A/N: I was sad from the lack of Beka/Farmer fic, so I decided to write one. Hate if you want, I love these two and I think they're perfect together. I haven't read Mastiff in quite awhile, so even though I wanted to make this longer, I decided to cut it short. I'm a little iffy about the first-person POV, also. Opinions on how it reads? Oh yeah, characters not mine, no profit made from this fic, ect.

Once I reread the series, expect several more fics about these guys. Reviews inspire me to write!

I walked in the door, weary to the point of exhaustion. That night on patrol, I'd just hobbled a pickpocket when a riot had broken out in the tavern across the way. I'd had to leave my Rat in the street to go help out another Dog pair, and I'd ended up losing both my Rat and a good set of hobbles. By the time we'd managed to get the brawl under control-it took five Dog pairs besides me, and dragging them all to the kennel to be taken care of took until the end of my Watch, and past some. I dropped my mud-soaked boots at the door-it had started raining on the way home, worst of all-and I suddenly perked up as the aroma of hot, fresh food reached my brain.

Achoo was much quicker than her mistress on the uptake and had already made her way to the source of the smell, wagged her tail ferociously. The large man sitting at my table smiled at the dog and gave her a piece of lamb, rubbing the dog's damp curls. I must confess the human Dog felt her spirits rise too at the sight of her husband lighting a candle to better illuminate the food already spread out on the table.

"They were saying at the kennel that most of the Evening Watch got involved in a riot, so I thought I'd make sure you got something to eat before bed," Farmer said, brown eyes twinkling. "Can't have our Mastiff malnourished now, can we?"

"I wish everyone would stop giving me those sarden nicknames," I mumbled, but my heart wasn't really in it. It was busy beating a little too fast as Farmer stood up to kiss me. I reached for him to deepen the kiss, but he pulled back before I wanted him to, grinning.

"None of that, now. You need to eat."

Swatting at him and laughing a bit, I sat down and began to eat, content.