SailorStar9: Another 'When Queen Selenity's 'Teleport' Spell fails' plot, where Ami was teleported to the Bleach universe. Rewriting because I need to exclude Hotaru in this and also because it has a Hitsukarin minor pairing. So, read and review.

Summary: What if the Spirit King isn't the real ruler of Soul Society? What if he's merely the acting head until the true Goddess returns? This is the story of Kurosaki Hasu, the adopted daughter of Kurosaki Isshin, the true Goddess of Soul Society.

Disclaimers: I own nothing, except for the pairing.

Prologue: The Birth of the True Goddess, Tula

15 years prior...

"Persephone-sama." the Spirit King knelt before the Queen of the Underworld.

"Reiō." Persephone whispered. "My daughter." she added, an energy bubble encasing an infant girl floated before the Spirit King.

"The Prophesied One; the True Goddess." Reiō breathed, looking at the baby.

"Please, I beg you; send her to Seiretei." Persephone pleaded. "Before Hades finds out... hurry." with that, she vanished before Hades found out that she was gone.

Less than five days after the infant Tula descended into the room that housed all her previous infant incarnations, Aizen Sosuke entered the room where the baby girl was sleeping in. Raising a golden dagger in his hand, he was about to bring the blade down on the infant when the baby was snatched away.

"Aizen!" Shihōin Yoruichi glared, cradling the wailing infant in one of her arms.

"Shihōin Yoruichi!" Aizen growled, raising a hand to summoned a Hadō spell. "Die alongside with Tula!"

Turning her back towards Aizen, Yoruichi leapt off from the single window before the 'Byakurai' spell could hit.

"Men!" Aizen raised the alarm. "The exile Shihōin Yoruichi had just tried to kill Tula!"

Holding true to her title as the 'Flash Goddess', Yoruichi was before the Senkai Gate within minutes, having made a slight detour to grab the Goddess' Lotus Lamp. In a flash, she entered the portal, the gateway closing in behind her.

In the World of the Living, Urahara Kisuke and Kurosaki Isshin stood in the basement of Urahara Shop when the Senkai Gate opened to reveal Yoruichi and the infant girl cradled in her arms.

"Yoruichi-san." Urahara snapped his fan shut.

You were right, Kisuke." Yoruichi commented. "Aizen has made his biggest move. I managed to save Tula-sama just in the nick of time."

"In that case," Isshin took custody over the Goddess incarnate. "I'll go inform Misaki that she has another daughter. After all, it has always been the Shiba Clan's responsibility to raise Tula ever since the Ancient Times."

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