The hypnotic jewel of Maramba

It was getting dark in the village of Maramba, a small place in the country of Nasr. Vyse, Aika and Fina, three blue rogues' pirates, went to the local tavern to rest a bit. Drachma, the man who let them hitch a ride on his ship, had left them stranded here, with no way to get out of here by themselves. Setting themselves at a table, sitting on some comfy and fluffy cushions, the trio were despaired, as they had to get the Red crystal before the Valuan army. With no ship to reach the temple of Recumen, however, this goal was all but impossible. Aika, wanting to know just how Vyse planned to do this now, told him:

-So, what do we do now Vyse?

Vyse, however, was not listening at all, his attention solely on one thing in the tavern: the belly-dancer. She was superb, with a deeply-tanned skin, long red hair in a ponytail, a purple face-veil, a purple bra showing a lot of cleavage with purple see-through harem pants. Her flat and slim stomach undulating in front of everyone in the tavern, she was gorgeous and she probably knew it.

The dancer was named Bellena, who was a new arrival in Maramba. It made a little more than a week since she landed the job of belly-dancer in this tavern, but already she was celebrity, with the townsfolk coming in regularly to see her sway her stuff. There was, however, a big secret no one knew about Bellena: she was really Belleza, a high-ranked Valuan Admiral known for her magical and secretive ways. She was a woman who preferred tricking people than to directly confront them. Having received the order to track and neutralize the trio of blue rogues pirates, Belleza knew how to get them when she knew what their next destination was: Maramba.

Seeing that the young man known as Vyse had his eyes glued on her, she knew the moment to strike would be soon. Approaching them while the young man tried to explain to the two young women why he was staring at her, Bellena told them:

-Excuse me; may I speak to you privately?

Vyse, surprise that this vision of pure sexiness was interested in them, replied:

-Sure, no problem.

Aika, looking at Vyse with anger, nonetheless said nothing to the dancer. Bellena, sitting down with them, spoke to them in a friendly voice:

-Hello, my name is Bellena. Pardon my intrusion, but I have heard from various sources that you are in need of a ship?

Aika, confused about Bellena knowing this kind of information, replied:

-Yeah, what's it to you?

-It's just that I heard that some legendary blue rogues standing against the Valuan Empire had need of a ship to get somewhere in the desert. Is it true?

Vyse, flattered that such a beautiful dancer would come to them, replied:

-Yes it's true. Do you know someone who has a ship?

-I have one. It is a small one but it can do the job nonetheless. From my point of view, anyone against the Valuan Empire is a friend of mine. If you are interested, meet me on the dock tomorrow morning and we'll discuss about it while you take a look at my ship.

Getting up, Bellena went away while subtly dropping a small piece of paper on Vyse laps. Vyse, looking at it in secret, saw that it was a small message written ''Room 103, Midnight''. Not believing for a minute his luck, Vyse got excited, as he had a small idea why Bellena dropped this paper on him.

Later that night, Vyse got up, not wishing to awaken Aika and Fina. It was getting very close to midnight, as he went to the room numbered 103 in the inn he was resting in. Knocking lightly on the door, Vyse was anxious to know just why Bellena wanted to see him alone at night.

Hearing him knock on her door, Bellena was pleased that this young fool had taken her bait. Opening her door, she looked at him seductively, silently waiting for him to enter her quarters. Vyse, definitely excited by the prospect of losing his virginity to a beautiful belly-dancer such as her, sat down on the extremity of her comfy bed. Closing the door behind her, she walked toward him while swaying her hips seductively, then said:

-Before we begin, I would like to dance for you a bit, handsome.

Joining her hands in front of her chest, she began swaying her hips in a wide and sensual fashion in front of Vyse, looking at him seductively all the while.

Vyse, aroused by the more personal and up-close aspect of this dance, watched with great interest the dance of the beautiful Bellena. Watching the way her hips swayed, he could not fail but notice her intense yet very seductive gaze locked on him.

Locking her eyes on his, Bellena started making gradually more complex moves, adding them to her routine. Swaying her hips, shaking her chest, belly rolling, belly waves, figure-eight, nothing was forbidden to seduce this young man completely. Bellena, a potent magic-user, had a secret technique which combined seduction and mind control. It was something that she did not use that often, but it was incredibly effective most of the time, such as when she had to ''convince'' everyone in Maramba to trust her. She would use it on this young man, effectively turning him into a helpless slave full of love and adoration for her. Knowing she had his full attention, she activated her spell, applying a mesmerizing aura all over her body and motions.

Still looking at the lovely dance, Vyse began concentrating even more on the sexy undulations of her stomach. Fascinated even more by her utter beauty, Vyse could not get his gaze away from her, be it her wonderful belly-dance, her ample and sexy breast or those lovely and hypnotic eyes. The eyes, still locked on his, were penetrating his mind, putting him in awe before the mesmerizing woman.

Seeing that Vyse was now a victim of her sexy and hypnotic spell, Bellena put more effort in her dance, making the whole motions more fluid and sensual. Her gaze complimenting her dancing skills, she said in a seductive tone:

-Do you like what you see? I know you do, who could blame you? From the very moment you saw me in the tavern you wished for this; to see me close to you, dancing for your sole pleasure. Do not say a word, just look and listen to my sexy voice.

Compelled to do as she said, Vyse just focused on her sexy voice, still looking at the alluring performance she was offering.

-Look at my amazing belly, see how it undulates and bends in such a beautiful way for you. It fascinates and mesmerizes you, putting you in a state of bliss the more you watch. Just stare at me and relax, let all those silly thoughts go away while you see such a beautiful spectacle.

Vyse, at the peak of his concentration, was focusing very hard on Bellena, seeing and hearing nothing else but her. His eyes glazing over slightly, the spell was working its way in his mind.

Bellena, witnessing that Vyse was getting weaker thanks to her magic, used the second phase of her spell, connecting his mind to her navel with small magical waves, sucking his will and resistance by the second, making him unable to resist her or anything out of the ordinary she might say.

-You are being hypnotized by my sexy belly and you love it. It is the best feeling you ever had in your whole life. You cannot wait to submit to my beauty and superiority, to finally become my adoring and loyal slave.

Vyse, unaware that his will and resistance was being sucked dry, knew that Bellena told the truth. Her hypnotic belly was sure doing a good job at making him feel great he thought.

Bellena's belly button, still absorbing Vyse will and resistance began glowing slightly, a sign that the spell was well underway. Feeling his will accumulating in her stomach, Bellena felt confident that it would not be too long before the inevitable surrender of this young man.

-Submit your mind, body and soul to me and feel true pleasure. You want and need to submit to me. Surrender yourself to the beautiful Bellena. You cannot nor do you want to resist me and my sexy and hypnotic dance. My belly shall forever be the most beautiful thing in your mind. You want to be my hypnotized slave.

Vyse's eyes glazed over rapidly, his will being almost totally sucked out, as a smile of bliss showed on his face. Still seeing the dance and those beautiful eyes, he was about to submit to this divinely attractive woman.

-You have a deep trust in me, knowing that I will never lie to you, so you know that when I say you are deeply hypnotized by my charms and allure, it is the truth. Trust in me and fall in the perfect bliss of slavery to me.

The last ounce of his will quitting his body, Vyse eyes blanked over, enthralled by the sublime Bellena.

Sensing all of his will and resistance accumulated in her stomach, Bellena began rubbing her belly, helping the magical digestion she had to pass through. Whenever she used this technique, she had to wait about an hour so that her body would assimilate all that she had absorbed. This would be no trouble, as this did not change her physical appearance at all and actually added the will of her victims to her power. Vyse was now her slave for life.

One down, two more to go she thought...