It's in the Blood

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Summary: Shae had always been a little scared of her father, who wouldn't be scared of Councilman Tarrlock? He's a scary man. But no one really knew him like Shae did…He could be loving, she knew he loved her, but he was just so strict, so demanding. He always pushed his beliefs on her, his waterbending style, his goals, everything he wanted, she had to do. But when she started to rebel his wishes…well things got bad, and she disappeared from Republic City for two years, but now she's back, and things have changed…quite a bit.

Two Years Ago

Tahno had never seen a girl quite like Shae. She was different from all the other girls in republic city, both in looks and personality. She had strikingly pale skin, freckles were scattered across her face, her bright blue eyes seemed to glow from the dark blue dress she wore, her golden hair pulled to the side, long curls flowing down her right shoulder, her other shoulder exposed, milky white skin calling to him. He brought the glass to his lips and chugged down the rest of his champagne handing it over to the closest person to him before swaggering over to her, stopping when he spotted the arena's janitor, Mako, tapping her shoulder, faking to her left when she turned to her right, then did the same when she turned to her left before he finally spun her around, the two laughing at each other before they embraced. He narrowed his eyes, wondering how that street rat had managed to get into such an elite party, and how he knew a girl like Shae. Tahno flipped his hair, his eyes moving away from Shae as she and Mako locked hands. He noticed that her father, chairman Tarrlock, was watching his daughter closely, his eyes narrowed as he watched her move to the dance floor with Mako, and Tahno smirked, knowing now was his time to intervene. Tahno walked over to the dancing couple, his hand going to the small of Shae's back, making her jump a little as Mako glared at him.

"Could I cut in? I have something very important to discuss with my girlfriend." Tahno looked over at Mako, and he glared at him before turning his attention back to Shae, and she gave him a small smile, closing her eyes when the fire bender leaned in, pressing a kiss to her forehead. Mako let go of Shae, and pushed passed Tahno, purposely bumping their shoulders and Tahno gritted his teeth, knowing that Tarrlock was watching him, and he had to impress the misses father. Tahno took Mako's place once he left, heading over to his younger brother who was making a complete pig of himself over at the buffet.

"So, I see you've been fraternizing with the help." He smirked when she rolled her eyes, her hand placed lightly on his shoulder, as he took her other hand in his, his left hand resting on her waist.

"Don't be a jerk Tahno, Mako's my friend, so is Bolin and I am not your girlfriend." Shae said looking up at him with a raised eyebrow before she smiled looking over at the two janitors of the arena as they showed one of the younger children at the party a trick their stupid rat could do, and Tahno scoffed shaking his head.

"Friends, right, you always were one to be interested in people lower than you." Tahno said with a shrug of his shoulders, making Shae glare at him and he took the opportunity to pull her closer, spinning them around before he dipped her.

"What are you doing?" Shae gripped his arms tightly, and Tahno smirked shrugging a little as he moved a bit closer, glancing out of the corner of his eyes as he saw Mako staring.

"Nothing," He murmured, and brought her back to her feet, his hands going to her hips, pulling her close. "You don't want him Shae." Tahno breathed into her ear, moving his hand to her neck, his fingers running along her skin, a trail of heat leaving in their wake. "You want me, you know you do."

Shae let out a shaky breath and she pulled away, smiling at Tahno weakly as she tried to control the pounding in her chest, "You know I never know what I want Tahno…I think I'm going to go home now…I can feel father's eyes on me." She says quickly, glancing over at Tarrlock as he made his way towards the exit, and Shae followed after him quickly, pushing past Mako when he reached for her wrist, not stopping to say goodbye to him.

Present Day

Mako shook his head as he let out a breath, wiping the sweat of his brow with the back of his hand, glancing around from his work beneath him. He'd been helping out at the factories, fixing up old machines that didn't work for a bit of extra cash.

He threw the dirty rag over his shoulder, tightening up the last bolt before the closing time bell sounded, and he headed to the locker rooms with the other workers. This was a typical day for him, wake up, make breakfast for himself, Bolin, and Pabu, make sure Bolin made it to his classes then went to his job for the week. His line of worked varied, he never stayed at one place long, always switching his professions to keep the money coming in from what he had left of his family. Bo was all he had, so he was going to make sure that they were living well, It's not what he wanted for his baby brother, but it was the best he could do right now, and the brothers were content. Especially since they were now old enough to form a Pro-Bending team, and that's just what they had done last year, the Fire Ferrets, the rookies of the Pro-Bending arena.

Mako sighed, opening up his locker and threw the dirty rag in it, pulling out the clean one and wiped his face off, pulling his tank top over his head and tossed it in the bag on the bench behind him, pulling his spare one on, followed by the rest of his clothes. Once he cleared out all the things from his locker he reached for his father's scarf, pulling it close to face, breathing in the scent that barely clung to the fabric, it was all he had left to remember his dad, other than the memories. Mako wrapped the scarf around his neck, glancing at the mirror, his eyes going to the picture that was wedged behind it.

"Wonder where you are now," Mako murmured to himself, taking the picture of Shae out of the locker, holding it between his fingers as he looked down at her smiling face as she hugged a much smaller Pabu and Bolin to her. It had been five years since he last saw her at her father's party, she had invited him and Bolin, and he barely had the chance to talk to her before she left, and vanished from Republic City. Mako had asked around, no one knew where she was, not her closest friends, not her water bender trainers, not even Tahno knew where she was, which was pretty shocking to Mako since he had watched Shae like a hawk. There were rumors that her father, Chairman Tarrlock, sent her away because she was carrying the Wolfbat's bastard child, but Mako knew better, he knew that Shae would never let that happen. But he did think Tarrlock sent her away, he wasn't sure why, but Tarrlock would never speak with him to give him the answer, he was always to busy to deal with Shae's friends.

Mako shut his locker, tossing the picture into bag before he zipped it up, and threw it over his shoulder heading towards the boss's office, he knocked once before peeking his head in the boss eyes going wide as Mako raises an eyebrow as someone hits their head on the desk, before she stood up quickly, Mai, the secretary straightening out her shirt.

"Ah…I couldn't find my earring." She says quickly, before leaving the room quickly wiping her mouth, making Mako shudder at the thought.

"Do you need something Mako?" The man growled turning back in his chair, smoothing out his thin hair, straightening his tie as Mako shrugged.

"I was just stopping by to say that I'm quitting, it's been great and all, but I found a place that pays better." Mako smiled a little before moving out of the doorway, closing the door behind him. He shook his head chuckling as he passed Mai in the hall, her face still as red as the short skirt she wore.

Mako walked outside the factory, sighing in relief of the cool breeze that greeted him, the moon lighting up the dark corners that the street lights didn't touch. He smiled and headed towards the ferries that would take him to the Arena, choosing to take his time on his walk there. He knew Bolin was most likely asleep by now, and he had kept left overs for him to heat up just in case he would be home late.

That was another thing Bolin had to have been used to by now, staying at home by himself. Ever since their parents were killed Mako had to do all he could to keep them fed, to keep money in their pockets, and roofs over their heads. It was harder when they were just kids, Bolin hated when Mako left, he was afraid that he'd never come back, like their parent, but once Mako bought Pabu for Bolin on his eighth birthday, things got better.

Mako hadn't been paying attention to where he was walking, and he hadn't seen the small girl running down the street in a hurry, crashing straight into his chest, making them both fall to the ground.

"Get up, Get up, I'm so sorry I ran into you but you can stay here!" The girl shouted, her voice was oddly familiar and Mako helped her stand back up quickly watching as she tugged on his hand, looking around frantically.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Mako asked gripping her arms tightly as she pushed her blonde curly hair from her face, looking up at Mako her eyes going wide. "Shae?" Mako's jaw dropped as he took in her appearance, she'd grown since he remembered, she didn't seem as innocent as before, she had…filled out more.

"Mako…I…It's so great to see you again, but there are men, and they're chasing me, and we need to find Chief Bei Fong." Shae's voice was frantic, and she tugged on Mako's arm, trying to get him to go with her, but before they could leave two chi blockers walked out of the shadows, Mako stepping in front of Shae.

"You need water," He said quickly throwing a punch at one of the chi blockers that charged at them, the flame hitting him in the chest, sending him into the other blocker. Mako grips Shae's hand and turns, starting down the alley being stopped by two more chi blockers.

Shae looks around frantically, spotting a sewer pipe nearby grimacing a little before she pulled her hand from Mako's, and pulled the water from the sewer drain, freezing it into shards and threw them at the blockers, pinning them to the wall. She turned as the other Chi Blockers got to their feet, and were heading towards them, throwing a wave of water at them, freezing it once it went over them.

"Come on!" Shae grabbed Mako's hand and dragged him away from the scene, towards where she'd been running from.

Mako could barely believe it, less than five minutes ago he'd been enjoying his walk home, and now he was running away from chi blockers, holding hands with Shae of all people. He had a urge to pinch himself, just in case this was all a dream but the fantasy Shae was dragging him down the wooden dock, and then jumped into old man Yin's ferry before he could do anything, two landing on the backs again as Yin yelled at the two for the rowdiness on his boat.

They were breathing heavily, trying to catch their breaths as the old man started to the front of the ship, heading towards the arena and Shae looked over at Mako, the two catching each other's gaze before she busted out laughing, the sound and sight of her laughing making Mako start to laugh just as loud, the two leaning on each other for support.

Once they had calmed down Mako turned to look at Shae, shaking his head, "Where did you go?" He questioned, and Shae chewed on the inside of her lip shrugging a little.

"Out of the city, to the Northern Water Tribe, dad wanted me out for a while." Shae murmured leaning her head back against the side of the boat, "I missed the city, and the North Pole is extremely cold, just in case you weren't aware of it." She chuckled shaking her head and Mako smiled a little, not able to look away from her. It had been so long since he'd seen her, he had loved her…Of course everyone one loved her; there was just something about her that made everyone want to be near her. "I listened to you and Bolin in the pro-bending arena." Shae said smiling as Mako looked up at her surprised, "You guys always win." She grins and Mako smiles blushing a little.

"I don't know about always, but we are pretty good." Mako said shrugging a little making Shae laugh again, he really liked her laugh.

"Don't be so modest Mako, as long as you don't turn into Tahno you can boast." Shae said with a nod and Mako frowned, nodding slowly as he looked down at his hands.

"When did you get back?" Mako asked quietly and Shae shrugged glancing up at the stars.

"Yesterday, dad didn't want me to leave the house though, he said it was dangerous." She laughed again shaking her head, "Guess he was right."

Mako looked over at her, "Why were they after you? The equalists normally don't just chase down benders for no reason."

"I'm Tarrlock's daughter Mako; Amon could use me to get my father off of his back." Shae bit her lip, shuddering at the thought of being captured by Amon. "I can't tell my dad about this, and you can't tell anyone." Shae said standing up holding her hand out to Mako, "If he found out he'd send me away again." Mako nods and takes a hold of Shae's hand, letting her pull him up, not letting go of her hand.

"Shae," Mako placed a hand on her shoulder, making her look back up at him, "I've missed you, you know?" Shae smiles a little and cups his cheek in her hand, smiling a bit more when he leaned into her touch.

"I've missed you to Mako, so much." Mako smiles, and moves his hand up to her neck, gripping it tightly as he leaned down some, expecting her to lean forward to meet his lips, but she turns her head, making him place a kiss on her cheek before she pulls away from him.

"I need to go," She says quietly walking over to the edge of the boat.

"What? Why? Bolin will want to see you, and it's dangerous." Mako said quickly, walking over to her and Shae places a hand on his chest stopping him. She stands on her toes, and presses a kiss to the side of his mouth.

"I'll come see you tomorrow, both of you." She smiled weakly before turning from him and jumped into the water. Mako watched as he saw her swim away, using her bending to go faster and soon she was nowhere to be seen.

"Well you sure blew that one Mako," Mako sighed at the sound of Yen's voice and he turned looking to see the old man leaning against the controls of the boat, smirking.

"Don't say anything." Mako said shaking his head and dropped down to the seat, crossing his arms over his chest, his face still hot from the kiss she left.