It's In The Blood

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Warnings: Sexual Content, Adult Themes, Dark Themes, Violence, Profanity

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Summary: Shae had always been a little scared of her father, who wouldn't be scared of Councilman Tarrlok? He's a scary man. But no one really knew him like Shae did…He could be loving, she knew he loved her, but he was just so strict, so demanding. He always pushed his beliefs on her, his water bending style, his goals, everything he wanted, she had to do. But when she started to rebel his wishes…well things got bad, and she disappeared from Republic City for two years, but now she's back, and things have changed…quite a bit.

Tahno let out a bored sigh as he pretended to listen to one of his 'fans' chatter away in his ear, she was pretty enough, but she was clingy, annoying, and honestly she just bothered him. Narook's Seaweed Noodlery was Tahno's favorite restaurant in Republic City, and he'd been going there since he first came to Republic City, he knew all the faces in the shop, and obviously they all knew who he was, but no one ever caught his attention, not since Shae. He'd met her when he was eighteen, he'd just started his pro-bending team, they won their first match and Tahno took the team to Narook's to celebrate when he first saw her.

Tahno was sitting with Shaozu, Ming, and a few other friends, sharing drinks, and eating Narook's fine food in celebration of the White Falls Wolfbats first victory. He'd been proud of himself, proud of his team, and truthfully he was enjoying the attention. Back home he was just like everyone else, and hardly ever got noticed, but here in Republic City, everyone noticed him, and he loved it. He slammed glasses with Ming, the intoxicating drink inside spilling out some before they chugged it down then slammed the glass down on the table, laughing as they did so. Tahno hadn't been paying much attention to the girls that were sitting around him, or any of the girls in the shop, until bell at the door sounded at least making him look up just as a young girl with golden hair walked in.

"That's Chairman Tarrlok's daughter," Sahozu told him, both men watching as the girl walked over to Narook behind the counter, greeting him happily as she took a seat, "Her name's Shae, she's one of the best waterbenders in the City, and she's sixteen." Tahno smirked a little, nodding as he watched Shae look around the room, meeting his eyes, her cheeks turning pink before she looked away again.

"I'll be right back," Tahno said and stood up moving passed a few of his fans that congratulated him, and he thanked them warmly, before leaning against the counter beside the girl glancing over at her from the corner of his eye. He's never seen someone with so many freckles he thought to himself, trying to get a good look at her without her noticing. She didn't resemble Tarrlok in the slightest, except maybe her eyes, they were a brilliant shade of blue that looked just like the councilman.

"Do you need something?" Tahno smiled as he heard the soft voice that fell from her lips, looking down at the bar before looking over at her.

"No not really," He said smiling, before extending his hand out to her, "I'm Tahno." He said and Shae smiles a bit and took his hand, shaking it slowly.

"Shae," She said glancing up at him when he pulled her hand towards his lips, pressing a kiss to her knuckles and she laughs a little, knowing that she must have blushed. "Well, the Wolfbat is a gentleman is he?" She teased taking her hand back as he sat on the stool beside her.

"Ah, so you have heard of me." Tahno said with a smile and Shae shrugged, running her finger along the rim of her glass.

"Sure I have, I was at the match. You're pretty good, for a swap boy." She whispered the last bit and Tahno's eyes widened some making her laugh, "Don't worry Tahno, your secret's safe with me. Though I don't understand why you'd want it to be a secret, some of the best waterbenders are from the Swamp Tribe." Shae smiles at him, leaning against her hand as he shrugs.

"I came to the city for a new start, that place is my past, and I want to keep it there." He frowns a little looking over at her, "How did you know?" Shae's lips twitched trying to keep from smiling and she brought her finger up, tapping her temple.

"I know things," She joked shrugging, "I am a mind bender, and I just bent your mind and learnt your whole life story." Tahno chuckles shaking his head as Narook set a drink it front of him, and he thanked him taking a sip. "But if you really want to know, my father keeps files on everyone in the city, sometimes I like to be nosy."

"Well why me then," Tahno smiled as he watched her purse her lips, "Why'd you decided to be nosy and read about me?"

"Because Tahno is a funny name," She said with a shrug, "I have no reason, you just looked interesting, I mean the way you style your hair, it just screams 'full of mystery'." She laughed as he did, leaning towards him some, "And I love to solve a good mystery." Tahno smirked leaning towards her now as well.

"Well I promise you something little girl, I am one mystery you won't be able to solve."

Tahno frowned when he was pulled away from his memories of Shae by the clinging of the doorbell, and he looked up his eyes falling upon a girl with long golden locks, and his eyes widened. Tahno watched as Narook turned around, the man's eyes widening before he leaned over the counter and pulled the girl into a big hug, almost pulling her over the counter before he let go of her. It couldn't be her…Shae was gone, Tarrlok told him that she was never going to come back, that he should just give up on her. But he'd never seen another girl with hair so light, or with so many freckles. It was her, she was actually there. Tahno stood up slowly, ignoring the girl beside him as she called after him as he walked towards Shae, seeing her shoulders tense up when she noticed him behind her. He leaned against the counter beside her, holding up two fingers, his way of asking Narook for a drink, never looking away from Shae.

"Do you need something," He did his best to ignore that cringe in his chest at the sound of her soft voice, using the same playful tone she had always carried with him and he smiled.

"No, not really." Tahno reached over, tilting her face to look at him, smiling a bit. "You're back." He breathed and Shae smiles a little nodding, reaching up and pulled his hand from her face.

"Yeah, I had to go away for a while, family drama." Tahno glanced down at their hands before Shae pulled back, folding her hands together in her lap.

Tahno took a seat beside her, scooting his stool a little closer, "When did you get back, why didn't you come see me?" Tahno whispered quietly, and Shae looked up at him shrugging.

"Yesterday," She said quietly and sighed, glancing back over at the table he'd been sitting at, where the girl that was talking to him was glaring from afar, "And I did come to see you, but she answered your door."

Tahno smirked a bit, "You sound jealous Shae." Shae glared over at him rolling her eyes.

"I saw Mako yesterday," She said and Tahno raised an eyebrow at her messily attempt to anger him, "He saved me."

Tahno raised an eyebrow, "He saved you?" He said in a mocking tone and Shae nods smiling a bit.

"Chi blockers were chasing me, I ran into Mako, and we took them down." Shae shrugs bring her glass to her lips, Tahno nodding.

"Well I'm surprised the little Fire Ferret didn't get his ass kicked, he's a bit sloppy with bending." Tahno shrugs and Shae rolls her eyes sighing as she climbed off her stool.

"I'm going to walk home now." She says and Tahno stands up, towering over her.

"You just told me you were attacked by chi blockers, and now you want to walk home this late in the night, by yourself?" Tahno raised an eyebrow and Shae shrugged, "How about you come back to my place, maybe I could give you a few more lessons, you must be out of practice after two years in the North." Tahno watched as Shae's cheeks flushed and he reached for her hand pulling her a bit closer.

"H-How about you just walk me home." She breaths, turning her head when his face got to close to hers and Tahno smirked nodding once.

"Sure, why not." Shae nods slowly and pulls her hand from Tahno's, she waves goodbye to Narook then hurries out of the shop, Tahno following close behind her.

Tahno glanced down at her from of the corner of his eye, watching as she hugged the black coat she wore closer to her body, shivering a little. He shrugged off his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders, smiling when Shae blushed, when he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Why did he send you to the North Pole?" Shae bit her lip shrugging a little not sure how to answer his question. Her father had sent her away for many reasons, must of them she couldn't tell Tahno.

"He thought I'd be safer, and he wanted to keep me away from you." Shae looked up at Tahno as he laughed shaking his head.

"And here I thought that the Councilman liked me." He joked making Shae smile. "Well he's going to have to deal with me being around you, I need another groupie you know."

Shae glared rolling her eyes at him, "I think I'm more inclined to root for the Fire Ferrets." Tahno laughed, his arm moving down to wrap around her waist, "The Fire Ferrets are a poor excuse of a pro-bending team, they've had their lucky street, but it's going to end before they even get the chance of making it to the tournament."

"I don't know Tahno, Mako is an amazing bender, so is Bolin, and Hasook isn't to bad either." Shae said shaking her head, "And you do realize Swamp Boy that you were in their place once, when you first started out."

Tahno scrunches his nose up when she refers to him as swamp boy, "Yes, well I was better than them when I first started out, and I still am better than them."

Shae sighs, "Tahno your big ego really diminishes all the other good qualities you have." Tahno smirked and moved to stand in front of her stopping her from walking forward.

"What other good qualities are these?" Shae laughs a little shaking her head as she tries to move passed Tahno, but he stepped in her way, the playful smirk never leaving his lips.

"Tahno you know what good qualities you have, which might be why you're so arrogant." She says putting a hand on her hip as Tahno pondered the thought.

"Well as true as that is, I'd still rather hear you say what you think they are." He takes a step forward, moving so they were only inches apart and Shae looked up at him, fighting off the heat rising to her cheeks as much as possible.

"I'm not going to feed your ego." She murmurs, biting her bottom lip as Tahno smiles a bit, reaching up to brush some hair from her face, his hand going to her neck.

"Won't you say you missed me?" Shae stared up at him, shivering as he moved his hand down her neck, to her arm, the reached inside the jackets she wore, gripping her waist and pulled her close to him.

"Only if you do first." Tahno smiled leaned down, pressing his lips to the side of her mouth, moving his lips to her cheek, to her jaw, and down to her neck where he nipped at her pulse point gently, smirking against her skin when she let out a small moan.

"I've missed this." Tahno whispered into her ear, before moving forward some, his other hand going to her waist pushing her back until they reached the stone wall, and he pressed himself against her, his lips going to hers.

Shae didn't respond at first, her mind was buzzing with thoughts, and her heart was pounding but when tugged at her bottom lip, pressing himself against her again she gasped giving him the opportunity to deepen the kiss, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers going into his hair to pull him closer kissing him back slowly.

Shae wanted this, she wanted Tahno to touch her, to kiss her, to hold her but he hadn't said he missed her, he said he missed this, the physical part, and when it finally dawned on her she turned her head, her lips swollen, her hair a mess and her breathing labored.

"I-I have to go home Tahno." She managed to get out, biting her lip when he nipped at the tender skin on her neck, his hands going down to her thighs.

"Come home with me, it's much closer." Tahno pulled back some, moving his hands to cup her face, making her look up at him, "I'll make it worth your while, I swear."

Shae sighs closing her eyes and took his hands, pulling them from her face, "I need to go home, my father will figure out I'm gone soon." She mumbles pulling from his hold, "I'll see you around Tahno." Shae bit her lip glancing down at her wrist he'd grabbed a hold to before she could get away.

"Shae," Tahno bit his lip letting go of her wrist, "Don't disappear on me again." Shae smiles weakly, and nods before turning her back to him.