Hello everyone,this is coldnexusfrontline,since I am a dedicated world of tanks player and a mlp fan I have decided to use RU771ANS account to upload a story with tanks and which pony would have what tank and how they use them.


"Right girls this is the plan"Twlilight started in the chat."What plan?,this IS3 is gorgeous!"Rarity commented back in her elite IS3 with pink colours."Well my t50-2 likes partys!"Pinkie Pie started spamming the chat with F7.

"Hey guys,whats foward?"Fluttershy asked in her little vk3601h with the stock the 30second before battle chat time,Rainbow dash started to spam "ATTACK" and "BACK TO BASE"In her IS7 as she went up the hill."Hahahah,look at that noobish Twlilight in her slow E100,oh yeah you have gold ammo right?"She asked the unicorn.
"No Im not a gold ammo noob"Twlilight backchatted.

2MINs into battle

"OMG ARTY SHOOT E75!"Rainbow dashes IS7 began to be surrounded as her lemming train fell apart on the hill. "OK,12seconds Rainbow"Applejacks T92s god mode started to circle on the E75. But since the cowering Fluttershys 3601h was in front of the 240mm cannon,the resulting explosion would never go well.
"OMFG NOOB ARTY!"Rainbow dash screamed before her IS7 was blocked by Pinkie Pies T50-2.
"NOOB T50-2"

"REPORT!"Twilight shot at a PZ4 but since she wasnt using gold ammo,the shot decided to do a zero damage hit as the driver eat it.

"STOP SHOOTING MY TANK!"Rairty whined in chat to the other team as her IS3 was getting destroyed by a lorraine.
"trollololololololololololol lololololl yayayaya heee trollololol hahaha troloolololololol"Pinkie Pies T50-2 cricled a slow GW E before it got TK"ed by the E75 running back to base.

After battle stats.
Himmelsdorf-defeat 2-14
Twilight sparke:E100 Dead+sniper.
Rainbow dash:IS7 Dead
Rarity:IS3 Dead+master gunner.
Apple jack:T92 Dead+BAN.
Fluttershy:VK3601h,dead+100 credits compensation
Pinkie pie:T50-2 alive+steel wall+scout.