Here is the epilogue. It does contain M rated content (so you've been warned) and takes place eight months after the last chapter. Hope you all enjoy!

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"I only just got back from risking life and limb and this is the first thing I see when I walk in the door?" Clint sounded disgusted but Tony ignored him in favour of leaning that little bit closer to his lover. It's not like they were doing anything too hardcore anyway. Although, he decided that the kitchen was becoming a little crowded when Thor followed Clint into the room. Reluctantly he pulled himself away from Loki and turned to face his colleagues. Thor wore the slightly pinched expression that meant he was enduring PDA for his brother's sake and nothing else.

"You went grocery shopping," Loki pointed out calmly "Hardly a mission of great inportance."

"Supermarkets are dangerous," Clint informed him.

"Because the vegetables are out to get you?" Tony asked sardonically as he began to pack away. Holding up the six, for Christ's sake, six boxes of poptarts he gave Thor a steady stare. The Asgardian said nothing, although he did have the grace to look slightly embarrassed. Loki laughed delightedly and something inside Tony rolled over and basked in the sound. Laughter came so much more easily to his lover and it was one of his favourite sounds.

"We're all going out tonight," Clint announced "Fury wants us to make an appearance at his latest fund raising thing so we'll be out late. You get off because he's still pissed at you."

"Lucky me," Tony smirked "He still refusing to believe us?"

"Think he believes you but he's ignoring you until he decides what to do with you both. Guy sure can hold a grudge." Tony caught Loki's frown out of the corner of his eye and decided he would have to sort that. Fury could sulk as much as he wanted but he was hurting Loki and the human wouldn't stand for that. He slid the last of the salad into the fridge and curled his fingers into the side of the God's shirt. Which was actually his shirt. He'd bought him new clothes but occasionally his lover chose to wear something of Tony's. He wasn't going to deny the thrill it gave him to see his shirts, still too big, on the other male's lean frame.

"I'm good," Loki said softly, leaning into the touch "I am well, Tony," he added when the human didn't look convinced. The sound of the door shutting was the only clue Tony had to Clint and Thor's retreat from the kitchen.

"Let's just have a quiet night in," the human suggested "Watch a movie, eat a pizza, take a long, relaxing soak. Enjoy time to ourselves."

"That sounds pleasant," the God sighed "I do not need your leader's approval but I must admit that I want it all the same." Tony said nothing but held him a little closer. He would definitely talk with Fury in the morning, he decided.

They stayed in and watched a movie that Tony couldn't even remember the name of. Halfway through the opening credits, Loki had shifted over with a mischevious smirk on his face and had proceeded to thoroughly distract the human. His kisses and caresses had ensured that Tony's attention did not wander from the male in his arms.

"I think," Loki began "That we should go to bed."

"Couldn't agree more," Tony sighed at the scrape of blunt nails across his chest, gentle over the scarring surrounding his arc reactor. He surged to his feet and pulled Loki along with him until they fell in a breathless, laughing heap on their bed. Tony was studiously relearning the lines of the God's half naked body when Loki caught his hands.

"Tony," he murmered "Tonight, I wish for things to be different. I wish for you to make love to me."

"Are you sure?" Tony whispered "I don't mind how we do things, you know that."

"I know," his lover murmered "I do wish to live in the shadow of past encounters any longer. I enjoy being inside you but I wish to experience it for myself. I have no fear of you. I have no fear of what we do together." And Tony could only nod once before he lost them both in drowning kisses. He lavished Loki's body with attention until the God was writhing beneath him, his words incoherant and only then did he start to prepare the other male. When Loki was stretched and slick and pliant beneath him he eased his way forward, kissing at the tiny wrinkles of discomfort on his forehead.

Loki couldn't think straight, couldn't see straight, past the waves of pleasure rolling over him. Tony was absolutely still against him and he reached up to pull at broad shoulders.

"It's good," he gasped as he realised that the human was waiting for his signal to proceed. "Please..." When Tony started to move he lost himself in the sensation, bucking up at pressure on a certain spot. He didn't even know what he was saying but he knew words were spilling out of his mouth. Words of love and endearment and need. When Tony shuddered above him, he realised how strongly the human was affected and the thought sent him spiraling over the edge. He dimly felt Tony follow him as he fell into crashing, shuddering pleasure that left him limp and warm and sated.

"Love you," he whispered when he found his voice "I love you, Tony."

"Love you, too," Tony murmered "Love you so much."

Tony adjusted their positions until they were wrapped around one another with Loki's back to his chest. He spared a thought for how uncomfortable they would be in the morning but, as Loki's breathing evened out and he fell into sleep, he decided against moving. "You're everything," he murmered and Loki's sleepy smile only went to prove what he had known long ago.

When he had decided to take a chance on his former enemy it had been the best chioce he could have made.


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