"Welcome, everybody, to your first day of the junior year elective Ancient Greece. This year we'll be studying Ancient Greece, starting with a unit on their mythology, then a unit on their language, then the Odyssey, and we'll finish the year with a mock-Ancient-Olympics. Sound good?"

Percy smirks from his seat at the back of the room. Sounds great. When he'd seen this class as one of the options, he knew he absolutely had to take it. Easy A, for sure. Mythology, easy. Language, easier. And Olympics? Well, if camp had trained him for anything...

Annabeth will be disappointed, he realizes, that he's taking such an easy class. It'll all be review. But frankly, as a dyslexic, ADHD demigod, any easy class is a weight off his shoulders. He has more important things to worry about than school right now anyway.

The teacher, Ms. Kane (he's already checked, not a monster), clears her throat loudly. "Now then, to start off, I thought we might do a little exercise to get an idea of how much you all know about Ancient Greek mythology. Please take out a piece of paper and pen and write down every name, every city, everything you can possibly remember about Greek Mythology. Hopefully your list will be long. Take all the time you need."

After a moment everybody is quietly writing. Carl, the boy beside Percy, taps him on the shoulder.

"Hey, do you have a pen I could borrow?"

"Sure," says Percy absently, passing him a bronze pen. "Here- I mean, NO!" He screams rather loudly, causing the rest of the class to turn and look at him.

He laughs uneasily and takes back the pen. "Here, um, take this one instead." He gives away a black plastic pen and pockets the bronze one. "Sorry."

In about five or ten minutes, most of the class is done with their list. But Percy's still going strong, filling up sheet after sheet of paper with names, scrawling in margins. This is actually quite fun. Although after five years of camp and many quests, he has too many names to write. By the end of the class, he's still writing, the rest of the class crowded around his desk, watching in fascination.

"How on Earth do you know so much?" asks one student.

"Just a hobby," he smiles wryly.

"What are the asterisks, next to only some of the names?" Ms. Kane asks.

"Oh, those are the ones I've met- I mean, um," he coughs, "the ones with the cool names."

A/N: Hey y'all, a really short drabble-ish chapter. Based off of two headcanons on the headcanon tumblr, #823 and #245 (which, for the record, was my submission and original idea). So yeah, um... credit to myself and the submitter of #823, unfortunatelyoriginal.