NOTE: This is my idea for an Iron Fist movie. As with a movie, some aspects of the original comic had to be changed for narrative purposes but I hope you enjoy it. Be on the look out for my Luke Cage movie fic as well. And yes, there will be a "Heroes For Hire: The Movie" fic.

Hong Kong...

A private plane sits on a Hong Kong airstrip with a company logo on its side: RAND CORP. Inside the hangar, a young couple load their backpacks along with their young son. These are the Rands: Wendel, Heather, and Daniel. Wendell and Heather are joint CEO's of the Rand Corp., a manufacturing company. Daniel is a thin, blonde haired boy, nose deep in a "Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu" comic.

Wendell shoves the last bit of clothes in his suitcase, "Hey Danny, can you give me a hand with this?".

He tosses the comic to the side, "Sorry, Dad," and helps his father close the massive suitcase, zipping it shut.

"Your mother packs more and more clothes every trip we take," Wendell chuckles.

"I heard that," Heather responds with a wry smile, "You keep it up and you'll find yourself walking back to New York. Did you forget who flies the plane?"

"You think we can take a cab from Hong Kong to New York?," Wendell sarcastically asks his son.

"You can just get another plane, Dad" Danny responds with a smile, "Maybe we can buy an entire airline so we can fly anywhere we want."

Wendell shrugs, "Makes good business sense," he turns to Heather, "Must take after me."

"Hey, we're on vacation. No business talk."

"Dad, isn't that Mr. Meachum?," Danny asks as a suited gentleman enters the hangar.

Harold Meachum is a man in his late thirties, Vice President of Rand Corp. He is a somewhat heavyset man with an expensive suit, "Well if it isn't the Rands. Hello, Wendell, Heather. How's it going, Danny?" Wendell stands up to shake his hand, "I didn't expect to see you here, Harold."

"Our Chinese clients wanted to meet in person so I decided to make a pitstop, see how your vacation was going," Harold explains, "How's China?"

"It's awesome!," Danny exclaims, "We saw Hong Kong and next, Mom's gonna fly us to see the Great Wall."

"Sounds great. I bet you're excited."

Heather appears slightly annoyed, "Y'know it's funny, I was just telling the boys that business talk wasn't allowed on vacation. I sould have sent you the memo before we left."

"Okay, the Vice President of the company is not allowed, I understand," Harold raises his hands in mock surrender, "Tell ya what, I can get some of the guys at the airport here to look at your plane before you take off. Make sure everything's in tip top shape so you don't have to do it yourselves."

"We can do it," Heather explains, still somewhat annoyed, "We always do."

"I insist. It's my way of making up for imposing on your vacation."

"Ah, why not, honey," Wendell asks, "We always do it ourselves. We can sit this one out, take a rest before we head out."

"Great. These guy took care of my jet the last time I was here and they know what they're doing," Harold explains as he backs out of the hangar, "Take it easy and relax. The plane will be ready in fifteen minutes, tops."

Heather turns to Wendell with a sigh. Meanwhile, Danny watches as Meachum speaks quietly with a technitian beside their plane. They both turn, looking at the family before continuing to talk. "Why is Harold here?," Heather asks dryly. Meachum and the technitian shake hands, Meachum giving him a pat on the back before they walk away. "He just dropped by for a visit," Wendell asures her, "There's no harm in that." The technitian is joined by others as they do maintenance on their plane, Meachum walking away silently. "I wanted quality time with the family, away from work," Heather groans. "This is quality time," Wendell smiles, pulling her in for a kiss. As Danny watches Meachum leave the area, he gives him a slight smile and a wave before leaving his line of sight. Danny waves back quietly and rejoins his parents.

Minutes later, the technitian returns to the hangar and cheerfully informs his father, "Your plane is ready, Mr. Rand."

"Let's go," his father gathers up as many bags as he can carry while he and his mother carry the rest as they make their way to the plane. Hours later, the family is in the air, high over snowy mountains. It's night now. Heather sits in the pilot seat with Wendell as co-pilot. He checks the back of the plane and sees Danny fast alseep wth his comicbook on his lap.

"So when do you think we'll reach the airport?," Wendell asks.

"We should get there by morning."

"Need me to fly so you can take a nap?"

"I'm good. Thanks, honey."

"Well, if you're not going to sleep, I think I will."

Suddenly, the plane drops suddenly and jolts back up. It's enough to shake Danny awake. "Turbulance?," Wendell asks. A worried look crosses Heather's face, "No... something's wrong." The plane drops again. Heather pulls up hard, only for the plane to begin rattling.

Danny climbs toward the cockpit, "What's happening?".

"It's nothing, buddy," his dad reassures him, "Go back to sleep."

The plane drops again, smoke billowing out the back. Inside the cockpit, the engine failure warning signal lights up. Danny stares, worried. Heather and Wendell look at one another. Heather nods, slightly. Wendell opens the parachute compartment. A takes a chute out, noticing there is only one. He looks back at his wife.

"There aren't any chutes!," he tells her, trying his best to remain calm.

"I had three," she says, almost in a whisper.

"Can you land?"

"I... I can try."

The plane drops again. Danny begins to cry slightly but his father holds him by the shoulders. He puts on a brave face as he hands a bag to his son.

"Danny, do you remember what's in this bag?," he asks.

"It's emergency stuff," Danny says quietly, "But why..."

"It's your passport, food rations, blanket, flashlight, and a signal flare. You remember when we went camping last summer?"


"Okay, we're gonna have to land. When we get out, it's gonna be just like last summer."

"But why were you looking for the parachutes?"

"We thought we had to jump, but now... well, we're gonna have to land."

The plane dips down again, flying far too low as more signals light up. Heather struggles with the controls. Wendell straps his son into his seat tightly and Danny instantly buries his head between his legs. The plane jolts and Wendell is thrown back to the front of the plane. He manages to crawl into the co-pilot's seat in time to help take controls as they pull the plane to the side in order to avoid hitting the face of a cliff. They notice a mountain plateau nearby which seems long and wide enough to possibly land a plane; they silently nod to each other, then hold on as hard as possible, putting the landing gears down as more smoke pours out the back. The plane flies over the plateau, blowing snow out of its way as it glides in for a rough landing. It hits the ground hard, jostling everyone inside, then slides along the ground hard, its nose dipping down too low. The propellor hits rock, snapping off with a quick burst of flames. The plane spins in a circle toward the edge of the plateau just before one of its engines bursts into flame, forcing it on its side just enough that it smashes the tip of the opposite wing into the ground. This slows the momentum of the plane as it is pushed just to the tip of the edge, overlooking a massive canyon below.

Danny raises his head, peering into the cockpit. His mother sobs softly while hunched over his father who hangs limply from his seat. He unbuckles his seat belt and stands up, only for the plane to rock, its damaged nose peeking over the edge to the ground below. Heather raises up, apparently not wanting Danny to see his father, "Danny, don't come any closer!"

The plane tilts forward, threatening to topple over the edge. His mother carefully climbs out of her seat. Danny stays frozen, his bag clutched tightly to his chest. "Danny, I want you to carefully open the door," she tells him quietly. Danny complies. The plane pushes a few stones off the edge. Danny stands a few feet from the ground, the cold wind blowing by. His mother gently comes toward him, carefully reaching out to him... only for the plane to lurch forward, bringing her back to the floor. The plane begins to slip.

"Danny, jump!," his mother screams.

When he doesn't answer, she lunges forward, pushing him out of the door. Danny hits the snow below just as the plane falls off the edge completely. He turns around in time to see his mother's sorrow filled face as she falls along with the plane to the darkness below. Danny doesn't see or hear the crash but he closes his eyes tightly as tears begin to fall.

As he sits on the cliff, the fog rolls away behind him, revealing something behind it. Tall, red spires are the first visible objects.. The fog continues to move, showing an ancient-looking temple with Chinese architecture. It is surrounded by similar strutucres as the fog uncovers more and more of it. The city covers the entire plateau and even extends to some of the lower shelfs of the mountain. It's an old, majestic city that shines brightly even at night. The fog disappears, replaced completely with a city that did not, nor could not exist moments earlier. Danny continues to close his eyes, his head bowed toward the cliff, completely unaware of the sight behind him.

Soon, two figures approach. A hand extends, lightly touching Danny's shoulder. He spins around, falling on his backside. Two Asian men in monk's garbs stand above him and are seemingly just as surprised to see him. Danny cocks his head to the side and notices the city behind them. The two monks look at each other silently as if contemplating what to do with the boy.