Joshua was waiting to see the big surprise his dad told him about. He was hoping it was some sort of video game.

"Alright Joshua, close your eyes" said Billy Peltzer. He knew this gift would be special for his son. He placed the box in Joshua's hands. "Now open them" Billy said again.

Joshua opened his eyes. From inside the box, he could hear something scratching. Joshua opened the box.

A small furry creature came out of the box. "This is Gizmo," said Billy, petting the small creature, "He's a mogwai"

Joshua saw a small list of rules: Rule 1. Never expose it to sunlight. It could hurt or kill it. Rule 2. Never get it wet. Bad things happen when it gets wet. Rule 3. No matter how much it cries, no matter how much it begs, never, ever, EVER feed it after midnight.

Joshua placed the list of rules in his pocket. He was just glad he got a pet before Scarlet.