Chapter 17

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"Demon/Summon Speech"

'Demon/Summon Thought'

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The day after Naruto left to go train with Boar, who said his name was Yamato, Kushina remembered something she forgot and rushed to the Namikaze compound and wrote a letter. She drew blood and ran through a few hand signs before a small, orange fox appeared. When Naruto gained the fox contract he let Kushina sign it as well. The fox looked up at her and yipped, wagging its orange tail,

"What is it you need Kushina-sama?" Kushina smiled and held the letter out,

"Can you deliver this letter to my sister in Whirlpool Country? She is my twin so it won't be hard to spot her." The little summon yipped happily and nodded before grabbing the letter and running off before its body sparked and it did a lightning Shunshin. Kushina stood up straight and looked out a nearby window and began to wonder how her son was doing in his training.

[With Naruto and Yamato…]

Naruto was panting as he looked up at the wooden pillar he made and sighed,

"Dang it, I still can't get the branches nor the leaves for this tree!" Yamato chuckled and shook his head before he walked up and made a few hand signs, ending with Snake and a tree rose up and grew out dozens of branches and each branch branched off and then grew leaves. Naruto's eyebrow twitched,

"Stop showing off Yamato, just tell me what I'm doing wrong!" Yamato chuckled again as he shook his head,

"Just take it one step at a time, start with the trunk, then go with the branches, then the secondary branches, and so on until you get to the twigs and leaves. Also why don't you use the Shadow Clone Jutsu to help you out?" Naruto blinked and sighed,

"Why didn't I think of that?" Naruto made the cross handseal and then in a large puff of smoke over a hundred Naruto's appeared just as Rebika walked into the training ground and blinked,

"So this is where you were. I was looking all over for you Naruto-kun." Rebika stopped and looked at him and then at Yamato,

"Oh, are you training? Sorry, I was coming over to check and see if you had mastered that last jutsu I gave you." Naruto smiled and waved a bit at her before he sat down and Yamato walked forward and stood under the tree he made and smiled a bit as he also waved at Rebika,

"Oh don't worry, Naruto here is just taking a break from his training, so you're not bothering us." Rebika nodded and looked at Naruto who nodded as well,

"Yea, I managed to master the jutsu. It wasn't easy though." Rebika giggled a bit and shook her head,

"Of course it isn't, its one of Yukigakure's highest ranking jutsu." Naruto chuckled and nodded before standing up and going through a few hand signs and focused his chakra before a wooden pillar rose and the pillar grew bark and then branches but it stopped after that and Naruto blinked and smiled brightly,

"Alright, I got farther than last time!" Yamato blinked as he saw Naruto progress so quickly,

"Very impressive Naruto, now you need to make a few more branches, some twigs for the leaves and then the leaves themselves. Once you do that you can learn the Wood-style jutsu I know." Naruto nodded and went back to practicing and Yamato walked over to Rebika,

"Tell me, did Naruto work this hard when you were teaching him?" Rebika laughed and nodded,

"Oh yea, he was a machine with how much he practiced, if someone didn't force him to stop he'd train himself to unconsciousness." Yamato chuckled and nodded,

"I see what you mean."

[A week later...]

Naruto took a deep breath and looked up at he academy and chuckled a bit,

"So the first exam is back here again? Well isn't this a trip down memory lane." He chuckled as he walked in and went up to the second floor and saw the same genjutsu and chuckled as his Rinnegan saw though it under his sunglasses. He was wearing his traveling cloak over his new outfit that his mother forced him to wear. He had a mottled gray shirt with the kanji for all the elements he had mastered in red (Ice, Wood, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, and Gravity). He had on cargo pants in the same color and had seals stitched into the leggings and even storage seals in the pockets to increase what he could slide into the pockets. He walked behind the weaker genin silently and went up the stairs. He walked up and blinked as he saw his mother, Darian, Lexi, Chikyu, Kakashi, Rebika, and Yamato standing there and he smiled,

"Hey everybody, here to wish me luck?" Naruto grinned his foxy grin making all of the girls, except Rebika blush and everyone nodded and Darian, Chikyu, and Lexi walked up and kissed him and Kushina walked forward when the three backed away from Naruto and she blushed and hugged him, pressing his head into her cleavage, making the blonde blush,

"I know you'll do great Naruto, also I wanted to let you know that I sent a letter out to my sister and I'm sure she'll be more than happy to come during the finals with your sisters as well." Naruto blinked before smiling brightly,

"Awesome, I can't wait to see them Dattebayo!" Everyone smiled and moved out of the way so Naruto could enter the room. When Naruto entered the room several genin glared at him and sent off as much KI as they could. However Naruto was barely affected and simply released some of his own KI, canceling out the KI being released by the other competitors. He looked around and saw several teams from Kiri, a few from Kumo, one Kusa team, three teams from Iwa, and quite a few Konoha teams and he smirked,

"Well, this is gonna be fun." A few Konoha genin nearby raised their eyebrows but shrugged and figured he thought he was strong. Naruto glanced around and saw a few surprised faces from a few of the Iwa genin as well as a few enraged faces amongst the rest of the Iwa genin and he raised an eyebrow over his sunglasses before sighing and looking directly at them and spoke out,

"What are you guys looking at? Do I have something on me that you guys don't like?" Naruto made exagerated movements to check his cloak as if looking for something. This made a few genin chuckle as well as make the Iwa genin look annoyed ad he sighed again before looking at them again,

"Look, sorry for messing with you guys. I know Iwa hates my father but does hating his son really make you feel better?" This got raised eyebrows and everyone looked between the Iwa teams and Naruto and the Iwa genin narrowed their eyes before one walked forward,

"So we were right, you are a Namikaze." Naruto spread out his hands, revealing his outfit and nodded,

"Guilty as charged, but seriously, why hate my father? He beat a bunch of Iwa Shinobi during the Third Great Shinobi War. Big deal, your shinobi did the same thing to our shinobi, besides you attacked us, so you don't have a right to hate someone who was defending his home." This statement made everyone freeze, even the Iwa genin who went wide eyed,

"My father did what all of your fathers and mothers would've done in our situation: defend his home. Now if Iwa never attacked with Kumo, then Iwa would never have been defeated the way they were, they wouldn't have been beaten period." Naruto turned away and walked towards a corner before leaning against the walls and crossing his arms as several people looked between Naruto and the Iwa genin, who had a look of shock and realization on their faces. Suddenly there was a crash as the door was thrown open and Naruto looked up and blinked when he saw a man with pale yellow hair tied in a pony tail that reminded him a lot of Ino. The man looked around as a few chunin walked in and he sighed,

"Alright, my name is Inoichi Yamanaka, I'm the proctor for the first exam, the written portion of the exam." This made many people look confused. Naruto blinked a few times and mentally praised his mother for teaching him since the academy refused to teach him,

"Now I want everyone to choose a random seat but you cannot sit next to your teammates, if you do, you will be removed from the testing area." Everyone moved to a seat, sitting next to random genin. Ironically Naruto sat down and one of the Iwa genin, a girl with shoulder length black hair that formed two bangs that framed her face, sat down beside him. She wore regular Iwa genin uniform and looked at him before speaking softly,

"Sorry about my friends before, most of Iwa still dislikes your father." Naruto looked at her and smiled a bit,

"Ah, don't worry about it, I'm used to people not really liking me, I mean I had to put up with an asshole teammate and his fangirl, who was my other teammate." The girl blinked and blinked again before she frowned and shook her head,

"Is she still a fangirl?" Naruto shrugged,

"A bit, but I think the Hokage knocked at least some of it out of her when she was taken as her apprentice." The girl looked surprised but nodded,

"Anyways, my name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, what's yours?"

"My name is Kirotsuchi, nice to meet you." Naruto unbuttoned his cloack, revealing his face and smiled,

"Nice to meet you too Kirotsuchi." Kirotsuchi blushed a bit at seeing his face but smiled and nodded in return. They looked up when they heard Inoichi explaining the rules for the exam. Naruto smirked at how they were the same as before, but he noticed that his test had twenty-nine questions rather than ten since he was a one man squad for the exams and he looked around as the test started and knew he had to cheat. He looked at Kirotsuchi and made a shushing gesture before lowering his sunglasses, showing his Rinnegan and he looked around for the answers, ignoring Kirotsuchi's near silent gasp of surprise. He noticed that each team had three different tests, a test for each genin and secret chunin, making it harder than the last time he took this, but luckily he managed to get his answers and relaxed before looking back at Kirotsuchi,

"I see you're surprised" Kirotsuchi nodded and Naruto chuckled,

"I'll tell you about them sometime." she just nodded again and Naruto looked up at Inoichi who was carefully observing the testing genin and he called out yet another team and had them disqualified for cheating. After a quater of an hour was left Inochi cleared his throat, getting everyone's attention,

"Alright, it's time for the final question. However, there will be a new rule or two added on to the exam. Rule one, you may choose whether or not you take this question, AND BEFORE YOU INTERUPT, if you choose not to, you and your team will be kicked out of the exams, however, if you do take it and get it wrong, you will not be able to participate in the next five years, meaning you will not be able to participate in ten chunin exams. Though on the sixth year, you will be able to submit an application. After all, we want some genin to eventually pass." This made many people look nervous and think about whether they wanted to try and take the question and Naruto smirked before looking at Kirotsuchi, who looked nervous, making him lean closer to her and whisper,

"Just take it, if he's doing what I think he's doing then you'll want to take the question, you'll pass, believe it." Kirotsuchi nodded and looked a bit calmer now. Naruto chuckled and looked up and noticed that only sixteen teams were left, Kirotsuchi's team, a team from Suna, two teams from Kumo, three teams from Kiri, a Kusa team, an Ame team, and the rest were Konoha teams, along with Naruto himself. Naruto luaghed, making Inoichi look at him,

"And what, Uzumaki, is so funny?" Naruto shrugged,

"Eh, I just find it funny that there're so many cowards pretending to be shinobi, they should at least have the guts to try and take on this 'question' you're giving us." Inoichi looked a bit annoyed but inwardly was smirking at the blonde's guts and when he looked around he saw several people got a similar look to three years before at the last Chunin Exams in Konoha, a look of determination and he smirked,

"So no one else is going to quit? well then I have to pass you all. Now I'm sure you're all confused so allow me to explain. The test you all took was for information gathering, and the last question was a test of your guts." This made people nod as they began to understand and Inoichi smirked,

"Now allow me to introduce the proctor for the second phase of the exams, Hana Inuzuka." There was a large puff of smoke and a young woman wearing short, skin tight, black shorts, and a tan shirt under a chunin flak-jacket. She had long brown hair tied into a ponytail, and she had the traditional Inuzuka red fang marks on her cheeks and beside her were three canines, her partners, who she calls the Haimaru brothers,

"Alright all of you, I'm Hana Inuzuka, now, take this slip of paper and meet me outside Training Ground 44 tomorrow at noon exactly, any later and you will be disqualified. She walked around the room handing the sheets out. When she reached Naruto and Kirotsuchi, She suddenly got a bit twitchy and she kept stealing glances at Naruto out of the corner of her eyes,

'Damn, this kid has the aura of an Alpha, it's just pouring off him, no control yourself Hana, no bad thoughts, no matter how hot he is, no bad thoughts!' Kirotsuchi suddenly felt an urge to glare at the brunette in front of her, but ignored it with confusion and Naruto noticed Hana staring at him occasionally and smirked before he got up and looked at the sheet as he left with Kirotsuchi at his side, also looking at the sheet she got and they saw it was a form for not blaming Konoha for any deaths that occur during the second stage of the exams. Naruto signed it without hesitation and watched as the girl next to him thought for a moment before signing it as well. Then they waved o each other and walked off. Naruto was thinking about Kirotsuchi as he went home, wondering why he got along with her so quickly when she was a kunoichi from Iwa and he sighed and shook his head,

"Shikamaru was right, somethings are such a drag."

[With Shikamaru...]

Shikamaru suddenly sneezed and looked around, sighing,

"Probably someone talking about me... what a drag.

[Back with Naruto...]

Naruto shook his head and looked up and saw his clan compound and he walked in and went to the kitchen to get some lunch and to tell Kushina, the girls, and Mikoto about the test.

End of Chapter 17

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