"Addams, Wednesday" said Professor McGonagall.

Wednesday walked slowly up to the stern faced woman and sat with smug confidence on the stool. She already knew where she was headed.

"Slytherin!" boomed the sorting hat, but then again who'd of thought otherwise?

The table on the far end erupted with cheers to welcome their new arrival. Wednesday stood up and gave McGonagall a look that could freeze fire.

Then walking towards the table she looked across the great hall at the nervous, whispering idiots that she would have to spend the year sat down next to a girl who greatly resembled a pug and looked at her peers with her large stony eyes, she sized them up.

They were no match, they'd be as easy to hurt as her blithering brother Pugsley. A handsome boy with icy blonde hair leaned over to speak with her,

"Draco Malfoy, second year." He smirked at her as she ignored his outstretched hand and just looked at him. "Cocky aren't you."

The truth was Wednesday was confident, not cocky. She knew what she can do and she knew her values, her eyes were unresponsive, icy cold and dark just like her personality.

Her infamous "look" made people cower, their confidence withering away the longer she stared. Her face was young, sweet almost, hiding her demeanour and morose mind, and her sleek, black hair was tied in two plaits on either side of her face, like a typical, innocent, foolish child, tricking her onlookers into a false sense of security.

The sorting finished, and the food for this feast she was in store for appeared on the silver platters on the table, slightly impressive I suppose. Then when she had finished eating these unusual foods, the bearded fool stood.

She wasn't listening as the headmaster of this school made some unintelligent, high-spirited speech about welcoming into our hearts and so on, or to Draco Malfoy as he sniped in her ear about how Dumbledore was an unfit head teacher for this school, or even when two morons behind her started arguing, but her ears piped up when she heard the bearded man reeling off a list of forbidden places around the school and he also mentioned a forbidden forest, now that sounds interesting.

He bid us good night and we retired to our dormitories in the dungeons, just like home, dark and scary. She would only be there for a year though, she had the choice of boarding school or summer camp, as her uncle Fester was getting married to a product of evil, the nanny, the blonde bomb shell (quite literally),