Like the wise have said "Every relationship starts with being FRIENDS"


Ok so My mother woke me up to school and apparently I`m still sleepy ^^; but I tried anything to get up...Pour myself with water :la: Uh..Now I`m up. I go to the kitchen to meet my mother I greet her good morning and started eating breakfast, later on mom gave me my lunch box and allowance and she told me to be safe. So I`m off to school.

The great thing about first day of kindergarten school is that you get to meet cool NEW friends, so I didn`t have friends, you know why? I`M A NERD, I got buck teeth, big goofy glasses and freckles on my face. So first day of class I got my first gold star, later a girl with a short black hair came in class probably she is late comer/enrolle, so our teacher said introduce herself as she came in front she couldn`t barely speak so I think she is shy, so our teacher helped her, her Jade Maria Evans. So the teacher told her to seat on the vacant chair which is right beside me, I know I confronted other kids here but she is different she never spoke a single word, later on the bell rang for a quick recess. I saw her sit alone on one corner, she looks so sad as if she had a problem but kids never had problems specially the early age, so I walk towards her and introduce myself but she whine just to speak up I never now she is this shy so she ran back inside the class room and I didn`t even got a chance to ask a question. But It`s just first day I can`t just force her though, it`s better for her to have a little space.

Ok so we have pair of Bullies here inside the class and there names Brad and Diana, these two make kids super miserable. Brad bullies the boys while Diana bullies the girls sometimes Brad helped his sister to bully, I tell ya they are the double trouble as I like to call them. Later on the teacher went outside to talk with someone since her phone rang -_-" In one corner of the class room all kids gathered so I took a little peek on what is going on then I saw Jade..Her hair is covered with glue and pieces of paper and her dress is full of paint and her face painted like a clown, I saw her crying I couldn`t stand her crying since she is new everyone should be nice to her. But brad gave his word" OK all of ya who comes close to her will be our next victim" so I got scared but I feel sorry for her as if it`s like my whole world fell I don`t now why exactly.

So the teacher came in and saw Jade, so the teacher called her parents and told them to bring her home since the teacher has no small sized clothes for her to change. So her parents picked her up, she looked at me as she walks out the door giving me a smile and a goodbye. This is the first time I see her smile.

As the bell rings everyone fixed their stuff and went back home. I on the other hand, will walk a mile to get home ^^; on my way I saw Jade all dressed up holding a single flower, I walked pass by her and she said" Excuse me but..Is your name Charlie?" So I looked back and talked to her" Yes, but that`s my nickname my whole name is Charles" she smiled at me and gave her word" Sorry I ran lately I`m just so shy to confront people, anyway where are you going?" I told her that I`m going home but she grabbed my hand and pull me through a large cherry tree, there she grabbed two cherries and gave it to me. I thank her and she said" Charlie...Will you be my best friend" I told her she can be my best friend so she smiled and hugged me"You know you are my very first friend :)" so I told her thank you and I need to get going since it`s already after noon and it`s getting pretty hot ^^; so I waved goodbye and go back home.