This is a very short sequel to "I know You Love Me" which was a sequel to "Casualties of War". This story is just three chapters long.

You don't have to read those stories to read this one. The only thing you need to know is that Hank lives with Booth and Brennan. This story takes place about six years after the end of "I Know You Love Me".

My Mom and I were watching Bones right after Christmas and she turned to me and said, "I wonder why Booth never wears his seat belt. He's a cop for crying out loud." Ah, a story was born."

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Booth had been looking forward to this evening all day. It was Friday evening and Parker was coming over to spend the next two weeks with him. Parker was going to be driving his new car, well new to Parker, and Parker was anxious to show it off to his Dad and Hank. The car was four years old and a birthday present to him from his mother. Booth had wanted to buy Parker his first car; but, Rebecca had pitched such a fit that Booth didn't think it was worth getting into a battle over. Parker hadn't really cared who had bought the car as long as he got one. He was a senior in high school and most of his friends owned cars.

Arriving at home, Booth pulled up into the drive way, beside what was probably Parker's car. The car was a four year old Ford Focus. It was red. Booth didn't approve of red cars. The cops liked to pick those off and too many people thought that they had to pass a red car. Booth drove black or navy colored cars and trucks. He had a green Mustang once; but, he had got rid of it because the parts got too expensive. Getting out of his truck, Booth walked around the car and inspected it. It seemed to be in pretty good shape. If it had been him, Booth would have bought Parker a truck; but, he obviously didn't get a say.


Walking into the house, Booth was met by his daughter, Christine.

"Dad," Christine said as she hurled herself at Booth. "Where've you been? Parker's here. He drove over in his new car. He said he would take me for a ride if it was ok with you. The car is red and I love red. When I get a car, can I have a red"

"Whoa," Booth said, "Take a breath Christine. I saw the car. We'll have to talk about you going anywhere with Parker. He's just turned seventeen."

Looking at Booth's frown, Christine said, "Aw come on Dad. Parker is a safe driver. You told me he got an "A" in driver's Ed and he's been driving by himself for six months."

Smiling, Booth said, "I know you think an A is the gold standard; but, I want to take a ride with him, in his new car, before I can even think about letting you go anywhere with him."

Standing in the kitchen doorway, Parker said, "Want to go for that ride now, Dad? Pops is waiting in the den for you to come home. He wants to check out my driving skills too."

Smiling, Booth walked over to Parker and hugged him. Booth knew that Parker hated to be hugged by him; but, Booth figured in a year or two, Parker wouldn't allow him to hug him any more so he did it while he could.

"I'm glad you're home, Parker," Booth said. "Go get Pops and we'll take that drive."

Smiling, Parker said, "Thanks, Dad."

Feeling his jacket being tugged, Booth looked down to see Christine looking up at him.

"Dad, can I come with you?" Christine asked.

"No way," Booth said. "I told you I need to ride with Parker first."

Nodding her head, Christine said, "I just wanted to check and see if you had changed your mind."

Shaking his head, Booth said, "No, you're checking to see if I forgot."

Smiling, Christine walked towards the kitchen to see if her mother would give her a snack.

"I'm not senile yet, Christine," Booth said.

Laughing, Christine walked into the kitchen.


Parker was very excited at the thought of driving his Dad and his great-grandfather in his car. He wanted to make a good impression. Besides his Mom, these two men were the most important people in his life and he wanted their approval.

Hank had wanted to ride shotgun so Booth was relegated to the back seat. He didn't mind. He just sat in the middle and peered over Parker's shoulder. This made Parker a little nervous and a lot more careful than he normally was. Parker decided to drive over to the freeway so that his Dad could see that he was careful even when he was driving at higher speeds. Coming to a red light, Parker stopped and waited for the light to turn green.

Booth patted him on the shoulder and said, "So far so good, Buddy." Leaning back, Booth said, "I know you're a good driver when you're in a borrowed car. I just wanted to make sure that didn't change in your own car."

Smiling, Parker said, "Nah, Dad. I think I'm even more careful now. Mom said that if I get a ticket for anything, she'll take the car away from me for a month."

Nodding, Hank said, "Good for her. Hey the red light turned to green."

Embarrassed that he didn't notice, Parker took his foot off of the brake and started to cross the intersection.

Without warning, everyone in the car felt the impact of something hitting the right rear part of the car. The impact to the car spun the small car around and changed the direction of the car so that it impacted against a light pole located on the opposite side of the street. The air bags had gone off and they pushed Parker and Hank back into their seats.

Shaking his head, Parker looked over to see if Hank was alright. Hank was rubbing his chest and seemed to be in some pain; but, all in all, he was ok. Very angry, Parker said, "I don't understand. What hit us? I had the green light. Did you see what happened, Dad? Dad?"

Not getting an answer, Parker pushed the air bag out of the way and unbuckled his seat belt. Turning around to get a look at his Dad, Parker saw Booth was unconscious on the back seat, blood running down the left side of his face.

Opening his door, Parker got out of his car as quickly as possible and then opened the back, left passenger door. "Dad? Dad are you alright?"

Not getting an answer, Parker got his phone out of his pocket and dialed 911.


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