So, this is a little chapter inspired by a post from youngjusticeheadcanons by sakuraocean and added on by the blog owner on tumblr. That was a lot to explain, but credit where credit is due. This is just after they learn Bart is stuck in the past. Any events he mentions come from my knowledge of comics, not earth-16, but hey it's not like I own this stuff. I don't know a lot about Blue Beetle still, so... I'm going to work on that. I think I'm going to write another chapter to just run off this with thoughts from Wally about his new relative. Something. Wow, okay. If you read this, I love you, still not in a creepy way, and hope you understand.

"So, what do we do with him now?" Wally asked casually about Bart.

"Well, um, I guess he could stay with me and Iris, but…" Barry trailed off. Dick knew where this was going. "Since you have kids on the way, dealing with a grandson from the future might cause some trouble."

Meanwhile Bart was enjoying his time with the Team. "Hey, hey Tim!" Bart ran up to him and hugged him before asking a question. "Have you started dating Stephanie?" Robin looked flustered after that. "What..." He mumbled, embarrassed.

"Plus the little road runner keeps running his mouth off about everything." Wally added, slightly annoyed by his antics.

"Oops. Spoilers." Bart continued running around.

Dick glared. He was never happy when someone messed with Tim, even though he knew Bart didn't mean to. "Maybe he should stay with you Wally."

"No… There is no way I can even bring him near Artemis." The older speedsters had to agreed with Wally. "She might injure him. I do remember she didn't like our Wally all that much as a child." Jay added.

"Hey! I was nothing like this!" Wally motioned to the blur.

"Hey! It's Jamie!" He ran and hugged him too. "Hey, have you gotten attacked by any green lanterns for having being fused with a killing machine?" Jamie stood in shock as Bart spotted someone else.

"Wonder Girl!" Hug. "Where's Donna?"

"Conner!" He hugged him and was immediately thrown off. "So, I take it you haven't died yet. That's good!"

"M'gann!" Hug. "Why haven't you moved to Australia yet?"

"Does anyone know where Roy is? Has he lost his arm yet?" He called out to no one in particular.

"Look, Batgirl!" Hug. "Are you dating Nightwing or is he with Kory? Oops. Spoilers." He ran off as the adults continued their conversation.

"I say we should send him to Max Mercury. Maybe he can deal with him."

"We are not just going to push him off on Max." Barry announced. Bart then ran up and hugged Dick again. "Hey Dick. Is Bruce's son Damian around or is he not alive yet? I have something to say to the little demon." Dick looked at him and shook his head. "Bruce has a son?"

"Oops. Spoilers."

Barry decided to grab Bart, stopping him from running around. "Bart, listen. We're trying to decide what to do with you since you're stuck in the past."

"That's so crash!" He listened to them discussing for about a minute before asking loudly, "Did Wally mention his marriage plans to you guys yet?"

That stopped everyone in the room. They all looked in shock towards Wally.

"Wait, what? I…uh…I was just barely thinking about that the other day…Wait…uh…" He stuttered.

"Oops. Spoilers."

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