The hypnotic jewel of Maramba, final part

Bellena, having finished absorbing the will of Fina and Cupil contained in her stomach, began patting her belly gently. Suprised that someone with such low will had a great amount of magic, she soon felt a bit more powerful after taking the lot. Perhaps it was Cupil's or Fina's will power that was such a boost to her already considerable power or maybe it was the combination of the two that did the trick. Alas, there was no way to know for sure, which did not seem to trouble Bellena thoroughly. Looking at her most recent slave girl and slave creature, she told them:

-Do you now know what is your role and status in life, young woman?

Fina, coming back to herself, looked at Bellena with admiration and adoration, replying gently:

-It is to serve and obey you as a devoted slave mistress.

Cupil, unable to talk, simply went and hugged Bellena's belly with a smile on his little face. There was no doubt about it, the spell worked wonderfully on it as well.

-Good answers my slaves. Can the creature understand what I say?

-Yes it can mistress. Like me, he will hear and obey any commands you speak of.

-Excellent. Follow me; it is time I give the same privilege I gave you, this creature and the young man to this young red-haired woman.

Fina, understanding that Vyse was a slave as well, smiled joyfully. Following Bellena out of the room, both she and Cupil got with their mistress back on deck.

Bellena, approaching Vyse and Aika, no longer had to play the foolish and helpful role she had given herself. Having the upper hand with two out of three people enslaved to her will, she could reveal herself in the open to this Aika before putting her under just like the others. Getting closer to Vyse, she said:

-Stop the ship slave, your mistress is in dire need of your help.

Aika, confused about what she said, was even more so when Vyse obeyed Bellena. Getting her boomerang out, she talked in a confused and slightly panicked tone:

-Vyse, don't listen to her, she just referred to you as a slave. She is not your mistress, you're a free man!

Bellena, knowing that this woman would never hurt her friends, had just the plan to immobilize her, saying:

-Both of you get a tight grip on this girl. Make her unable to run away or move at all.

Fina and Vyse, smiling that their mistress gave them some attention, obeyed her command the very instant it was given, overwhelming Aika with their dual grip on her arms. Trying to shake herself out of this dire situation, Aika could not get away, the hold her friends had on her was very strong, as if they put all their might on obeying what this dancer said. Angry, she said:

-What have you done to my friends you bitch!

The look on Fina, Cupil and Vyse's face changed drastically; seemingly unhappy with the way Aika insulted Bellena. Vyse, ready to deliver some justice to his mistress, was stopped by Bellena, who said:

-No, slave. Do not worry about this; she has not yet seen what you have seen. Just hold her tightly for me and let me do the rest.

Aika, catching on to what had happened, soon realized that her friends were under hypnosis, ready to obey any commands this dancer would say. Knowing what to do, she shut off her eyes, determined to resist until the very end. There was no way she would be controlled like a puppet by this devious and evil woman.

Bellena, unpleased about this move, did not want to resolve herself to torture her to make her open her eyes. She hated the very notion of making someone cry in pain. Fortunately for her, Fina, having a bright idea, told Cupil:

-Cupil, help our mistress and open Aika's eyes. Make sure they stay open.

Cupil, changing shape, opened both Aika's eyelids with ease. Changing to a new form, it shaped itself in a simple yet effective form, planting itself in her eyelids to make her unable to close them.

Bellena, greatly pleased by the ingenious thinking of her slave, wanted to reward them a little. Vyse for his desire to avenge her honor and Fina for her idea.

-You make good slaves, I am pleased. For that, you can watch me dance for a second time.

Seeing their face beam up again with joy, Bellena knew there would be no further interruption for her spell to work. Rising her arms in the same way she always did, she begun in the traditional way, swaying her hips to an absent music with grace.

Aika, unable to close her eyes, knew that Bellena would try to hypnotize her. Gathering all of her will to resist, Aika would put up a fight. She had to resist her and find a way to save her two friends from the clutches of this evil temptress.

Bellena, wanting to take her time with this one, simply added some belly waves at first, wanting to make her belly the focus of Aika's attention. Her spell not yet active, she would tease her a bit before she launched her last spell on the trio.

Aika, still mindset on resisting whatever Bellena had up her sleeves, looked at the dance. Confused a bit, she could not guess why she danced before her. Wasn't hypnosis done by swinging a watch or with shiny eyes? Perhaps it was a lure, Bellena maybe wanted her to look away from her belly straight into her eyes and fall under her power. Aika, not willing to be duped by this kind of trick, simply looked at the moving belly; there was no way, after all, that a stomach could hypnotize someone.

Bellena, incredulous about what Aika was doing, was pleased nonetheless that this woman decided to face her head-on. She had guts or she was just stupid, Bellena thought. Adding more complex moves, she undulated, bended and swayed like the very talented dancer that she was and activated her spell, ready to finish what she had started with this group.

Aika, thinking that she was going to unaffected by Bellena's mind control tricks, got suddenly hit by surprise by the spell the dancer activated. Looking at Bellena's belly in a whole new light, she finally saw what Vyse found in this woman. She was just gorgeous, plain and simple. Even if she was not interested in other woman in a romantic or sexual manner, she had to admit that Bellena's looked simply stunning.

Bellena, seeing that the spell had hit Aika in a strong way straight at the beginning, upped the rhythm a little, not wanting to overwhelm to sense of her victim. Seeing that she got hit very strongly by surprise, this Aika probably had no idea at all that her dance had and hypnotic effect. Perhaps it was because of the three new slaves who upgraded her powers, who knew? What was important was that this young woman was at her mercy right now and she would take full advantage of that fact.

Aika, focusing even more intensely on the belly-dancing in front of her, kept thinking about how sexy this all was. A sudden urge and appetite emerged in her mind as she felt the need to kiss and lick this belly so badly. Her eyes glazing over slightly, her trance was building up steadily.

Seeing that the glazed eyes had already appeared, Bellena laughed a little bit in her mind. Had she known it would be this easy, she would have begun with this woman instead. It was becoming clear that this woman had, perhaps unknowingly, a kind of attraction to the female side of the equation. Approaching slightly without breaking the fluid routine she had built, Bellena wanted to strengthen her effect on Aika's mind.

Witnessing the approach of this Nasrian beauty, Aika could smell her exquisite scent from here, intoxicating her mind a bit with its exotic factor. Her eyes now much more glazed, a smile began forming on her face.

Bellena, quick to notice the beginning of her entranced smile, activated the second phase, linking the decaying will of her victim to her belly button. The magical waves, now travelling back and forth between the eyes of Aika and Bellena's navel, would begin doing their precious job.

Aika, subjugated by the sheer allure of Bellena, felt a certain tug in her mind, as she felt the desire to look away, which was very feeble at this point, go away. Still concentrating, she continued to watch the performance worthy of a goddess.

Bellena, feeling no need to speak at all, kept silent. The induction was doing great; there was no need to quicken it up with any soothing or relaxing words. Still dancing in the most sensual and seductive way possible, she approached even closer to Aika's face.

Aika eyes, now almost completely glazed over, were a good indication of how far she was in the rabbit hole. Her hypnotic trance was rooted deeply inside her mind now, her will and resistance getting pushed away by all those thought about Bellena, about how beautiful she was. Submission and devotion began taking place as important virtues in her mind, quickly followed by adoration and belonging. She wanted to surrender her whole being to Bellena, to worship her every day and obey everything she said. There was not much left of the old Aika who, moments ago, was determined to resist Bellena and save her friends. She only wanted to join them now in the glory that is being a slave to her...the mistress.

Looking at Aika, Bellena saw that her eyes had blanked out. Feeling her will being siphoned completely in her belly, she felt proud. It was the very first induction she had done successfully without saying a single word. Stopping her dance, she waited for her body to absorb the will and resistance energy she had stocked up.

After an hour, Bellena felt that the process was now complete, as well as her initial mission. Looking at her four new slaves, she smiled victoriously, then said:

-Listen, my slaves, I have instructions for you.

Vyse, Fina, Aika and Cupil soon looked at her, putting their full attention toward their mistress.

-I know for a fact that you know where the Red Crystal of power is located. Take me there...

-Yes mistress.

The plan, for the foreseeable future was this: get the Red Crystal, get it back to the Valuan Empire and deliver those three to the Valuan Jail. Doing this would certainly earn her a huge bonus, perhaps even some consideration from Galcian, the grand Admiral and the man she loved. Considering keeping those three as slaves as a bonus, Bellena looked at her three slaves labouring away for their loving mistress. The future looked bright for peace as well as for herself, she thought.