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"I know usually the best man and the matron of honour give separate speeches but then that is for when usual people meet, fall in love and marry. Today however, my beautiful wife, Jane, and I, together, will tell you the tale of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy," Charles Bingley was saying in his best man speech.

It was now Jane's turn and she sure didn't disappoint, "Contrary to the popular belief- my brother-in-law and my sister did NOT meet at a party. (A pointed look at the said couple, who always told people that they met at Charlotte's birthday party, was then bestowed by almost everyone assembled there) It was two days before Christmas, the year before the last, and they were both shopping at Sal's. What do you think they were doing?"

"Why, fighting, of course!" Bingley exclaimed. All eyes were now on a very red faced Darcys. Suddenly the plates in front of them were very interesting.

Bingley carried on, "But then Will realized that he loved Elizabeth, told her and well here we are…"

"Well, if only it were that simple," Jane continued with a mischievous grin to Lizzy and Will. "Was it now, Charles?"

"It indeed, was not. There was a lot of coercing, rejection and crushing of egos involved," Charles picked it up exactly where Jane left off; a similar smile playing on his face. "Now, however, we won't make the newly married blush…any…less..."

"Initially, Elizabeth 'hated' Darcy, sorry William…Lizzy used to call him that, don't blame me...And as they say there's a thin line between love and hate; but perhaps what is more plausible is that, she never really did hate him…"

"Nor did Will, for that matter…He did not find Lizzy 'barely tolerable' because it was more like excessively tolerable…Eh, Will?" Charles said.

If these guys don't stop, I may have to commit murder, Will talked to Lizzy telepathically…well, okay with his overly – expressive eyes.

I don't want to go to jail for our honeymoon, Lizzy replied (yes, telepathy is a thing!)

You'll come and visit me to the jail also, Will replied, very touched by Lizzy's hypothetical reply.

Well, partly…we'll be partners in crime, Lizzy replied and smirked.

Getting back to what Charles was saying, "…Well, seriously though, these two people love each other so much that they have overcome so many misunderstandings and have decided to live a very exciting life…because, let's face it when these two people, who are stubborn as hell, are together- there are bound to be plenty debates…giving us of course, more moments to actually enjoy our popcorns,"

"Congratulations to my little sister and my new brother!" concluded Jane amidst a healthy applause.

The wedding day of one Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy to one Miss Elizabeth Bennet had been eventful, to say the least. There were a lot of thoughts involved, no not the second (thoughts) kind…the how will s/he be feeling right now, kind…Plus, their friends and family had made it pretty memorable with a few witty speeches and a whole lot of carefully selected songs. Mrs. Bennet was justifiably, (yes, for once!) ecstatic and Mr. Bennet considered himself very lucky to have Charles and now Fitzwilliam as his sons-in-law. Georgiana was also very excited at the prospect of actually calling Lizzy - her sister. When around Lizzy, she had thrown away all the shyness, so characteristic of Darcy's, and had become great friends with her.

Their other friends and family had flown in from around the world to just give them their blessings and show how much they meant to them. Be it Will's college friends or Lizzy's high school friends, they had all celebrated their union with much enthusiasm.

So, when later in the evening, Chris and Charlotte persuaded Will to dance with Elizabeth again, Will had said to Elizabeth, "We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance*. Shall we, my love?" and led her to the dance floor.

Lizzy just looked at the Fitzwilliams with a 'is – this – the – same – guy – I – agreed – to – marry' look.

Once, Chris was out of earshot, Elizabeth said "Trying to impress, are we?"

"Well, I try," Will replied shyly, before placing his left arm on Lizzy's waist and swiftly leading her on to the dance.

"Moreover, I don't think you want these media people to report that Fitzwilliam Darcy declined to dance with his wife on their WEDDING day and in other news, Fitzwilliam Darcy has married Elizabeth Bennet!" teased Elizabeth.

The only loss Fitzwilliam was feeling was of his parents. Yes, his aunt and uncle had been always there, solid as a rock to support him. His sister and cousin had also been there, but somewhere down the line, he missed his mother's sweet smile and father's mischievous grin. Now, with Elizabeth by his side, Will's pains would be considerably lessened.

*Japanese proverb.

Two years later

"And how is my little niece doing?" William was asking Elizabeth, who had just returned from visiting Jane, Charlotte and little Miss Margaret Bingley

"Apart from insisting that her uncle Willy has taught her that 2 comes after A, she's doing pretty well," Lizzy smirked.

"Well, she really took to playing cards. But really, Charles is as much to blame…we did, after all teach her how to play Snap! together…" Fitzwilliam defended himself.

"Oh! Believe me; Jane's going to take his class too…" Elizabeth teased him before kissing him soundly. She arched her eyebrow and continued, "Now, I don't really feel like talking…I want Margeret to have a cousin to play with,"

Fitzwilliam, of course got the message.

Suffice to say, dear readers, the Bingleys, the Fitzwilliams and the Darcys lived a very happy life as friends and family. The juniors came with time and continued the family tradition of joking around and more importantly, staying with each other in times of need. It may also be a point to note that like their parents, they were also not afraid of looking after their friends. Even if it meant forcing out confessions; who knew that there were more Elizabeth Bennets and Fitzwilliam Darcys in the world?

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