he was easily misunderstood
he was easily mistaken as someone he's not
he was easily put into situations that made him look bad
he was easily made fun of

The day his grandmother died, everything had went spiraling for the young boy. He was currently staring at himself in the mirror and wondering why his looks brought him such pain. He washed his face with water and rubbed back his bangs but his eyes were as red as ever. Loosening his red tie and the edges of his black, collared shirt, Tadase didn't understand who was in his reflection. No matter what he did to get her death off of his mind, he couldn't bear to smile. Every single thing reminded him of her, and out of all things, Tadase wanted his grandmother back. The reflections of his childhood started to haunt his mind especially the side of it that he never revealed to anyone, not even Amu.

Every day, every single day, those kids in his school would tease him for his looks. They always called him a sissy and girly looking because he was too weak to defend himself. The younger Tadase was always being defended by the girls whenever the boys tried to attack him with insults. By the time elementary school started, Tadase easily rose to popularity among the girls and became this "prince". His dream evolved from there when Kiseki was born after Tadase was determined to be brave more with the flowers and the other kids. His grandmother, though, was always his mutual support that he could lean onto whenever he needed assistance.

But the one thing that hurt him the most was when people called him those cruel, vicious names. He was misunderstood by them because in reality, he was only trying to show how nice and caring he could be. Eventually as time passed, he was falling madly in love with Hinamori Amu but then the accusations started again. Apparently he was only blocking Amu and her true love for Ikuto, according to so many people. It was a horrible feeling to have especially when he learned that he wasn't that appealing to be a choice for Amu.

Amu, Amu, Amu.

Tadase had the looks but even now, he wondered if Amu loved him at all for himself. Either way, he completely understood the connection that Amu and Ikuto had for each other. He wasn't going to jump in and stop whatever relationship they had because he loved Amu and only wanted to see her happy. Tadase would continue to love Amu, no matter what happened.

He lost the girl of his dreams and now the person he admired while growing up. Never in his life had he felt more miserable, but even as a king, he had to go through pain just to understand a mere commoner. As he stared at himself in the mirror once more, Tadase tried his best to smile.

But how much more could he suffer knowing some people hated him for just being himself?

a/n:I really feel bad for Tadase and the way the fandom treats him. Sure, he had feminine looks but do you really have to call him gay for that? I'd do anything to have a guy like Tadase because at least I know he treats a girl right. He is a sweet, gentle person; not a rapist, cockblock, or cheater. Tadamu and Amuto are their own respective couples and people have their own opinions. Why do you treat him like shit? Honestly, why? He is not a mean person at all.

What do you think?