Author's note: To be more specific, The TGWTG characters do have some same personality traits and the same names as they do now but they have them for different reasons to relate to the story which is in this fantasy/adventure/middle aged world. I hope you enjoy it regardless because this is a big love letter to TGWTG and Channel awesome itself. I owe none of the characters, they belong to their rightful owners and I hope no one takes offense to this

Now with that all said and done. Sit back relax and enjoy reading!


Aiming at targets was a easy stretch for him. Young Douglas was watching the deer with a calm expression and kept his bow at bay. As a teenager, he was already a professional marksman like his father before him and even though his father was dead, his mother's stories about him inspired Douglas to take his father's stead.

With a final breath of concentration, he made his stand, and released his arrow to allow it to reign it's course. Douglas shot the deer straight through the side, killing it instantly. Proud with his easy catch for the day, Douglas ran towards the creature and picked it up ready to show his mother…

When he arrived his mother and a few friends within his tribe greeted him and with the sight of food, they rejoiced slightly more, for every catch meant dinner and dinner wasn't always easy to catch but today was a good day or for a lack of a better term- a lucky day.

As his mother and some older huntsman took the dear to clean it and cook it properly, a teenage girl with a small knife, a long brown skirt and a short-sleeved ragged brown shirt with one-braided hair ran up and grinned at Douglas, it was Ellis, Douglas' friend since childhood and she was another hunter for the tribe

"Us Critics shall feast later. Good work"

Douglas smiled just a bit more at the praise "I have Nostalgic blood within me. It is my duty as a Critic marksman. Nothing more"

"Too much modesty" Ellis replied, with a teasing grin

"Too much dramatic tendency" Douglas shot back

Ellis then rolled her eyes "I never get to convince you to just take credit"

Douglas shrugged "Too much focus on helping out rather than seek credit I suppose"

Ellis smiled, admittedly touched "You do help out Douglas. I have a feeling good things will happen for you in the future"

Douglas smiled again, Ellis' prediction was kind and thoughtful, he always felt that within his home. Full of close bondmanship as well as loyalty and hard-work, perhaps good things would happen as he got older. For now though it was just a simple day hunt and he didn't want Ellis to treat him completely like a hero

"Let's just go back and see how my mother is doing and stop praising me" Douglas replied off-handedly, once he got his thoughts

Ellis shrugged at that and both she and Douglas WERE about to go back when suddenly loud chants of a different tribe was heard. The strangers were in only black cloaks, faceless and cold, riding cat-like monsters as horseback. The biggest of them all screeched and at that screech, his company ran straight towards the camp

Douglas widened his eyes, realizing these newcomers were not friends, but invaders ready to destroy them.

"Run children! Quickly!" A middle-aged man pushed Ellis and Douglas out of the way, also getting himself stabbed by one of the black-cloaked men

The tribesman raised their swords and bows ready to protect themselves and their loved ones. The woman took their young children to escape but unfortunately some of the women were slaughtered along with their crying offspring

Douglas was about to protect his tribe in honor of his clan but a old man stopped him

"Go protect the survivors, Douglas, you're too young"

"No! I shall avenge the Critic bloodkin!" Douglas snapped, angry at the man's command

"There are children much younger and in need of assistance. You'll be much more help there, with them" The old man clearly wasn't going to give in

Douglas almost ignored the man and walked towards the fighting black cloaked man killing his clan, but the old man harshly grabbed his shoulder and pushed him away "You young fool. You let your pride take your knowledge of what must be done for you?"

Douglas was hurt at the rejection but knew the old man was right. There were children and women in need of protection, he was one of the boys who could while the men tried to stop the invaders.

"Whatever these creatures want clearly does not involve only you. Now go! Quickly!" The old man replied, then charging into battle after he stated that message.


"Mother?" Douglas replied, shocked and worried suddenly over where his mother was. It turned out she was alright and with another woman and a red-haired three year old boy. Douglas ran over to the four and saw a black cloak go right to them

Douglas without a second doubt charged at the villain but was quickly defeated and punched to the ground. Douglas saw the cloaked man grab his mother, instantly rage went through the boy, with a herculean effort he pulled the cloaked man away from his mother but got stabbed in the arm as a result

"Run my son! Escape and leave this place! Do not worry about me!" His mother cried out as the cloaked man took her farther and farther away

Douglas kept trying to save her but kept failing then the other woman replied "It's too late! We must run!"

Douglas had tears of sorrow as his mother was brutally murdered and bloodied by the men he failed to stop but ran with Ellis and the other woman who carried the crying red-haired child. Douglas found three horses and with the woman and ellis by his side they rode off all the way to escape from the fallen tribe and the land of Nostalgia itself. There was no more Critic clan, it was destroyed and the land Douglas knew, the home he loved and the life he had, was completely over.

When they lost sight of the murderous slaughter, the four arrived to Nostalgia's next door neighbor of sorts, called Pondawen, Ellis caught sight of a abandoned hut, it was old and shabby but it would last and there was food and life sources around here so suffice it to say they were once again lucky.

The other woman took the young boy inside with Ellis right beside her and Douglas just looked at the now giant fire coming from the front view sight of Nostalgia. His home, destroyed for good, would be avenged. Douglas' heart transformed from grieving and lost to bitter and vengeful. That very day, he vowed to avenge his land, his tribe and his mother. He swore to an oath he would use his skills to prevent others from having the same fate as he, he would use his skills for heroic and secrecy, he would go off and avenge what he lost.


That very night, Douglas grabbed his bow, one of Ellis' many hunting knifes, a knapsack he himself have carried during the invasion, his arrows and arrow-carrier, his black vest that his mother made for him then finally a metal necklace, made by his father for his mother but passed down to him by birth. That necklace he kept in his knapsack but now he would wear it for his parent's memories and for his homeland.

As he grabbed the brown horse, he forced the horse to ride and ride fast. He regretted leaving the three sure but he was far too bitter, far too angry and far too bent on the day's events to allow logic to come through and let fate take over. He was leaving, he was letting it all go, he was going to be alone, on his own to avenge what was lost

Even if it meant leaving Ellis and her mother and brother behind, Douglas would change everything for the sake of hell-bent revenge. In fact he would no longer be called Douglas Criticnuno

He would now be called simply "Nostalgia Critic"