10th drabble! Just a quick one to get back into the feel of writing. It's been ages.


Zoro wasn't sure when the rest of the crew started noticing that he and Sanji weren't quite the same. He would sometimes catch snippets of conversation; murmurs that made him realize they weren't as oblivious as he thought.

He relayed this thought quite benignly to Sanji, who as usual, overreacted and compensated for the rest of the week by acting as Sanji-like as possible. Those poor, unassuming girls at the next town had no idea what was coming. Zoro didn't mind that Nami and Robin had figured it out. He didn't think it was a big deal, but Sanji wasn't as straightforward as him.

So Zoro just acceded to Sanji's plea, and kept their fraternization under wraps. He knew that sooner or later it would come out, and he went on his daily business because it wasn't anything to worry about.

I doubt the rest of the Strawhat crew will make a fuss out of anyone in the crew having a relationship. They're nakama, after all. Poor Sanji, always worrying over things while Zoro's so thickheaded.