal or something. It made the light from it twinkle like stars. His eyes roved around and saw ornate vases made of materials he had only heard about in passing. There were drapes and rugs that probably caused more than his last mission's pay. Everything about this room screamed super-rich and this was only the first room. He could only imagine what the other rooms looked like.

Seeing the splendor of the Heartfilia mansion reminded Natsu that Lucy grew up in a place like this. He could tell that she never wanted for anything: clothes, jewelry, fancy food. If he had lived in a place like this, he probably would gorge himself on food 24/7.

The man pointed out two chairs in a corner, signaling them to sit. The two did so.

"Please wait here. I shall return with the Madam." The man said.

He gave a bow and left the antechamber.

Lucy turned to Natsu.

"Listen." Lucy said, tapping Natsu on the shoulder. "When my auntie shows up, please PLEASE, be respectful."

Natsu smiled. "Come on, Luce." He said. "Give me some credit. We've been together for almost four years."

Lucy sighed, a small smile on my face. "I know that." She answered. "It's just..." The blonde tapered off for a moment. "My auntie, she might strike you as strange."

Natsu cocked his head. "How so?"

"Lucy-chan, I hope you aren't saying anything terrible about me." An old mirthful voice chuckled.

Natsu saw Lucy shiver like a cat. They both turned around to the direction of the voice. A short woman was now accompanying the man they met earlier. Her white hair was tied in a tight bun. Her face was very wrinkled with age. And the old woman had a smile like the cat who had just ate the canary.

"Auntie Migdalia," Lucy squeaked. "It's so nice to see you again."

The old woman laugh at the young girl's embarrassment. "Don't worry about it." Migdalia said. Then she turned towards Natsu. "Oh, but where are my manners? You've brought a guest."

Natsu extended his hand to the old woman. "Hi. My name is Natsu." He greeted.

The old woman didn't react at all. Natsu turned to Lucy, questioning her on the strange behavior. The blonde gasped in horror. How had she forgotten to tell Natsu about the most important detail about her auntie?

Migdalia laughed. "I see Lucy didn't tell you that I'm blind." She opened her eyelids. Natsu could see that her eyes were milky white.

Natsu blushed.

"Sorry." Lucy said, scratching her cheek. "It must have slipped my mind."

"It's okay." Her aunt told her. She turned to Natsu and held up her hand. "Dear boy, please grab my hand."

Natsu did as he was asked. When their hands connected, it felt like an electric shock passed through his body, causing the Dragon Slayer's eyes to roll up into his head.

His head was filled with visions, almost dreamlike in nature. He saw a younger version of himself with Igneel. Next, he saw that same younger version in Fairy Tail with younger versions of his nakama. Next, he saw his first meeting with Lucy, saving her when she jumped from Jose's tower, the times he went fishing with her, various missions he underwent with her. He saw their first kiss, the first time they made love, many of their dates, the day they moved into their house. Pretty much everything.

Migdalia let go of Natsu's hand, leaving him a bit weak in the knees.

"Now I've seen everything." The old woman said.

After recovering, Natsu looked down at Lucy's aunt. "What was that?" He asked.

The old woman had a smile on her face. "I may not be able to see with my eyes but when I touch hands with someone, I can see into their heart and soul." She told the Dragon Slayer. "And, to be honest, you've got one of the purest souls I've ever seen."

"That's a good thing?" Natsu asked.

Migdalia turned to Lucy. "You've got a very funny boyfriend." She said.

Lucy chuckled. "That's one way of putting it."

Natsu looked at Lucy very crossly. "Hey!" He yelped indignantly.

"I'm glad to have finally meet you, Natsu." Migdalia laughed. "I've only heard about you from the letters Lucy writes. Finally, I have a face to go with that name."

The old woman smiled as Lucy and Natsu bickered. Though she couldn't see them physically, she could tell that they were perfect for each other.

"Let me show you two the room you may use to change." Migdalia told the two. "My little party will begin in two hours."

Natsu and Lucy nodded and allowed themselves to be escorted by her aunt. As they were walking, Natsu couldn't help but marvel at the house. As redundant as it kept sounding in his head, he couldn't help but think that everything looked so expensive. They really showed off the Heartfilia's wealth.

"Here is your room." Migdalia said as they reached a lone door at the end of the hall. "There is a bath inside if you wish to freshen up."

Natsu and Lucy nodded and went inside the room.

Lucy was looking at herself in the mirror after putting on some undergarments. She had taken a quick shower and was now preparing to get into her dress. The blonde was admiring her new bustier, specifically designed for formal clothes. It hugged her waist in such a fashion to create an hourglass shape. It pushed up her breasts, showing off just enough cleavage to look classy and not slutty. Most importantly, it fit so perfectly under her clothes only she knew that she was wearing one.

"Looks nice." Natsu whispered in her ear, hugging her body with his bare arms. She could feel his skin against hers. The only thing he was wearing was his boxers. And she could feel him getting hard. Lucy shuddered when his warm breath ghosted over her sensitive skin.

"Th-tha-thanks." She stuttered.

"When did you get this?" He asked, kissing her porcelain neck and dancing his fingers across the bustier.

"It was a gift." She squeaked as Natsu found a particularly weak spot on her neck.

"From who?" He asked, a finger circling her belly button.

"Mira-chan." Lucy answered breathlessly. "She said that you would like it."

"I do." Natsu let out an appreciative rumble from deep in his throat.

"Natsu, stop." Lucy begged but even she could hear how unconvincing she was sounding. "Not here."

"Why not?" The Dragon Slayer nibbled on her earlobe.

"This is my auntie's house." She replied. Unconsciously, her hand touched his bare chest. "She wouldn't like it."

Natsu grinned against Lucy's soft skin. "What she doesn't know won't hurt her."

Just then, the mirror started getting foggy. Natsu's nose picked up some foreign magic on the mirror. Streaks were forming on the glass. He stopped what he was doing and looked at the mirror as the streaks spelled out words.

Natsu Dragneel,

I know you love my niece very much and I know that you love to show her your love in a physical manner. While I will not stop you from doing so in the privacy of your home, I would appreciate it if you do not do so in mine. Please abide by this. Otherwise, I might have to take certain measures to prevent you from doing so.

M. H.

Natsu jumped away from Lucy as if she burned him (an irony, really).

"Wow. That was creepy." Natsu chuckled shakily.

"I tried telling you." Lucy recovered, trying to get control of her erratic breath.

"How did she do that?" He asked.

"Auntie has magic." Lucy answered. "Mama used to say that auntie was blind all of her life. But in exchange, she has the power to see the past and future of anyone she touches."

"So that's why I remembered everything that happened in the past." Natsu exclaimed.

Lucy nodded. "That's not all." She continued. "If she feels so inclined, she can also rewrite the past or future."

Natsu shuddered. A woman that powerful should not be trifled with. No hanky-panky with Lucy until they were home.

"I think I'll get dressed." Natsu said.

"Good idea." Lucy replied.

Lucy watched as Natsu got into his formal clothes. Lucy had to smile. Though he wasn't a fan of such restrictive clothing, she had to admit that he cleaned up nice. Now that he was getting dressed, she could focused on doing so herself.

The dinner went better than Lucy had expected. Although Natsu forgot what spoon and fork was used for what, he, at least, didn't eat like a starving madmen. He used a knife to cut up meat and ate in small portions. He also kept his voice at an acceptable level. Best of all, he didn't try to fight with anyone, although it was probably because none of the other guests would pose a challenge.

After dinner, the guests moved to the ballroom where a band was playing soft music. Waiters were serving refreshments to the guests as they talked amongst themselves or dancing with the guest they brought.

Lucy and Natsu were with her aunt. The two women were catching up while Natsu was listened, adding in details she missed. The old woman laughed at some of the stories Lucy told. It was actually kind of fun to speak with someone from her family again.

As they spoke, a man cleared his throat, trying to get Migdalia's attention. The elderly mage turned in the direction of a middle aged man with salt and pepper hair. Lucy felt this strange sense of familiarity when she saw him.

"Ahh, Robertus." Migdalia said.

Robertus smiled. "Ahh, Auntie. How are you feeling?" He asked

"I am fine." She replied. "Is there something you need from me?" Lucy noticed that Migdalia's face turned neutral. It was odd. What happened between them to cause such a change.

"Actually I need to speak to Lucy-chan." Robertus explained. He turned to Lucy. "Hello. I'm not sure that you remember me. I am your uncle once removed on your mother's side, Robertus Heartfilia."

He extended his hand in greeting. Lucy hesitantly accepted it. "Hello." The blonde replied.

"I am so glad that you've come." He told her. "I'm sorry to be so blunt but I happen to have several of your mother's personal items."

Lucy's eyes were wide. The mere mention of her mother made her eyes tear up.

Natsu noticed and put a comforting hand on Lucy's shoulder.

"If you'll follow me..." Robertus motioned with his hand.

Again, with the same hesitation, Lucy followed Robertus out of the ball room. Natsu wanted to follow her but Migdalia grabbed his hand. When the Dragon Slayer turned to face her, she shook her head.

"You needn't worry, child." She told him. "Lucy will be fine."

Robertus led Lucy to a study room. In this room were shelves full of books that would keep Levy entertained for years on end. Her uncle walked to a desk and opened a drawer. He pulled out an exquisite mahogany chest and a parchment.

"This chest contains all of your mother's belongings." Robertus spoke in an authoritative voice. "As part of her last wishes, she wanted to make sure that this was given to you."

He handed her the chest. Lucy opened it and saw several pictures of her mother when she was her age. There were a couple of her father before they were married and some right after. But what caught her attention was a necklace. It was a sterling silver necklace with a star shaped end. She remembered that this was the first gift her father had ever given her mother, back when she was practicing magic.

A sad smile crept along her face.

"Lucy-chan." Robertus interrupted her trip down memory lane. "I'm sure you are aware that your thirtieth birthday is fast approaching."

Lucy held back a grimace. How could she tell her uncle that she lost seven years due to the events of Tenrou Island and that she was only 23?

Robertus seemed to be unaware of Lucy's inner thoughts. Instead, he handed Lucy the parchment for her to read.

"Your mother had left you a will that isn't to be read until your thirtieth birthday." He continued. "They've put out provisos that are to be executed almost immediately after it is read."

The Stellar Spirit mage's eyes widened the more she read the will.

"I'm to be given my mother's estate?" She squeaked.

"Upon your thirtieth birthday, yes." Robertus nodded. "Your mother had been given many real estate holdings prior to her marriage to your father. After your birth, Layla-san had rewritten her will to name you sole beneficiary. It's valued at over 500 billion jewels."

Lucy's jaw dropped. 500 billion. It was a number that she couldn't comprehend. Robertus might as well have said a kajillion.

"However, there is a catch." Robertus added.

Lucy snorted quietly. There is always a catch. "And that is?" She asked.

"You are to be married." He answered.

Lucy's eyes widened. That was the last thing she expected a will to say.

"Or, at the very least, engaged to be married." Robertus corrected himself. "If you are married, you will get the entire estates immediately. If you are engaged, you must be married within a year of reading the will before you are awarded."

Lucy nodded, trying to gather herself. She had expected this to be a small party thrown by her aunt. But now, she was in line to be the richest woman in the world. It was all happening too fast.

"That young man you are with..." Robertus asked.

"Natsu." Lucy provided.

"Ahh, yes. Natsu-san." Her uncle said. However, Lucy noted that there was a bit of disgust on the tip of his tongue when he said that. The blonde did not like that. "Has he proposed to you?"

Lucy blushed a pretty pink. To be honest, she has been thinking a lot about marriage. Ever since Gajeel popped the question to Levy (and Gray did so with Juvia soon after), the Stellar Spirit mage had often wondered what Natsu thought about getting married. Lucy had never brought the issue up with the Dragon Slayer. She saw no reason to do so. They were fine as they were. It's not like marriage would change much. But every so often, whenever she saw pictures of the weddings she attended, she liked to daydream that it was her coming down the aisle, meeting Natsu at the altar.

"No he hasn't." Lucy answered cautiously.

"Has he ever given you any indication that he is thinking about marriage?" He pressed.

"No." She answered more guardedly.

"How unfortunate." Robertus said in a dismissive tone, something that ticked off Lucy. "But worry not. I have a solution to your troubles."

Lucy's eyes narrowed. Robertus got a look on his face that reminded her of her father when he told her that he arranged a marriage for her.

"What is it?" Her voice lowered an octave, not liking where this was going.

"There are many suitors downstairs who are willing to marry you." Robertus said. "If I may make a suggestion, there is a gentleman in the ball room by the name of Ragna Rus. He is of the Rus noble family. A marriage with the Rus family will give the Heartfilias' more political power. And..."

Lucy held up her hand. "Stop!" She commanded.

"Lucy-chan." Robertus gasped in shock.

"My father tried to do the same thing before I left him." She said confidently. "He told me that I was to marry some prince and bear his son so that the Heartfilia name would live on. I told him that I was not going to do it."

"But think about the money and the power." Robertus pleaded. "It's not just your life that would be improved but the lives of all the other Heartfilias."

"I have no intention of marrying for political gain, not even for all the money in the world." Lucy answered without hesitation. "I am not someone's bargaining chip, certainly not yours. I am Lucy of Fairy Tail. When I marry, it'll be for love not for money."

To show that she was serious, Lucy ripped apart the contract in an impressive display, shocking her uncle into speechlessness. The blonde smiled at the old man as she did so. Robertus was stunned...so much so that he didn't even notice when Lucy left him where he stood.

Lucy walked away with a small victorious smile on her face.

Lucy and Natsu were lying together in their shared room after the party. Lucy loved snuggling against her boyfriend after a long day. Usually they were doing more than snuggling but considering that this wasn't their house and the mirror incident several hours ago, this was the next best thing. Lucy also loved that Natsu was a cuddler. She loved the way that he instinctively sought for her when they sleep and how they ended in a delicious tangle of limbs afterwards.

"Man, I'm stuffed." Natsu huffed happily. "I can't believe I ate so much."

Lucy smiled. It didn't take much to make Natsu happy: fighting, food and another F word that she had a hard time saying out loud.

"And your aunt is awesome." He told her. "She told me many stories about things that happened in the past and stuff that's going to happen in the future. But I didn't get most of it."

"I'm glad you two were able to get along." She answered. "I only regret that we didn't visit her sooner."

"By the way, why did your uncle want to speak with you?" Natsu asked.

Lucy was kind of hoping that Natsu wouldn't bring this up. She wanted to forget that this ever happened. But above all, she wouldn't lie to him.

"My uncle told me that I was willed my mother's estates worth over 500 billion jewels." She answered.

Natsu sat up on the bed and looked at Lucy. It looked like his head was about to explode. Lucy saw this and put her hands over his mouth so that he wouldn't yell.

"There was a catch." She added. "I had to be married to some other guy immediately or else I would get nothing." Lucy specifically left out the fact that Uncle Robertus said that it didn't matter who Lucy was married to as long as she was married. She didn't want Natsu to feel obligated to marry her. If the Dragon Slayer had heard about that proviso, he probably would propose just to give her the chance to inherit everything. Not that the blonde ever doubted he loved her. If Natsu was going to propose to Lucy, she wanted it to be of his own free will.

Natsu looked at his girlfriend with steely eyes. He had taken hold of her arms and gripped them tightly, holding her close. They'd take Lucy away from him over his dead body.

"But I told him no." Lucy told him, aware of how he was feeling. "I'm not ever leaving you."

Natsu looked at Lucy with awe. She gave up all of that money just to be with me, he thought. Then his awe turned into anger at the uncle who wanted to take her away from him. No one but him knew Lucy, the true Lucy. No one can protect her like he could, can provide for her but him.

"If anyone's going to marry Lucy, it's going to be me." He thought to himself.

Natsu's eyes widened. He couldn't believe that he just thought that. Even though Gray had gotten married to Juvia a couple of weeks ago and Gajeel to Levy a year ago, the pink haired man had never contemplated marriage for himself. Of course, if he was going to be married, it would be to Lucy. He had never thought about it until now and Lucy never brought it up. Natsu believed that they were fine the way they were. He didn't believe that marriage would add anything to their relationship, only to prove that they were officially taken.

Now that he's thinking about it, marrying Lucy would undeniably prove that she was Natsu's. Maybe...

"What are you thinking about?" Lucy asked.

Natsu gave Lucy an easy smile. "How much I love you." He answered.

Lucy snuggled up to Natsu's warm body. Sometimes, he knew exactly what to say.

"You gave up billions of jewels just to be with me." He said with a bit of pride that Lucy chose him over money. "I mean, we are never going to be as rich as what you could have been."

The blonde crawled up to Natsu until she was face to face with him. She pecked him on the lips. "I don't need all that money." She admitted. "I had money like that when I was a little girl. I had nice dresses, great food, and anything I could have wanted. But it didn't make me happy. Money, riches don't make people happy. But the people in Fairy Tail make me happy...especially you."

Natsu grinned. He pulled Lucy close to himself and kissed her fully and deeply. His hand unconsciously crept along her smooth back and nearly made its way to her butt. However, the pink haired mage remembered the mirror incident. Deciding that he didn't want to test Auntie Migdalia, Natsu kept his hands away from the place that he wanted to touch.

"I can't wait to get you home." He whispered. "So many things I want to do to you."

Lucy smiled and laid against his chest, putting her ear next to his heart. Hearing the thump-thump of the organ made her eyes droop. "Sleep, Natsu." She murmured quietly. Tomorrow is another day." Almost immediately, she fell asleep.

Natsu smiled and joined Lucy in sleep.

Natsu and Lucy were heading back home after spending the night at Migdalia's place. She led the duo to her front gate, engaging them in light hearted conversation.

"I'm so glad that you two were able to visit." The old woman smiled. "I'd send you off with some food but someone ate it all."

Lucy turned her head sharply at Natsu, looking at him with utter disbelief. He laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head. "Sorry." He said. "It was just so good."

"You ate all of it?" Lucy shrieked.

"At least it didn't go to waste." He chuckled nervously, hoping to placate his girlfriend.

"Honestly, why do I put with you?" She huffed.

Natsu pulled Lucy into a hug. "Because you love me." He said, nuzzling Lucy's cheek. Lucy tried getting out of his embrace by hitting him but that only resulted in him hugging her tighter.

"Let me go." The blonde yelled. "I'm mad at you."

Migdalia listened to Natsu's nuzzling and Lucy's yelling. She smiled. She knew that Lucy was in good hands with Natsu.

"Lucy, may I take hold of your hand?" The old woman asked.

Natsu and Lucy stopped turned around towards Migdalia. The Dragon Slayer let go of Lucy. She walked towards the old woman and held out her hand. Migdalia grabbed it and their linked hands glowed. Her sightless eyes could see into Lucy's future: the adventures she would undertake, the children she and Natsu would have, all the good and bad times, everything.

They let go of their hands.

"You two are going to have a wonderful life together." Migdalia smiled. "I've seen it.

Lucy and Natsu smiled back.

"I am so glad that I got to meet you." The old woman said.

"You should come to our guild." Natsu offered. "I'm sure you would have fun there."

Migdalia smiled but said nothing.

"Well, we should be on our way if we want to get back home before dark." Lucy said. "I'm so glad that we came."

With that, the two walked away from the estate, waving as they did.

"Please take care of yourselves, you two." Migdalia waved back. "Oh, and Lucy?"

The blonde stopped in her tracks and turned around.

"Congratulations on your upcoming delivery." The woman smiled sneakily, as if she knew a great secret.

Lucy looked confused. Her aunt was looking at her stomach as if there was something there. And she was smiling as she did so. Could that mean...

Lucy put her hands on her stomach. Migdalia nodded. It seems as though the message came across quite clearly.

The Stellar Spirit mage turned around quickly and walked away, her hands still on her stomach. Natsu ran after her, not understanding what was going on.

"What happened?" The pink haired mage asked. "What did your aunt mean by 'upcoming delivery'? And why are you clutching your stomach? Are you sick?"

Lucy didn't hear Natsu. Instead, she looked at her stomach. A couple of days ago, she felt like something off about her body. Was the reason because she was...

"I think I need to go see a doctor when we return." Lucy answered in a flat tone.

"Is it serious?" He asked, a bit worried for his girlfriend. "Because if it is, I'll take you to the doctor now."

Lucy smiled. "It could actually be a good thing." She thought aloud. "I just have to be sure. Until then, I'm going to keep it all to myself."

Natsu was confused. "Come on." He pleaded. "Tell me."

"Maybe some day." She said, sticking out her tongue and walking ahead of Natsu. The Dragon Slayer kept begging Lucy to let him in on the secret.

Lucy didn't tell Natsu just yet because she didn't want to get his hopes up for nothing. But if her auntie was right, there might be a new addition in their house. Oh the possibilities!

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