Tara remembers the time when she first saw Willow.

When Willow first spoke to her.

When Willow helped her to do a spell for the first time.

When Willow came to her dorm after seeing Oz off, to tell her that she chosen her.

When Willow first kissed her.

When Willow brought her back after Glory stole her mind.

When she sang to Willow under the trees.

She also remembers just the other day, when they got back together.

Tara had the most wonderful memories of Willow.

But that was all it was.


There will be no more singing, no more laughter, no more kissing, hugging, dancing, smiling or anything with Willow.

She was gone.

Tara could still see the look on Willow's face when she saw the blood spilling from the hole in her chest.

She could still hear the sound of Willow's breath slowing.

She could still smell Willow's blood on her hands when she tried to stop the flow from her chest.

And Tara could still, and will forever, feel the pain when Willow's heart faded and she was alone in the room.

But there was Buffy to worry about now, she thought as she sat in the hospital waiting room.

Dawn was lying across three chairs, with her head resting on Tara's lap, fast asleep.

Xander was on Tara's other side, with his head on her shoulder.

He too was finally asleep.

It was 2 o'clock in the morning, and Tara hadn't slept a wink.

Buffy has saved all of our lives so many times, Tara thought.

She had beaten demons, vampires and even a God.

Let's hope her Slayer strength can save her from this stupid, little bullet, because if we lose Buffy too...this won't end well for Warren!

Either way Warren is going down!

He can annoy us, he can mess with our heads, but he wont get away with murdering Willow!

I'll see to that personally!