"What are those things?" wailed Scarlet. "Gremlins" replied Billy, remembering the two attacks that happened before Joshua and Scarlet were born. "You mean, mogwai turn into those when they eat after midnight?" asked Joshua. Billy nodded.

Joshua's attention was still on the gremlins. Suddenly, an idea popped into his head. "Gremlins and mogwai can't stand the light!" cried Joshua, "Maybe if we use my flashlight, we can destroy them before they can multiply!" Scarlet seemed to like the idea of that, and grabbed her pink flashlight.

Gizmo and Grace followed the two. "Don't worry, we'll be fine!" called Joshua, waving to his parents. He knew that this was his mess to fix. And he knew that he would fix it.

Meanwhile, in town, the gremlins passed by a fountain. Valerie got splashed when a kid threw a rock in there. She spawned three more gremlins. They spotted a costume store and decided to investigate.

Spike found a tuxedo to wear, and so did Prince. jitterbug bounced around the store.

Meanwhile, the three gremlins spawned from Valerie saw some Winx Club costumes. "Pretty..." gargled the first of the three gremlins while looking at the Trix costumes.

After a few minutes, the gremlins walked out, the other three wearing those costumes.

Suddenly, the gremlins spotted a pool. Prince jumped in and jumped out. He spawned four more gremlins. The other gremlins did the same. Soon, there was a small army of gremlins.