SailorStar9: Another 'When Queen Selenity's 'Teleport' Spell fails' plot, where Ami was teleported to the Bleach universe. So, read and review. Pairings uncertain, for now.

Summary: What if the Spirit King isn't the real ruler of Soul Society? What if he's merely the acting head until the true Goddess returns? This is the story of Kurosaki Hasu, the adopted daughter of Kurosaki Isshin, the true Goddess of Soul Society.

Disclaimers: I own nothing, except for the pairing.

Prologue: The Birth of the True Goddess, Tula

15 years prior...

"Persephone-sama." the Spirit King knelt before the Queen of the Underworld.

"Reiō." Persephone whispered. "My daughter." she added, an energy bubble encasing an infant girl floated before the Spirit King.

"The Prophesied One; the True Goddess." Reiō breathed, looking at the baby.

"Please, I beg you; take her to the Human World." Persephone pleaded. "Before Hades finds out... hurry." with that, she vanished before Hades found out that she was gone.


"Yamamoto Genryūsai Shigekuni." the Spirit King summoned his Captain-Commander.

"Mi'lord." Yamamoto bowed.

"This child." Reiō handed the infant girl over to Yamamoto.

"Such immense Spiritual Power..." Yamamoto was stunned. "Could she be... Tula-sama?"

"Yes, this is the child sent by God, Tula-sama's reincarnation" Reiō confirmed. "Take her to the Human World. Those with will and strength shall gather before her. Those true to the Soul Society will acknowledge her with the time comes."

"Understood." Yamamoto nodded and took the basket, along with the infant.

In the Human World...

The Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13 left the basket in front of the Kurosaki doorstep.

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