Author's Note: This whole first chapter is in Dave's POV but the rest of the chapters may switch between characters. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to do this yet.

No. No. No. That car was not hurtling towards mine at 90 miles per hour. No, it wasn't crashing into mine, crumpling up the metal of both cars. No, the sunglasses Egbert gave me didn't fly off my face from the impact and shatter into a million pieces on my dash. No, nothing flew from the back seat of the car and hit me in the back of the head. No, I most defiantly didn't black out. None of that ever happened. Shit like that didn't happen to Strider's.

Where were my glasses? Or was I wearing them? It was fairly dark after all. On second thought, where the fuck WAS I? These defiantly didn't feel like my cheap, old, shitty sheets. I shook that question off and reached up to touched where the rim of my shades normally were. Nope, nothing but air. I started freaking out on the inside, and hoped I wasn't on the outside. My shades were my cover, not to mention my most prized possession. I mean, Egderp gave those to me for my 13th birthday. Even 4 years after that they were still special to me. Then I heard movement to my side, and someone carefully laid my arm back down on the sheets of the bed.

"Quit moving little man. Just stay still. You're going to hurt yourself." That voice, it was Bro. It sounded weird though. It held some emotion that was oh so foreign to his voice. What was it? Maybe worry? Concern? No, no. It couldn't be any of those things. I had probably just imagined it. My head was hurting anyways, so I was probably just hearing things. I felt him sliding something onto my face. It felt like sunglasses. "Here… You should where my glasses… The light probably isn't good for your eyes." As he said that, I realized they had been hurting. It wasn't my head that was hurting, it was my eyes. How fucking weird. I moved my arm a bit and felt it bump against something. A guard rail? Was I in the hospital?

"Bro, where am I?" Whoa, my voice was seriously scratchy and hoarse. What was going on?

"The hospital, now stop moving. You had a piece of glass of glass in your chest until 3 hours ago." He said sternly. Even though Dave couldn't see it, he could imagine the look on Bro's face. It was probably the one he gave Dave when he was little and wouldn't go to bed or was annoying the fuck out of the elder Strider. He almost laughed at the idea, but he didn't.

"Calm your man tits, I'm just fine." I said, letting out a chuckle. I ignored all his warnings and tried to sit up, falling back just a few seconds later, gasping for air as a sharp pain surged from my shoulder to just above my hip.

"Fuck Dave! Now you're bleeding again! This is just fucking perfect!" He said, anger lacing his voice even though it was mixed with other emotion that he was probably trying to cover up. I didn't understand why he was so upset. I had been cut up, big whoop. He'd heal and just have a scar. No biggy.

"Bro, calm the fuck down. I'll be fine." I said after catching my breath. I could hear Bro grumbling quietly.

"NO YOU'RE NOT! YOU'RE NOT GONNA BE FINE DAVE." He yelled and then I could hear him stomp out of the room, slamming to door behind him. I could hear English trying to calm Bro down, but his voice was getting farther and farther away. Bro was leaving. He had lost his cool and had left. Bro had lost his cool. This wasn't normal. My eyebrows knitted together in utter confusion and frustration. I then heard more footsteps coming towards my door. It was at least 2 people and the sound of their steps was accompanied by muffled sobs. Why was it so dark? I knew I was wearing Bro's sunglasses now, but where were mine?

The sobs got closer, and I could hear someone gently trying to shush whoever was crying. It was probably Rose and Jade. The door opened and he heard a quiet gasp. "Oh my gosh! Dave! You look terrible!" Jade exclaimed. He imagined the look on her face, one of worry and maybe even a bit of fear mixed into it.

"Well fuck, don't I feel bad for not dressing up while I'm in the hospital?" I said sarcastically. I didn't mean to sound so rude, but I was just too frustrated to care.

"No need to be so rude Strider. She's just concerned." Rose said, and I grumbled a bit. She was staring at me. I could feel it, and it was sort of freaking me out.

"Yeah yeah Lalonde, I don't fucking care." He said, "Now, who wants to tell me what's going on? And Lalonde, if you want to complain about me, go complain to your troll girlfriend."

She sighed. "Strider, don't take your anger out on us. We just wanted to visit you and make sure you were-" I then decided I was too frustrated to deal with her talking anymore and cut her off.

"What to fuck ever Lalonde! I don't even know what's wrong with me in the first place!" I said in a voice slightly louder than normal. I was starting to lose my cool, and frankly, I didn't care just then. She sighed again.

"Jade, go out into the hallway for a moment please." She said, and I could hear Jade walking towards the door. There was a slight hesitation before she opened it and then walked out, closing it with a quiet click. "Dave. Listen to me. You were in a car crash. Something hit you, and it seemed to hit in just the wrong spot. You're blind now Dave. I'm sorry."

I didn't say anything for a minute, silence engulfed the room. My mind was on fire, so many thoughts running through my head I was starting to get dizzy. I shook my head a bit. "No, no. I can't be blind Lalonde. It's impossible. I'm sure I was having a strife with Bro and he accidently knocked me through a window or something." Yeah, that explained everything. That's how I had gotten the glass in my chest. I must have gotten my head cut up a bit and they had to wrap it up and that's why I couldn't see. "So where's Egderp? I'm sure he's worried sick." I said with a smirk. It was weird how he wasn't in here right now. I'd think he would want to see me first.

"He doesn't want to see you Dave. He's scared." She said a very serious tone to her already always serious voice. I was confused. Very confused.

"Scared? Why is he scared?" I asked.

"Because Dave. He thought you died, and when he heard you were blind now he started freaking out. He's been hiding in his closet ever since he heard the news." She said, and I could feel her staring at me again.

"Well I'm not blind, so have someone go get the derp and bring his ass down here!" He said, frustrated again.

"Jane has been trying for an hour. I believe she hasn't had any luck."

"Well have Harley help her! Harley can persuade anyone to do anything!" I yelled.

"Fine." Rose said, leaving the room. "He might even help you start to accept it." She said just before shutting the door. I was alone, the room once again silent. I wasn't blind. It was just bandages. I was fine. Once they took them off I would be able to see perfectly. I would be able to see John's grinning, derpy face one he figured out that I would be alright, and everything would go back to normal. Of course it would.

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