Everyone over the age of 18 dissapeared in the blink of a eye in Alicante. Both shadowhunters and downworlders lost their powers, and there was more demon activity. Rivals formed, gangs arised.

All hell was arised within a year.

(A.N: None of the characters from the book have any knowledge of one another, apart from Clary and Simon, Izzy and Alec and Max. And OBVIOUSLY, the parents knew each other. Also will contain some IF characters!)

Chapter One: The Begining.


In the beginging there was light. I recited those words over, and over in my head, trying to make sense of what had happened to all the adults. One minute I was sat in the manor house, trying to make convosation with the cook who had recently been employed because she had sight, and the next I was alone. It was if I was stuck in a horror movie.

My father had taught me to retrive weapons from the nearest 'weapon point' whenever I felt confused or alarmed, or in cases like these, both. The one thing the cook left behind was the awful stench of onions which had been freshly chopped up, and quatered carefully. The nearest weapons point was located under the sink, which was under the worktop the cook had been working on.

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose before shoving the onions to the side, and out of harms way. After I made sure the worktop was spotless, I bent down and began my weapon hunt. I pulled a loose floorboard up and used my witchlight to illuminate the space. Smiling, I grabbed my two seraph blades and set them beside my feet. After I returned the floorboard back to it's original place, I left the kitchen in search of anything with a pulse.



Half a hour looking, and I found... nothing. I grinned, it had been the first time my father let me have to run of the manor house we'd lived in, for... years!

I sat on a stool in the kitchen for a while and pondered what I should do for a little while. Then it clicked.

My father would never leave me alone without a cook or maid at hand. Something had happened, something bad. I pulled on my favourite black leather jacket and padded outside, keeping my stronger hand clasped around my blade.

Yanking the heavy wooden oak front door open, I heard children screaming and crying. Not one adult or responsible person was around. Just kids.

"Maxwell Gideon Lightwood!" Screamed a girl who looked one or two years younger than me, "Get back here right now!" She had wild black hair which was pulled into high pony tail, and dark brown eyes which appeared to have flecks of gold in them. She was pretty, and I'm sure alot of boys would fall, head over heels over her. I knew, from experience that girls like her were hard to get, and once they finally got interested in you, it was only because they were mad that you'd moved on already.

She had a taller boy beside her. He had the same, jet black hair as the girl, but bright blue eyes. He had a toned build, but nothing special. The boy was lanky, and he looked uncomfortable out, in the wild of New York.

The girl finally got hold of a a young, smaller version of the tall boy and he glared at her. "Isabelle. Mom, dad, and everyone disappeared. I'm getting ice cream!" He moved to get away from her again, but she yanked him back before her could get very far.

"I do not care. There's lots of... teenagers and kids in Idris. And no adults." She sighed and looked to the tall boy, "Help me out here Alec?"

The boy called Alec groaned and bent down so he was on eye level with the smaller boy. "Max." He started, "People carry blades here, and it's legal. So, please, pipe down. We'll get supplies later." Max handled it pretty well, I guessed. He'd stopped jerking out of his sisters grasp and was just pouting.

I decided to walk over to them, "Did I over hear you saying that all the adults.. vanished?" I asked. The girl gave me a glare.

"You were listening to us? And it wasn't vanish. It was disappear, idiot!" She snapped.

The older boy, Alec, yawned, "Isabelle, be nice." He turned to me, "Sorry about her," He flushed, "My name is Alec, she's Isabelle, and this is Max." He said.

"Sweet names." I said, "I'm Jonathan, but I go by Jace." I ran a hand through my golden hair and looked around, "I thought my parent and house keeper had gone mentally ill, and decided to play 'hide and seek'. Oh how wrong I was."

Isabelle smirked slightly, and then she looked around, "Shouldn't we check that all the adults haven't just gone and done what Jace suggested?" Alec, Max and I gave her a look and she poked Alec. "Hey, I was only joking. I wanna try and find Clary and Simon.. I feel unnerved without them."

So that's where we went. Trying to find a redhead and her pet vampire. Delightful.

Okay. So, this story will be kinda like the GONE series and kinda like the anime, Death Note. You don't have to have read GONE or seen Death Note to understand where this is going, but they are really, really, badass. You can see Death Note on AnimeFreakTV xD.

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