Tara and Willow Together Forever

I do not own the rights to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, just saying.

This takes place during season 6.

hi, i'm kinda new at writing, and this is my first attempt so go easy on the comments! :)


Two gun shots come from the back yard. Willow looks at Tara with a look of shock and pain, on her pale face.

She collapses to the floor; blood spilling from a wound to the chest.

"WILLOW?" Tara screams, with panic, as she drops to the floor next to her girlfriend.

"BABY? NO! WILLOW! NO!" She screams in agony as she pulls Willow's head onto her lap.


Willow looks up into Tara's face.

"I-love-you." She whispers in between gasps of breath. "I-love-you-Tara."

"I love you too! But you're going to be fine baby, just hold on! Be strong, you can do it, I know you can baby! Just hold on! I'll go for help!"

"No! don't-leave-me! Don't-ever-leave-me-" Willow gasps.

"Willow!" Tara says with a moan. She leans down and kisses Willow's forehead, tears streaming down her face. "I love you!" Tara whispers as Willow's breath slows. "I-love-you-too" With her last smile, she looks up into the love of her life's face. And Willow passes into the void of peaceful death…

I was thinking that this was a one-shot but if anyone wanted me do create another chapter then i will.

In this story i have reversed the roles of Tara's death in season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, making it about Willow's death. If you guys want me to write another chapter it will be about what Tara does with her grief, because when Tara was the one to die Willow tried to destroy the would Tara do?

So please comment, even if you don't what another chapter, it would be great to get your feedback! :)