Title: Of Skinny Behinds and Dresses

Rating: T.

Genre: Friendship, humour, friendship.

Summary: If Joshua tried to hit on him one more time, Neku would hit him out of the café window into next week. Or month. Or year. He could dream, couldn't he? A series of drabbles involving the TWEWY cast, Neku, Joshua, Shiki, Beat and Rhyme.

Warnings: OOC-ness, spoilers, implied sexual activities (this is Joshua, people), not-funny humour, boys hitting on other boys (in more ways than one), etc.

Spoilers: For The World Ends With You, everything, really, bar the Secret Reports (I think). For Dream Drop Distance, only the first visit to Traverse Town. That's pretty much in the first hour, so no spoilers?

Characters: Neku, Joshua and Shiki.

A/N: You have no idea on how much I loved writing this. Despite the fact that I've never even played TWEWY, reading a whole bunch of stories convinced me to write this for no reason at all. It may turn into a series of random drabbles, we'll see. I apologize for any spelling errors, since MY WORD BROKE AND NOW I CANNOT CHECK SPELLING AND GRAMMAR STUPID WORDPAD RAWR. Ahem. If you see any, please do let me know.


Last, but not least; Ip, if you happen to be reading this, then this is for you. ;P

Hope you all enjoy! :)

.: of skinny behinds and dresses :.

"I think he prefers purple."

"You are far too skinny."

"And your behind has been getting less attractive by the second, dear."

Neku rolled his eyes at Joshua, but said nothing as he took another slip of his soda. The two of them were in a small café located in a street corner of Traverse Town, night hanging in the sky over the small world. Despite the fact that the Dream Eaters had mostly been taken care of, it still looked as if they weren't getting back home any time soon. Joshua had already finished his meal of ramen while moaning his whole way through it in ways that Neku wished he could block from his mind. Neku, meanwhile, was slipping through his first can of soda, the other can remaining open but unused on the table. They were thankfully sitting away from the few other people in the café, since Joshua would have gotten arrested long ago for sexually hassling Neku if they were near any others.

Well, he could hope.

"Still attractive enough for your standards; not that you have many in the first place."

"Oh, Neku!" Joshua giggled, holding a hand to his mouth in mock surprise. The orange-haired teenager barely resisted the urge to punch his friend in the nose. "If you're that eager to undress for me, then I will-"

Neku threw the reminder of the soda at the blond youth, glaring at him. "Don't even think about finishing that sentence." He pointedly pulled on his huge headphones over his ears, never once taking his eyes off Joshua.

"Oh, I don't need to," Joshua whispered into Neku's ear, having lifted the headphone covering it with ease. "I know that you'll finish it for me."


A few people looked up in time to see two teenagers wrestle each other to the ground, the orange-haired one positively screaming murder at the other one. However, Joshua only smirked, and casually rested his hand high up on Neku's shorts.

"Oh, Neku, I never knew you were that keen to-"

"Shut. Up."

Joshua sighed in through his nose, and then giggled. "Hehe, but it's so much fun~"

Neku snorted, but said nothing. He pushed himself back up onto the café chair without once glancing at the blond boy. Naturally, when something light and purple-coloured suddenly propped itself onto his lap, he screamed.


"-Oh, my dear proxy," Joshua said, followed by another light giggle which drew the attention of several other people in the small café. "You really shouldn't take other people's seats. It's very impolite and selfish. I thought you had changed. Clearly not."

"Joshua," Neku began slowly, his eye twitching. "This is my chair. Your chair is over there on the opposite side of the table. You just wanted to touch me, didn't you?"

"Of course not~" Joshua seemed to very pointedly ignore the fact that his hand was resting beside Neku's bottom, his messy hair brushing against Neku's cheek as he laid his head on Neku's shoulder. Neku, who had gotten used to his friend's questionable habits, sighed, and leaned back in his chair.

"But on a serious note," Joshua said. He took a quick sip out of Neku's second soda, or what was left of it, before continuing. "My name is on the chair."

"No it isn't."

"You're sitting on it." Joshua smirked. "Care to find out?"


"I just know you do."

"F-fine then!" Neku shoved his friend off onto the floor, who didn't look the least bit frazed by Neku's sudden movement. Glancing down, Neku's finger slowly traced over the words that were very clearly imprinted onto the base of the brown chair.

"Ownership of Yoshiya Kiryu, or Joshua. P.S. I'm still watching your behind, and I was lying when I said it was getting less attractive."


"Stop that, Neku," Joshua cut in with a tutting sound. "We are in an universe for children. If you swear, then even my lovely behind won't be able to save yours."

"Oh, sure." Neku sat back down again, humping when Joshua sat back onto his lap as soon as he sat down. "So you can hit on me all you want with your behind jokes, and it's fine, but as soon as I-" the teenager cut himself off with a frown.


"-What the f-"


"Okay, okay. But we're in a universe for children? What the h-"

"Neku." Now Joshua looked a bit cross. "What bit of no swearing does your pretty brain not get, dear?"

"Oh, so I can't even say hat now? Hat is now magically a swear word?"

"Dear, you were not going to say that earlier~"

"...But seriously, how come I can't swear?" Neku said, very smoothly avoiding the subject.

Joshua shrugged casually. "You are a mere human. I am a Composer. Therefore, I can do whatever I want, and you can't. Accept it. For all we know, there is some greater being out there, writing out our every movement, and this could be one more tiny, unimportant story for them."

Neku blinked a few times, slowly, and then wearily glanced to Joshua. "...Josh, did you have anything that might have made you high?"

"Hehe, of course not."

The bell to the cafe jiggled lightly, and then a familar redhead came through the door, a selection of colourful clothes hanging over her arm with Mr. Mew tucked safely underneath her other arm. When Shiki saw the two teenage boys in one chair together, a smirking Joshua on top of a blushing Neku, she raised an eyebrow, but only smiled.

"Hey guys! I brought some clothes to change into later! Man, Traverse Town is as busy as ever!" She sat down on the seat opposite them and laid out dark green shorts onto the table. "Do you think I should wear these instead of my skirt? I mean, they're better to move in, and my skirt tends to... you know."

"Fly up and show your panties?" Neku finished. The girl rubbed at her ear, blushing.

"Y-yeah... besides, the wind here is way stronger than it is in Shibuya."

"By the way, they're blue today."

Shiki pulled down the front of her skirt as much as she could. "H-hey! Stop peeking, dirty!"

"I can barely see from over Joshua's fat head!"

The boy in question turned to Neku with a smirk. "And here you were calling me skinny a few minutes ago. You really should get your eyes checked, dear."

"I am not your dear!"

"Shut up, dear." Another giggle.


"You two are so weird," Shiki muttered to herself with raised eyebrows, watching as Neku slapped Joshua on the head angrily and then attempted to throttle him with his headphones. "Why I am friends with you two again, please remind me..."

"Hehe. Dear, you are doing a pathetic job in trying to tickle me."


"It isn't working~"

Neku threw down the headphones in angry defeat and pouted. When he looked up again, he found a light pink dress draped over Shiki's arm. He pointed at it. "Who's that for? You don't like pink, and Rhyme doesn't wear dresses, does she..?" He didn't even want to imagine Beat parading around in a dress.

"Oh, no!" Shiki laughed in a tone that was far too cheerful for Neku's liking. "That's for Joshua."

The former Player struggled for words, despite the fact that he really should have seen it coming. "W-what..?"

Joshua, of all the things, batted his eyelashes at Neku with yet another girlish giggle. "Oh, dear, do you prefer pink or purple?"

Neku screamed, and slammed his head against the table as hard as he could.

Shiki blinked. "I think he prefers purple."