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It's been 5 years since I came back here, it was spring already but you can still feel the cold air of winter. I got up, took my jacket and left my room.

"Ohayou, Kouichi-kun" greeted by my grand mother as I enter the kitchen.

"Ohayou, oba-chan" I saw my Father reading a newspaper while my grand father was taking his morning tea.

"Ohayou, 'tousan, jii-chan" I took a seat and grab the coffee made by my grand mother. It was amazing that both my grand parents are still strong and alive. Although they were too old to look at, they still live peacefully and happy. My Father came back from India 3 years ago and was staying here for good.

"Did you sleep well last night?" my Father asked me out of nowhere without looking at me.

"Hai." I simply reply and grab a slice of bread to eat.

"How's your college life? Why didn't you bring your girlfriend here?"

I literally choked on my food when that question pop out and hurriedly took a sip from my coffee.

"I'm fine. I'm still adjusting on some of my subjects and I don't have a girlfriend." I said after regaining my composure.

"What?" Now he was looking at me with a surprise expression on his face. I just continue eating my breakfast.

"At your age you're supposed to have a girlfriend, how come you don't have? When I was at your age, I already experience to be in a relationship." He explained to me.

Is that really a requirement at my age? Its not like I don't have an interest with opposite gender, its just never occur to me and my mind was focus on my studies in college.

"The next time you visit here, I want you to bring a girlfriend of yours!" continued by my Father.

"Eh? Why is that?" I complained with annoyance.

"We also want to see a grandchild from you, Kouichi-kun." My grand father said with a smile. I shrugged on the thought; it was too early for that. I stood up after I finish my breakfast.

"Thanks for the food, I'll be going then."

"What are your plans for today?" My Father asked again.

"I'm going to my old grade school to get some of my documents and I will also visit Mom and Aunt Reiko's grave. Don't worry I'll be back after lunch." I waived goodbye then I heard my Father last retort.

"You should find a girlfriend on your way today!"

Everything seems to be the same as I enter the grounds of my old grade school. Oh well, except it was newly painted today. I hurriedly went to the office of the registrar to process the documents I needed for the next semester. I only have to weeks to process this before I go back to Tokyo again. Thank goodness there were only few people here and I was able to get my papers to be released fast.

I started reminiscing my old school days when I decided to leave the place. I have many memories here though some of them I don't much remember. I know it was normal because I still remember the feeling of being part of that calamity. After that everything was back to normal again, what remains is more important. I don't feel sad anymore when I remember my Aunt Reiko, I understand her and whenever I went back home I visit her and Mom's grave.

There is also another reason why I still like going back here, to see a great friend of mine. Misaki Mei was her name and she was my classmate back in grade school. We were in the same class in 9th grade and also part of the calamity that happen back then. Like I said I don't much remember what happen that year, the only left was those times I was with her. We were always together most of the time but mostly I'm the one who initiated to start a conversation because she's not a talkative person. We used to talk about arts and her drawings, I remember asking her to visit me in Tokyo so that we can go to museums but I don't think she like the idea of visiting a guy. Sigh.

"I wonder where she is now…"

I lost my contact of her two years ago. The last time I talked to her was the time I was busy with my college entrance exam and wasn't able to go back here on winter break.

Flash back: conversation on phone

Me: The snow keeps on falling since yesterday here in Tokyo, that's why I can't able to go outside to buy some snacks, how about there in Yomiyama?

Misaki: It stops snowing here 2 days ago. I'm walking outside now to buy some things.

Me: Is that so… I wish I go back home this winter break but I was planning to take this opportunity to focus on reviewing for my college entrance exam.

Misaki: Hn.

Me: Ne, Misaki where do you plan to study in college?

Misaki: I haven't talked about it to Kirika.

Me: Uh… maybe you should ask her as soon as—(door bell rings) Oh! Someone was looking for me, I'll talk to you again Misaki. Ja ne!

End of Flash back.

I was now heading to my Mom and Aunt Reiko's grave when I notice a woman standing in front of their tomb stone, silently praying. She was petit and has a long black braided hair that was put on her right shoulder that covers her face. It was my first time seeing this woman, maybe she's Mom or Aunt Reiko's classmate. I saw her flinch a little when she noticed someone was coming so I decided to speak up.

"Ah… uhm, excuse-" I was stunned as the women turned to face me.

"Mi.. sa.. ki.."

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