I was almost stuck asleep, until I sensed someone pushing me gently.

"Get off mom and let me sleep." I moaned, thinking I was back home…before I heard a foreign language that is.

Startled, I woke up and saw Hermione and a few of the others looking both amused and confused.

"'Mom'?" Hermione repeated. "What did you mean by that?"

"Sorry I thought I was back home and that my mom was trying to wake me up." I grinned sheepishly.

I yawned and stretched, and then looked to see who was really trying to wake me up: it was Wulf.

"Oh, sorry Wulf I must've been more tired than I thought…Danny!" I cried, realizing why Wulf wanted to wake me up in the first place!

Wulf and the other girls and I ran over to where Danny lay. The boys had already woken up, except for the Eds, and the Dairy King hovered sadly near Danny's bed. Danny lay almost as still as death, except for very faint breathing! He even looked paler than he did last night: he was dying! Wulf went over to Danny's bed and gently nudged him. Danny struggled to open his eyes, but he only made it halfway.

"Hi buddy." Danny said very weakly; he then noticed the rest of us. "Hi guys."

"Danny," Alex sobbed. "Please tell us you're not…."

Danny shed a tear.

"I'm sorry guys," He said. "But I'm dying."

There was nothing we could do but stand near him sadly. A few members of the team soon started to cry, but all of us shed tears. We didn't know it at the time – except for Rip – but it was very close to noon. A couple of minutes passed and then suddenly a bright – and that was an understatement – light shone through the wall of the front of the tent! After the light disappeared, a human stone figure entered and approached us! He looked just like Chalk Stone God, except without the chalk outline and more 3D! Also like Chalk Stone God, he wore modern clothing!

"Th-th-the H-Human S-S-Stone God!" Jimmy N wheezed out.

The rest of us stared in awed shock. Even I was shocked, this was the first time that even I was meeting him!

Human Stone God smiled and walked over to Danny. We noticed at that point that he too carried a staff like his brother, except the top of the globe was not a piece of Magic Chalk but a twisted ladder shape!

"DNA!" AJ gasped. "The code for all life!"

"That's right." Human Stone God smiled. "This is called the Staff of Life, I brought it down to introduce you to it. New Stone Gods use it to do magic until their own powers become strong enough."

Human Stone God then raised his right hand and held it over Danny. Wulf said something in a stern tone, but Human Stone God only smiled.

"Of course I won't hurt him," He said gently. "Stone Gods do not kill, even though we did invent dying of old age."

"You can understand him?" Samantha asked, startled.

"Guys, Stone Gods know every language that had ever existed fluently." I smiled. "They're the ones who set up communication in general after all."

"So if they also invented dying of old age, what caused diseases and murderer…and wars?" Felicity asked.

"The Stone Devils of course." I replied bitterly. "All the problems that had ever existed were their fault."

"Wait…the Staff of Life?" Jimmy N asked, fully getting his voice back.

"Yes." Human Stone God said. "This staff controls all parts of life, including evolution itself."

Everyone's mouth dropped open. Human Stone God then touched Danny on his heart with his hand. The spot where Danny's heart lay glowed, and then the glow spread until it covered Danny's whole body. The medallion Jack put on Danny last night flew into the air and landed in my paws. After the glow left, Danny lay still in his human form, then his breathing picked up and he sat up! Cheering, he flew into the air as he turned back into ghost form! Alive, Danny was alive, he was all right! The rest of us cheered so much that the orphan members of the team forgot to ask about their parents, but when they realized this later they decided to let it go since they had wonderful families to take care of them anyway. All of our cheering ended up waking up the Eds.

"HEY BE QUIET!" Eddy snapped.

"We're trying to get a full night's rest here!" Double-Dee added.

We all frowned at this.

"Stone Devils also unfortunately had to invent jerks." Human Stone God muttered.

Some of our eyes – especially Kevin's – eyes widened at that. After all not even Kevin or Sarah expected Human Stone God to disapprove of the Eds that much! Secretly though, Human Stone God was just going along with the plan to get rid of the Kankers. Deep down he knew the Eds meant well, and was especially fond of Double-Dee.

"We'll take care of them." Sarah smiled mischievously.

She, and Kevin and Rolph too, walked over to where the Eds were sleeping. They then each pushed the Eds' beds so that the Eds fell out of bed.

"You'll be happy to know that Danny, the one who saved your lives, has been healed and will not die." I said sarcastically.

Even I was starting to grow tired of them despite the fact that they were acting.

"And for your information night is long over and it's now noon anyways." Rip added bitterly.

The rest of the team and other Superwolves and I looked shocked about what a close call it had been.

"Uh Danny," Sam said, approaching him. "I hope you'll forgive me for pushing you too hard about your secret. I now understand why you didn't want to mention it in the first place."

Danny hugged her.

"I forgave you long ago." He replied; he then turned and hugged Alex.

"What was that for?" Alex asked, embarrassed, breaking apart from him.

"What do you mean 'what was that for?'" Danny laughed. "Apart from my friends and my sister no one has ever stood up for me while I was in my ghost form before."

Of course he was referring to when Alex refused to give the Fates Danny's life string.

"Well ghost or no ghost I still knew that you were a kind person who doesn't deserve to be mistreated." Alex explained. "I always stand up for those kind of people."

"Still, it felt good to me." Danny smiled.

Alex smiled back. Yup, these two were going to become inseparable friends.

Danny then noticed that Human Stone God was starting to leave, so he ran up and hugged him. Human Stone God actually looked embarrassed.

"Thanks," Danny said. "For saving my life."

"Well you don't deserve to die of anything other than old age." Human Stone God replied, still embarrassed.

Danny let go and Human Stone God almost disappeared through the entrance to the tent when he suddenly stopped.

"Oh, and don't worry about your life in Amity Park," He winked to Danny. "You'll still remain a hero even into your adult years…. and eventually the rest of your World will realize it as well."

Danny looked very happy. Human Stone God smiled and then left. The rest of us prepared to leave, except of course we were starving, so we had lunch first. After we had finished Casper started to leave through his compartment.

"Where're you going?" Cleo asked.

"Home, to be a Superwolf Watcher." Casper explained. "Now that Danny 'Phantom' is here you don't need me to get used to a good ghost anymore. Besides, I'm tired of being the only one who can survive Voldemort's attacks."

That last statement told us that we wouldn't be able to change his mind.

"We understand, even though we will miss you." Danny said, walking over to Casper. "Friends?" He asked as he held out his hand.

"Always." Casper replied, taking Danny's hand.

They shook on it, and then Casper left.

Before Wulf and the Dairy King left, we all said good-bye. Especially Danny, who hugged them.

"See you later Wulf, bye Dairy King!" Danny called as they left.

"Bye Superghost." The Dairy King called back.

"Bye Friend." Wulf called back.

"Superghost." Clover laughed. "I like that."

"You know, so do I." Danny smiled.

I then went over to Casper's compartment and, with my wand, changed the name on it.

"Ichabod Crane?" Jimmy N said as he read the name. "The supernatural expert?"

"Ichabod wanted to be a Superwolf Friend because he thought that his superstitious knowledge would come in handy." I explained. "But by the time he asked me about that I had already run out of room, so I promised him that I'd let him join as soon as one of the other Superwolf Friends left."

"Which World are you collecting Ichabod Crane from?" Misty asked.

"You mean which Universe: the Disney Universe." I replied.

"Oh yes, I know him." Mickey smiled. "Nice guy but a little too superstitious."

"I don't know, he actually might come in handy." Timmy said.

"Don't tell me you're superstitious." Velma said. "Almost all superstitions have been proven false."

The only exceptions were breaking a mirror – well, you have to pay for that anyway – and walking under a ladder – best done with a helmet or if no one's on it, but still not a good idea.

"Not in his World." Jimmy N corrected. "In that World, bad luck is caused by anti-fairies."

"Anti-fairies?" Sagwa repeated. "What are those?"

"Opposite versions of fairy godparents." Cosmo explained. "And the only way to stop them aside from trapping them is to use good luck charms."

"It's good that we're meeting Ichabod Crane then," Chester nodded. "Maybe he has knowledge about how to beat some kinds of bad luck without carrying good luck charms."

"He does." I smiled. "Come on, let's get going."

"Oh, so we're not going to be surprised this time?" Ron W teased.

"No, and actually this isn't really an Adventure," I smiled. "We're just visiting a friend of mine for a day."

"Oh, what's his name?" Lily asked.

"Richard Tyler." I replied. "He lives in an alternate version of the Main World. I met him on one of my travels to different Worlds back when I was starting out as a Superwolf and we became friends. After I made friends with you guys I promised him that he could meet you, so that's where we're going but first we need to pick up Ichabod."

Excited about visiting the Main World, or a World close to it anyway, everyone got into his or her compartment and we left the tent. Pocahontas and her tribe greeted us and just before we left we all said good-bye. Little did we know though, that this trip was going to end up being an 'Ironic Adventure'.