Previously on Roswell:

[Episode 1]

Isabel sobbed and hugged Michael tighter afraid to let him go as well. "I'm sixteen and pregnant, it's not okay."

"Could be worse," said Michael.

"I'm carrying an alien baby inside of me, what could be worse."

[Episode 2]

Isabel looked at Nasedo with fear in her eyes. "Who was I? Back on our home planet I mean."

"Nasedo I need to know."

[Episode 3]

"What is this place Max," Valenti asked as he and the four teens entered the pod chamber.

"We're not exactly from around here," said Max.

"I wasn't there for you Iz. I was so busy worrying about how this would affect us as a group that I didn't stop to think about how you're feeling in all of this."

[Episode 4]

Isabel finally composed herself. "I'm… you're going to be… I'm pregnant," she said having at last put off the inevitable.

After what felt like a long moment of silence Phillip was the first to speak up. "Is this some kind of joke," he asked.

"It's not a joke," said Isabel.

"What do you want?"

Kivar moved to stand in front of her. "You," was all he said.

"Vilandra is dead," she said.

"No she's not. She's within you. Don't fight it."

"I'll fight as long as I have to."

[Episode 5]

"We have to do something about this Maxwell. We have to get them out of there."

[Episode 6]

"Exactly. And Maxwell she understands me, I don't have to change who I am and she accepts that. When I'm with her things feel different somehow, it's easy but she challenges me too. I don't have to try with her because it feels so natural."

"You're in love with my sister," Max said matter of fact.

"It's not Kevin. It's Kivar, Michael."

"Why didn't you say something," he asked taking a seat next to her.

"I couldn't Michael. I was bound."

Michael looked at Isabel and wiped away her tears with his fingers. "I want to be with you Iz and not just because of the baby. I think I've always wanted that."

"I have too," she admitted.

[Episode 7]

"Stay the hell away from me."

"Kyle calm down I'm here to help."

"Help, it's because of you that I'm in this mess!"

"They've got her Maxwell. They took Isabel. They took her and my son. I failed her."

And now the series finale of Roswell Refuge