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Two kids walk home together holding hands. One is a five year-old cute little boy that has white hair, with big silver eyes and a cute little smile. The one who is holding his hand is an older kid with red hair and green eye, his right eye is covered a patch. He is older than the boy by three years thus taller than him. Instead of a smile, the red head kid is wearing a thoughtful place. This, of course was noticed by his companion.

"What's wrong Lavi?" He asked in his small voice.

Lavi looked at him before giving a grin "Nothing, Moyashi-chan! Just thinking" Allen pouted at the nickname. Silence once again covered the two.

"Hey Allen"


"What are going to do if the world disappears tomorrow?" Instead of answering, Allen just held his hands tighter and looked up at the sky.

"Hey Allen" he said once again. They were nearing the intersection, where they have to part ways.

"What is it?"

Concerned eye looked at him "Does Cross still hurts you?"

Allen just gave him a smile "I'm fine Lavi. I will be"

Lavi's face became determined "When I grow up, I'll protect you Allen. Even if our enemy is the whole world, I will still protect you, I promise!" and with that conviction he kissed Allen on the cheeks

"I read on the book that if you like someone, you have to protect and kiss them" He said

Allen kissed his cheeks in return "There, I like you too, Lavi" then "Lavi, if I became old, will you still kiss me?" He asked with an innocent face

"Silly Moyashi" Lavi kissed him again "When that time comes, I'll be old too!"

"I'm not a moyashi!" then they arrived there. The way where they will have to part.

Allen puffed his cheeks "I have to go now" and with a last squeeze, he let go of his hand. "Bye bye!"

Lavi watched Allen's back as he walked away and when he was out of his sight, he too walked home.

For Lavi the words "I Love You" is unnecessary because all he knows is that he will protect his Allen.

He will be the only one I will kiss, Forever

Was his thought on the way home

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