Dear Avengers:

It has come to my attention that my actions toward you hitherto have been, perhaps, less than courteous. I desire to remedy this. You will find attached a token of my regards. I believe in the past he has caused some injury to my brother's short female companion by way of removing her musical device. I have taken the liberty of pulling his undergarments over his head, as my research indicates this is a common method of revenge amongst Midgard's youth.

With affection,


Dear Loki,

Greetings! I am gladdened that we are once again friends, my brother! Lady Darcy is much pleased by your actions, though the Fury was not. Also, Iron Man, my brother in arms, thanks you for placing his foes of the board in the Great River Hudson. He says that seeing them in the water gave him great joy. He did request, however, that in future you leave their garments on, as he says that the images of them naked could 'potentially jeopardise Stark Industries PR'. I do not understand what this means but he seems to think it important.

With great rejoicing,

Thor Odinson