She doesn't resent her for it. She couldn't if she wanted to, though parts of her have tried. She can see it in the mirror, the person she's become, the type of person Lucy would fear or hate...pity. She cries when she's alone, but Quinn tell's herself it's nessesary. She has to protect her. It's not like she's alone, Santana does the same thing, but that's always who she's been. For Quinn this is devastating, becoming the person who used to make her want to end her life just to protect Brittany from the truth of how the other girl's at camp see her. It's hard seperating who she is from this other person. Brittany always manages to drag her out of the castle she's built up around the both of them. She always wakes up in long, muscular arms.

"You know you don't have to do this for me, Quinn. They haven't said anything I've never heard before. And I don't care about them like I care about you, so what they say can't hurt me, okay. It's tearing you apart and I don't want that for you. " She agrees until one of the other stupid lemming freshmen makes a joke about Britt's dad leaving because he couldn't deal with having such a fucking idiotic daughter. She watches as the smile falls from perfect lips and the only person she's loved since she's had a choice collapses. Santana somehow gets her up and takes her back to the cabin they managed to get for the three of them alone.

When her girl is out of site Quinn blows up and turns into something she didn't know was in her. When she comes to, her hands are around the neck of the stupid bitch who couldn't keep her mouth shut and finally Sue pulls her off. The girl's face is essentially hamburger and the nurse finally gets down to help her out while the coach drags Quinn away and pushes her towards her cabin after telling her how much like a young sue sylvester she is.

Britt hops in her arms when she walks through the door, their lips attached for a few seconds before Santana fake gags and asks what happened. Brittany's lips softly press to each of her bruised and cut up knuckles until she's done. Quinn still isn't sure who she is anymore, but Britt makes her feel like she will eventually. She just hopes that person is someone Brittany can love.