Hello everyone! Welcome to the 50th Hunger Games and remember Haymitch is not in these Games, nor is anyone else who is mentioned in the actual Hunger Games. I hope you enjoy!

Here is a list of all of the tributes in case you need to keep track...

District One

Girl: Ciarra Templesworth

Boy: Platinum Miller

District Two

Girl: Emaline Scarlett Quincy

Boy: Teni Cral

District Three

Girl: Aimee Drayton

Boy: Capti Gord

District Four

Girl: Alf Roader

Boy: Herald Frenchie

District Five

Girl: Carmen Winters

Boy: Olive Oliver

District Six

Girl: Iris Wolfe

Boy: Freeman Corsh

District Seven

Girl: Rainbow Neils

Boy: Titan Sha

District Eight

Girl: Mitter Jom

Boy: Cody Starcher

District Nine

Girl: Salvia Crow

Boy: Yop Crow

District Ten

Girl: Relly Mitz

Boy: Tarra Felts

District Eleven

Girl: Tabytha LaDawn Caramahel

Boy: Cranny Deleraz

District Twelve

Girl: Theme Didde

Boy: Jordy Norts