She's not sure how she thought this would be simple. Like she dances, like Santana dances. She was so wrong and as perfect hips roll into the next manuever, (one impossible for her) her heart beats heavy in her chest, reminding her of how this is making her feel. Britt winks as she spins, sending white teeth into a full lower lip.

When the next song comes on, Brittany slows and moves like everything she does matters. She's so graceful and elegant and perfect and everything Quinn can't help but desire. She knows what this is though, contemporary. When the song fades out, the trance around the two of them fades as well, but the bubble remains. Brittany slowly walks closer to Quinn, her lip between her teeth. Quinn doesn't fight it when the dancer pulls her up. But she can't help but feel like there's something wrong with her being this comfortable in someone else's space.

"Quinn...If I... kissed you?" The shorter girl links their fingers, licking her lips while she gazes at the opposite set.

"Please." She breathes in deep when her lids slip shut, and then there's the softest lips on hers and everything she'd been thinking about that didn't involve the girl infront of her dissolves away. There's a hand buried in her hair and their fingers are still locked together. Her hand finds it's way to the smooth skin of Brittany's cheek and she's not sure she's ever been this happy.