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"It's mine,"

"Excuse me, have you paid for it?" asked a bemused gentleman

"No, but I saw it first and it's mine," said a pretty lady with fine eyes.

"No way, this pair of gloves is mine,"

"Not a chance sir, if that crazy old lady didn't block me, I would have reached here before you. So these are mine,"

"Find something else. I am taking these,"

"It's Christmas in two days and I want those for my girlfriend," she lied, she wanted it for her sister – Jane.

"Exactly, and I want it for my girlfriend," he lied he wanted it for Charles, who wanted it for his girlfriend – Jane.

The crazy old lady came and took the pair of gloves in question and hurried off to the billing counter.

They cried in unison, "What the hell?"

"That happened because of you old man,"

"What? It was your mistake miss," and almost as an afterthought he added, "and I am not old,"

To this Lizzy rolled her eyes and walked away.

Lizzy called her sister and said, "Those were perfect for you Jane; I could have got them if not for that stupid-hot jerk,"

"It's okay Lizzy, he must have want them too," an angel like voice replied.

"Yeah I guess you're right," replied Elizabeth.

"The ones you got will also go with my dress, right?"

"Yes," she replied in an almost inaudible voice.

"Then, forget about the man. Anyways, I'll get to mom and dads' in fifteen minutes, where are you?"

"I'm on my way I'll probably beat you by five minutes –haha!

"That's the Lizzy I know and Lizzy, please don't tell mom about the gloves incident,"

"That I definitely won't. She'll blame me for it,"

"She means well, Lizzy,"

"I disagree, but no arguments there,"

"I'll see you in fifteen,"

"Okay, I'll see you then."

"You look gorgeous Jane! I'm sure Charles will not be able to take his eyes off you,"

To this Jane blushed and replied, "Oh! Stop it Lizzy,"

"You will see and I know I'm not wrong," and added, "I'll call Charlotte and see if she needs anything and we can pick it up on our way,"

"Okay, I'll tell mom and dad we are going," said Jane.

"Fine, I'll meet you out front. I don't want to see mom before going,"

And she walked without hearing her sister's defence of their mother.

Mrs Bennet meant 'well' but she also believed that Elizabeth was an obstinate girl who never does what is told especially by her, which was quite true. But could you blame her? Elizabeth was twenty-three and an exceptionally talented interior designer but all her mother talked about was Marriage-Marriage and Marriage.

"Does she need anything?" Jane asked as she entered the hired taxi.

"Nope, just says to hurry up,"

"Okay," and added, "I also invited a friend of Charles, William... something and probably his sisters will also be there,"

"Not his sisters - they disgust me! And is this the same William, Caroline keeps drooling about," said Elizabeth.

"Probably, she was ecstatic when I said that Charles should bring his friend," replied Jane.

"So, you haven't seen him?"


After a few minutes of silence Jane said," You never completed about this promotion you got,"

"Oh! Right sorry I forgot, I am now the head designer at the London office of interior designs for Pemberley Hotels," said Lizzy.

"Congratulations Lizzy! I am so proud of you,"

"Thank you, Jane," replied Lizzy while hugging her sister. Breaking the silence consumed hug Lizzy said, "And I finally get to meet the owner of Pemberley, Mr Darcy,"

"Happy birthday Charlotte," Jane and Elizabeth shrieked ecstatically as soon as Charlotte opened the door.

"Thank you," she replied with equal enthusiasm, partly because of the loud music.

They went in and greeted Charlotte's parents(whose home it was) and met everyone.

The last entrants of the party rang the doorbell. It was Charles, his sister and his friend; sorry scratch that, the hot jerk from the super market.

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