Danny's P.O.V;

Dear diary:

-We've been staying here for a few months now, and it's just been great, we've taken trips to Bergen and looked at the different things the city had to offer. We visited Bryggen and saw the old houses; it's quite ironic that they build the place on top of a lot of garbage. Now the whole place is sinking slowly. But the workers are trying to save Bryggen by building up the floors in the houses.


-We got to see the inside of a church for the first time, it was Mariakirken. It was quite beautiful. But it's kinda funny for me, my parents didn't believe in anything but science.

-We visited Rosenkranstornet, where we had to duck a lot because of the low doors. And not to mention it was like a tower build inside of another tower, so the floors was all confusing. It had a spiral staircase and a regular one. They even had a couple old canons there for show. But what we laughed most at was the fact that the most beautiful window had been turned in to a fancy toilet door.

-We visited the shops a close to "Den blå steinen" or "the blue rock". It was a large rectangular blue rock some people sat at. And there was always some street performer close by.

-We took Fløybanen up and saw the entirety of the city between the 7 mountains and 7 fjords. I asked what seven mountains they meant but apparently they had more than 7.

-We even took a trip with Bybanen. It was quite crammed, but okay enough. We went off at Florida, where we found the Vultures who was trying to understand that the place was spelled with a skarre R instead of a rolling R. From there we went to Vilvitesenteret. It's a place for science that kids and parents could visit alike, and it was a popular place for fieldtrips for school children.

-We even visited the aquarium it was quite cool to see all the fish and other creatures there; penguins, seals, snakes and even spiders and some monkey like creatures. But the coolest thing there must have been the shark tunnel. We could see the small sharks swimming over our heads, like they were flying.


- We got to see a play at the theatre. It was called "Svartediket". It's the name of the lake that feeds the city with water, apparently it holds a very sad story, but the play was awesome anyway. They even threw some water at the people in front of us when one of the players was walking on a tiny, but long platform between the seats. And I must admit Papa's crash course in Norwegian was a big help. But nynorsken threw me a bit for the loop. Who knew they had two written languages? It was bokmål and nynorsk.

- When Christmas rolled around we went to see "Peperkake byen" it was apparently a Gingerbread Town that they made every year and put up for people to see.


- We visited a place called wasteland, where we got to play paintball and other fun stuff. Just to say, the other team had no chance against us even without our ghost powers.


- We went to the cinema to watch a couple movies we wanted to see.


- We found a shop called Outland and apparently it was a shop that sold manga and other stuff. Ann bought the whole Ranma 1 / 2 series, she was really taken with how funny it was. I got +Anima, it was quite an amazing story but also sad in some places. The others picked out what they liked and I swear I saw Daddy buy some poky. I was wondering what he was going to do with the snack?

-We visited some museums; I must say there were a lot of them. I cannot remember the names of them, but I do know that one was called Permanenten.


"Ell it's dinner time!" I heard Ann call.

I closed my diary after reading through it, and remembering the fond memories.

And then I called: "I'm coming!" and flew down to meet the rest of my true family.

Clockwork's P.O.V;

I looked at the possible outcome of the timeline. I mused over how drastically things could change if just a tiny bit of the timeline was changed. But I let out a sigh and dispelled the image on my viewing screen to another one where Danny ended up saving the world and was never a girl in that dimension. And Vlad was stranded bitter and lonely in space and I wondered if the fates had chosen the best way for the future.

Because the fates chose that Daniel Fenton was born a boy.

A/N and that's the end. But if you want to continue the story, be my guest. But please tell me about it, and please do remember to credit me for the original story.