When the sun was rising in the east, on the new day in Skyrim, whilst everyone else was likely still asleep, Brelyna and I had already redressed in their robes and were about ready to leave. Good thing we were both early risers. Less people up meant less chance of being followed and ambushed. That may sound paranoid but... it could happen.

We slipped out, as quietly as we could so not to wake anyone else, grabbed a quick breakfast from one of the opening stalls and set back out towards the main gates of the city. Heading down to the stables, as the guards of the dayshift took over those who took the nights, we mounted our horses and I led us both out to our destination.

The early morning mist hung low above the swampy marshlands, as our horse's hooves crunched in the snow below. Tall trees towered on all sides, jagged rocks pointed skyward, like the teeth of some great, unseen beast. It was rather eeire, it being so silent and quiet. Almost as if something lay in wait, beyond what our eyes could see.

"Sauron, I think I see it." Brelyna pointed in the direction.

Yes, I could see it too. The stone structure, hung with moss and whithered with age, that could only be the entrance to an ancient tomb. Even after all of these years, it still looked impressive. Nords built their stuff to last, it seemed.

"Good eye," I remarked to her, as we approached. "Alright, now we just... hold on, what's this?"

I jumped off Arthur, tied him up to a nearby tree and strode across the snow to investigate. I was right. It was a campsite, just outside the entrance to the tomb. That couldn't be a coincidence.

"Oh no," Brelyna said, joining me. "You don't think someone's beaten us here, do you?"

"Only one way to find out. Let's have a look around here, they may have left something, some kind of clue," I instructed, approaching the remanants campfire.

"I'll check the tents." I heard her as she went to look.

I bent over the stone circle, feeling the remains of the burnt wood within. Still rather warm, they couldn't have been gone too long. They might have a chance of catching up to them, perhaps combining their efforts with ours.

Adventurers tended to vary on how friendly they were. Some were new, ready to accept any help they might get. Others were experienced, more hardened and wanted the glory of their adventure for themselves. I hoped that they would be in the former category.

I noticed something else as well, in the remains of the fire. Crispy pieces of parchment and leather, like someone had burnt a book, or several, in the campfire. Perhaps some strange, over-romanticised study of vampires, that weren't even close to accurate. It could happen.

"I've found something, look." I whipped my head up and joined her. "It seems to be a journal, someone called Daynas Valen," she told me, opening it and turning the pages.

"Anything interesting?" This would give us some information.

"Hold on... 'Ivory Claw traced...' 'voyage to Skyrim...' 'seek fortune...' 'three weeks to Solitude...'" Wow, quick reader, I thought to myself. "Here we go! An entry for yesterday. Have a look." I did so, peering over her shoulder:

27th of Sun's Dawn, 4E 201

With the brute and his companions in tow, I led our brand across the marsh to Folgunthur, where we made camp for the night. Little has changed since my first expedition ten years ago. But this time, I have the claw. And I will have the amulet.

I spent all night preparing a synopsis of my notes, in case some fragment of the tale or piece of ancient lore may be needed to bypass the wards within the tomb. Then I cast all my books and scrolls into the fire, and reduced my life's work to ashes. At long last, today is the day of reckoning. If I cannot have the amulet, no one will.

Well, at least I now knew what had been burnt in the fire. But I suddenly felt uneasy, even a little scared.

"Okay, that's worrying," I concluded. "He's after the amulet fragment and he doesn't sound like he has the best of intentions for it. We need to find him, and stop him getting it. He sounds like another Ancano waiting to happen."

"I agree. Daynas Valen..." she said, thoughtfully, "that sounds like a name from Morrowind..."

"Well, let's go and have a chat with our fellow Dunmer then." I gave her my widest grin and headed towards the temple entrance, leading the way inside.

"You really do take a strange joy out of this, don't you?" she asked, following me in.

"Of course! Who knows what we could find down here?" I turned back to her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "That nagging feeling that you get, like you want to know what lies within, but also know you probably shouldn't? It's what I always get, the thrill of the adventure, of the discovery, of the danger. That's the best part, Brelyna, just heading inside and starting the discovery of something new."

She stared at me for a few seconds. "You are the strangest, perhaps the craziest, man I've ever met." She reached up to my hand and took it in hers. "But that's one of the things I love about you."

"I love you too." I planted a kiss on her cheek, turning about face. "Come on then, my faithful companion. Adventure awaits!"

"Right behind you, fearless leader." She laughed and followed me in.

The entrance was lit by the bright glow of nearby torches, illuminating the rather terrifying bird carvings that pointed the way within. This entrance arch was also decorated with various bones, attached to lengths of wire. Cheery welcome.

I immediately got that sense of forboding, a shiver up my spine that I always got when entering a new tomb to explore. A combined sense of fear and excitement. Far from making me want to turn back, it just made me more eager to continue.

Brelyna, I noticed, took some of her previous experience to heart. She had her eyes warily traveling around the environment, watching for any possible dangers or traps. While I was still concerned for her safety, I had faith that she could look after herself. That, and I was glad to have someone watching my back, especially a fellow mage.

The path led to a set of desceding stairs, below which I could see two more carvings like the ones here. There was also the unmistakable red shimmer of blood, inbetween them, as well as three corpses littered around it.

Carefully, we approached them, stepping slowly and keeping an eye out for trip systems. I found painted patterns on one stone, betraying the position of a pressure plate. I could just about guess what it did.

I motioned to Brelyna, showing her it. She nodded and stepped over it, as did I. The bodies, I could see now, were of two draugr and a man, Breton by the look of him, dressed in fur armour, still fiercely clutching his blade.

"One of Mr. Valen's band," I said, closing the man's eyes respectfully, praying his soul would find rest. "Looks like he died fighting these two. Or he stood on the trap. Or both."

"Dead men tell no tales," Brelyna quoted grimly. "There's nothing we can do for him..."

"I know... come on." I resumed our descent, brushing aside these thoughts of death.

I saw a familiar indentation, where I knew a dragon claw would fit and open the gate. The journal had mentioned an ivory claw. He wouldn't be able to access the rest of the tomb without it. We'd have to get it off him... somehow...

The room beyond had an altar set in the centre, with another claw keyhole set before it. Various items were placed upon, including a pick-axe and an empty soul gem. Around the room were symbol pillars for a puzzle, already set up correctly and the gate already open. Good, one less for us to do.

There was also another pair of dead draugr, plus one adventurer, this one a Bosmer, female. Again, she looked like she'd died fighting the draugr. Things didn't seem to be going well for Valen and his group.

Perhaps they were just ahead, close enough to be heard.

"Hello!" I called, my voice echoing off the walls. "Daynas Valen, are you there? We're here to help you!"

I waited, straining my ears to see if I could get a response. But there was nothing. No reply. I looked to Brelyna, who shrugged. At least no one could say we didn't try.

As we approached the passage, I discovered something had heard me. But it wasn't friendly, that much could be certain. The tell-tale snarl and the shuffling of bare feet gave it away.

"Draugr," I murmered to Brelyna. "Get ready..."

We would get it as it came around the corner. Then, I noticed the pressure plate and the scorching of the turning in the passage, as well as the burned body that lay there. It gave me an idea...

As the undead approached the corner, I stepped on the plate, feeling it sink beneath the ground. As it did, I was rewarded with a jet of flame from a screeching bird carving, that engulfed our would-be foe. I heard a loud screech as the flames scorched its flesh, before it sank and joined the other body. I coughed as a smell of burnt flesh reached my nose.

"Well..." I coughed, fanning away the smoke, "that worked."

"In a manner of speaking," Brelyna agreed, covering her nose and mouth. "How did you know what that trap would do?"

"Lucky guess." I looked to see she gave me a scrutinising stare. "What? It worked, didn't it?"

"True, true," she nodded, resorting to smile. "Let's keep moving, come on..."

Edging past the burnt corpse, we proceeded onwards. The passage led us to an arch, which opened up into a larger room. It contained a long table, the kind one might find in a royal dining hall, complete with goblets and plates. Stone coffins were situated around the area, some lying down, some leant against the wall.

As we walked in, a sudden feeling of unease came over me. I didn't know what it was, but something just didn't feel right. I stopped in my tracks, looking around slowly.

"Sauron, what is it?" Brelyna looked at me, concerned. "Is something wrong?"

"I'm not sure..." I thought for a few minutes. Then, it hit me. "I don't completely know, but I think we may have walked into a-"

I was cut off as the gate suddenly slammed shut behind us, sealing us in the room. No sooner had that happened, the coffin lids began to burst open, as their occupents kicked them open, climbing or stepping out of them. They drew ancient weapons, their rotted faces livid with malice.

"... a trap?" my companion finished, stepping close to me.

"Yes, one of those."

We whipped around, preparing to engage our foes in battle, side-by-side. There were a lot of them. I scanned the room for something, anything that could be of any help to us in our fight. Then, my eyes caught a familiar shimmer on the floor, near two of the draugr. A spill of oil...

"You two," I called, feeling that this was necessary. "You gentlemen look like you take yourselves too seriously. You need to lighten up!"

I flared a firebolt in my right hand, took careful aim and tossed it at the spill. The oil flared as it ignited on the flame's contact, causing it to light up the unfortunate undead. Literally. From what I could make out, at least four of them were caught in the inferno, writhing as the flames climbed up their bodies. At least our right flank was secure.

I then turned to engage those on our left, which consisted of three. I threw another bolt at one of them, striking it in the chest and sending it flying. I ran towards the closest one, pulled out my dagger, ducked under its clumsy blow and drove the point into its throat. I allowed it to remain, before I yanked it back out.

A flare of flame, a flash of light, told me my companion had triumphed over her own foe. I looked around to see that she had, standing over its burned body and ending a Flames spell, an atronach dancing beside her.

"Honestly, you and your ridiculous puns," she remarked, banishing her daedra and jumping over her mutilated foe. "'Lighten up'? Really?"

"Hey, you try and think of something better," I challenged. "Come on, the stairs are over here." I led her past the other vanquished draugr, to where I saw the way out. Or, at least, onwards.

"It wasn't much of a trap. I suppose we were just lucky somebody spilled all of that oil, it certainly ended the fight quicker."

"Isn't it lovely when things work out like that?" I asked rhetorically, with a smile. We walked up to the stairs, which were built atop a metal grate. I was about to proceed, when Brelyna stopped me.

"Wait a minute..." She stepped cautiously forward, placing a foot on the grate.

As soon as she did, the metal opened downward and into a pool of cold water. I could just make out, shimmering at the bottom, something that looked like either wooden or metal spikes. I looked to the right, pulled the lever I located there and let the floor return to its normal state.

I'd almost forgotten the crucial rule about dungeon exploration: never let your guard down. Until you were back outside, you weren't safe. Traps could be anywhere, enemies lurking unseen. Brelyna, I was thankful to see, had taken it to heart.

"Good eye again, my love," I noted. "Now, we get to stay dry and keep the same quantity of blood in our bodies."

"Isn't it lovely when things work out like that?" She giggled as she echoed me. "You lead, I'll follow."

We ascended the stairs beyond, following the route the platforms provided. Once we reached a wooden dead end, we found another gruesome sight: a Dunmer, dressed in black mage robes, mostly bald and completely dead. He lay before a dragon claw keyhole, which was smeared with his blood. The item in question was clutched in his hand.

Brelyna was the one who bent to examine him, as I stood back and let her. She checked his body, pulling a small journal from his robes, as well as wrenching the claw from his grip.

"I think that... we've found Mr Valen," she remarked, handing me the claw and proceeding to flick through his journal.

"Sorry," I murmered to his body, and examined the claw. It was made from ivory, with two eagles and a dragon carved onto the palm. Each one was made from a different material. We were going to need this on the path ahead.

"It's him," she confirmed. "Listen to this..." She read aloud:

How to summarize a lifetime of research? So little of what I have learned matters now - the petty politics of ancient times, the age-long campaign to wipe out all mention of the Gauldur name.

I know not what awaits us within Folgunthur, so here, then, is the truth of the tale, as best I have been able to piece it together.

In the opening days of the First Era, the Archmage Gauldur was revered throughout the north. Wisdom, wealth, honor, and power were his, and even Ysgramor's heirs sought his counsel.

Smother by his shadow, Gauldor's three sons grew cruel and resentful. They lusted after their father's power and prestige, and eventually Jyrik, the eldest, discovered its source: a mysterious amulet, from which he never parted. Together, they conspired to murder their father in his sleep and divide his amulet between them. And so it was done.

Consumed by their newfound power, the brothers laid waste to the surrounding villages. So great was the carnage that the High King himself intervened, sending a company of battlemages led by the Archmage Geirmund to subdue the brothers. And after a devastating battle, the three fled the field.

Mikrul, the youngest, was run to ground in Folgunthur, the ancient barows at the foot of Solitude. And though he fought for three days and nights, he was at last overcome and entombed there, his crypt sealed by an ivory claw.

Geirmund pursued Jyrik to the shattered crypts of Saarthal, half-buried even then. Ten veteran wizards fell before Jyrik's elemental magic, but he could not overcome them all together. He too fell, and was sealed within the ruined city.

And at last, Sigdis was cornered in the southernmost reaches of Skyrim. He challenged the Lord Geirmund to a duel, knowing his foe was honor-bound to accept. And they clashed in battle, matched strength for strength, and fell together on the field before Ivarstead. The High King ordered a tomb built for Geirmund on the lake which still bears his name and had Sigdis sealed within, forever guarded by the one who slew him.

Gaulder himself was interred in a cave not far from where his tower once stood, in the place called Reachwater Rock. And when it was done, King Harald issued an edict: the name and deeds of Gauldor and his sons were to be expunged from every record, every chronicle. Under pain of death, no word of them was to be spoken, lest any try to recover the amulet that had been sealed at so great a cost.

And so it was done. But a little survived the ages. Enough.

Four thousand years have passed, and the tombs remain sealed. The fragments of The Gauldur Amulet lie within. Since the day I first heard the rumor, I have felt its power, calling to me, pulling at me. I will be the one to reclaim it, restore it, bear it out into the world once more. I must have it. I must!

"I think we can conclude he wasn't looking for the fragments with the best of itentions," I said, once she was finished.

"Indeed. I suppose it's a good thing he was stopped here," she concurred, pulling out a map of Skyrim that was folded up in it. "Look, he marked the locations of the other pieces, and where they should be bought once recovered. We already have the one from Saarthal..."

"It looks like the last piece is in the place Geirmund was buried," I noted, looking at the map. "Somewhere near Riften, that's going to be a long ride..."

"That's assuming we manage to make it out with this piece," she reminded me, placing the journal in her bag.

"Where did this skepticism come from?" I asked, with a smile. "Come on Brelyna, have a little more faith."

"I'm just being realistic, seeing as how you refuse to be," she countered, returning the smile.

"Of course I do, being realistic is boring and deppressing." I placed the claw into the keypad, turning it to lower the bridge. "With you and me fighting together, what could possibly go wrong?"

The bridge had just descended, the snarls of draugr meeting us on the other side. They had barely drawn their weapons, before they were both blasted away by two firebolts from each of us.

"You make a valid point," my lover remarked. "Let's go and get it then." We proceeded onwards.

There were a few more obstacles ahead, mostly in the form of draugr that were easily disposed of. A puzzle operating on a system of levers had us stumped for a while, as we attempted to figure out the correct order we were supposed to pull them in, in order to open the gates to proceed. Brelyna was the one who came up with the solution, which seemed a lot more obvious for her. How had I managed before I met her.

There was also a rockfall, that triggered as we neared another door. We simply outran this and braced the door that we came through, to keep out the draugur we dashed passed. It ended up being crushed by the stones that hit it, from what we could tell. We then found ourselves in something of a throne room, with two entrances parallel to each other, and two draugr. Once they were dealt with, we set about trying to find a way to open up the grate in the floor.

This tomb was certainly one of the more devious that I had encountered, with plenty of traps and puzzles at every turn. With this particular one, its solution with a lever my companion discovered and more animal carvings.

"Hm." I examined the faces of the animals in the first room we walked into. I hatched on an idea. "Brelyna, you stay here. I want to try something." She nodded, trusting my judgement.

I pulled the lever which, sure enough, rotated the entrances around, sealing the one I had come through and opening the door on the left of me. I headed into this, seeing that this room housed rotating statues, with the same animals.

"Brelyna!" I shouted next door. "Can you hear me?"

"Yes, I can! Wait, hold on!" There was silence for a bit, the sound of spells being cast, then she came back. "Sorry, just dealing with some admirers!"

"Did you tell them you weren't interested?"

"In a manner of speaking!" I chuckled a little at this.

"Good, now!" I proceeded to the first statue. "Can you tell me the animal on the statue on your right?"

"What's this for?"

"You'll see! Now, the animal please!"

"Wait..." Silence again. "It's a snake!"

"Right!" I rotated the statue to the corresponding face. "Next one, then the one after!"

"Okay... a dolphin!" I matched it, and finally: "An eagle!"

"So, that's what that is," I murmered. I then left the room, pulled the lever on the other side and let Brelyna out. "Good work. Would you do the honors?" I gestured to the chain on the wall, which she gladly pulled.

The floor retracted, revealing a spiralling wooden stair. Satisfied that the puzzle had been solved, we took our steps down. It got darker as we descended, as well as wetter at the bottom, so I cast a Candlelight spell, to provide a little more illumination.

"Right, shouldn't be too far no-AGGGGGH!" The single glimpse I got caused me to be gripped with panic, tossing firebolts down the tunnel, not caring what they hit. When I'd stopped, the unpleasant smell of burnt spider filled my nostrils.

"You can face down a dragon..." Brelyna coughed a little, clearing smoke away, "but you panic when you see a frostbite spider?"

"What? They're hairy and big... all of those legs, the eyes too..." I felt a shudder, as well as my face turning red.

"Alright, alright... I'm just saying..." I could hear her suppress a giggle, as I edged past their smouldering bodies and lead on.

I did feel a little ashamed at my fear of the oversized arachnids. I'd faced them so many times, yet I still got the shivers when they came crawling out of the shadows at me. Everyone had something they were afraid of, I just couldn't help being scared of them. At least they could be killed...

Brelyna didn't seem to mind too much, at least I hoped she didn't. I think she at least understood why I was scared of the monsters. They generally weren't looked kindly upon, with good reason. If she did have issues with it, she didn't say anything. I was grateful for that.

I looked and noticed that the corridor we had walked into, which had the door to the main tomb at the far end, was lined on all sides by six stone coffins, three on either side. It was only when I reached the middle that I began to think this felt... wrong.

"Brelyna," I said, raising a hand to stop her, "don't be alarmed, but I think we've walked into another trap."

No sooner had I said this, then the lights all went out, leaving very little for us to see in the dark. One by one, the coffin lids were opened, slamming open as their occupants forced their way out. They had us surrounded.

"You know," I remarked, lighting my hands, "this is one of those times when I'm right and don't want to be."

"If it makes you feel any better, love, the feeling is mutual." I felt her back press against mine, providing the additional light of a summoned atronach.

We set our spells ablaze, lighting up the darkened corridor with flashes of magical fire. How could any decent adventurer even stand to use a sword and sheild, I ask you, especially in a situation like this? They had the advantage of darkness, but we had the advantage of magic

The fight was over in a minute, with only a few close calls and at least one scratch across the face for Brelyna. All six of the undead warriors lay smoking at our feet, as she applied a healing spell to herself.

"Don't worry, I'm fine," she assured, as the wound healed. "Now, let's get this door open..."

The door in question could only be opened by the corresponding dragon claw, with the symbols placed in the correct order. I rotated the ancient stone, so that it faced an eagle, another eagle and a dragon, in descending order. Dust seemed to pour from the cracks, as the stone gate slowly lowered to allow us entrance, after thousands of years...

The statue of the screeching bird seemed to be pointing us towards the set of giant wooden doors, that no doubt let to the Galuderson's resting place, and to the fragment we had come for. Cautiously, we heaved the doors open and stepped through, as they slammed behind us. Ascending the ancient stairs, we soon set foot in Folgunter's crypt.

"Wow... now, this is incredible," I whispered, gazing around.

The crypt itself was huge, with a high, cavernous ceiling, combining man-made architceture with the natural cave formations. The thick pillars seemed to grow out of the floor to the ceiling, the torches in them flickering our shadows against the walls. Coffins were packed into the place, lined almost everywhere in the tomb. Only one stood out, with a beam of light being shone onto it.

"Three guesses where the fragment is," I murmered. "Come on..."

"Hold on... isn't obvious this is another trap?"


"Is there anyway we can avoid it?"


"Are we just going to walk in and hope for the best?"

"Pretty much."

She sighed in defeat. "Alright... let's just be careful."

I approached the coffin with her, keeping my eyes fixed on it. Any second now, I could feel it. Come on Gaulderson, I thought to myself, watching the tomb. Wakey wakey, come out and face me...

As soon as we reached it, the lid was kicked open, to the surprise of neither of us. The draugr inside was clothed in ancient armor, a great horned helmet set atop his head. He drew a glowing, enchanted Nord sword, the amulet fragment glinting around his neck, which emitted a purple glow, as did his eyes. He seemed to snarl dersively at the two of us, like we weren't worth his time.

"At least there's just one of him," Brelyna noted.

"Not for long..." My suspicions were soon confirmed.

The sound of more coffins being opened came from behind us. Out of the shadows, even more undead warriors emerged. These however, didn't have the glowing green eyes the others did. Their's were purple, the same as the Galuderson and his amulet.

"They're thralls," Brelyna realised, at the same time as me. "He's controlling them, with the amulet. If we take him down..."

"... they all go down," I finished. I turned to face him, but he was stepping back, allowing two thralls to take the foreground. This wasn't going to be easy. "Split up! Divide their forces!"

She obeyed, running off to divert some of the draugr, summoning an atronach as she went. I turned to engage my foes, as I began to toss firebolts at them. Luckily, they were even weaker than standard draugr, if that was possible.

I felt the slight satisfaction, as I hit two without even aiming. Maybe this wouldn't be as bad as I thought. Then, a sword whistled past my side, only just missing me. I whipped around to see their master, standing rather close. I tossed a couple of bolts at him, bith striking at his armor. He staggered a little, retreating back behind his thralls.

"Is that all you've got?" I yelled at him. "Don't leave now, we were getting along so well! FUS RO DAH!" The shout sent about five of them flying, as I put more ground between the remainder.

I was managing to hold them back, blasting them down with firebolts. Occasionally, the Gaulderson would attempt to attack while I was occupied with one of his little helpers, but I managed to fend him off, enough to make him retreat again.

It seemed, however, he preferred cowardly tactics. He was testing me, now and again 'checking up' on me, while he let his thralls soften me up, drain my energy. There was just no end to them, there was always more to replace the ones that fell.

Brelyna looked to be holding her own, the Gaulderson surprising her as well. The thralls were driving her back towards me, back in the centre of the room. We both tried to break through their ranks, but everytime there was a break in their numbers, the Galuderson would push us back until more arrived to take their place.

Eventually, we were both out of magicka and I had whipped out my dagger, with Brelyna resorting to her bow. These close quarters, however, were hardly ideal for the use of one and she was mostly missing her targets.

I had just yanked my dagger out of the chest of a thrall, when I felt a sharp pain in the back of my knee, enough to make me fall forward, followed by a blow to my head. My vision blurring, I turned to see the Gaulderson, leering down at me.

"Sauron, no!" Brelyna drove the arrow she had meant to fire into his shoulder. He snarled, back-handing her to the floor.

I tried to help, but two rotting hands grabbed my arms. I could Brelyna also being restrained by the thralls, as she tried to struggle free. The Galuderson revelled in his victory, giving a rasping laugh at the sight of us. Then, he faced me, sword in hand.

Perhaps I could Shout... no, I didn't have the energy... what else could I do? Maybe... I... I should have thought this through better... I could only watch as he raised the blade, to deliver the final blow...

Whizz! Thunk!

The sound of an arrow hitting a target caused me to look up. The Gaulderson was staggering around, clutching at an arrow embedded in his neck. No sooner had he pulled it out, two more followed in quick succession, one hitting his chest and one going straight into his right eye.

That was all it took. He swayed on the spot, then, fell to the ground in a dead heap. Simeltaneously, so did the thralls under his control, releasing myself and Brelyna from their grip.

"Sauron!" Brelyna was at my side in an instant, working a healing spell on my leg. I put my own energy into it, feeling the pain lessen. "Are you okay?"

"I'll be fine... now." I smiled gratefully at her. "That was brave, what you did there... thank you..."

"Always the tone of surprise." She gave me a warm smile, helping me to my feet. "That was far too close."

"Hard to argue with that. I take it those weren't your shots?" She confirmed this. "So... who...?"

"Look, there!" She pointed back the way we had come.

Standing at the entrance, crouched low, bow still in hand, was a cloaked figure in a hooded robe. I realised it was the same person from the Winking Skeever, at least I think it was. She now stood, and shouldered her weapon.

"Thank you, for your timely arrival," I called to her. "But... who are you?"

The figure said nothing. She began to stride up to us, still as graceful and still as quiet as before, her feet barely making a sound. I had my suspicions... until I saw something that hadn't been on display at the inn: a tail, furry and swinging behind her.

No... it couldn't be her... then, she pulled back her hood.

I gazed back into the face of a Khajiit. Her sleek fur was a silvery grey, with hints of brown splashed in places, like someone thought she could use more variety in colour. Gold rings glistened in her dark-coloured hair, as well as in her ears. Her eyes, however, were the most striking. They were of the brightes blue, shining a little in the darkness.

I felt utterly disbelieving. It was her.

"Hello, my brother," greeted Tash'arr, baring her fangs in a grin. "Long time, no see."

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Do not fear, for the adventure continues next time! Farewell for now!