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Aimee Drayton's POV

I wake up to a bright light overhead. I blink a few time, my eyes are trying to shut, but I want to know what's going on. I can barely see- barely think, I just know I want to know what happened to me. A dark figure stands over me. I shrivel up under my hospital sheets. The figure comes at me and wraps her arms around me.

"Aimee!" I stare in disbelief. How'd she get here?

"Mary?" when she nods I continue, "How did you get here? What's happening? Why am I not dead?" She just laughs at me. I look at her expectantly so she tells me.

"I'm not supposed to say. The medics don't want you stressed out. I think you should know though- You were in the arena, remember?" I think for a minute, then all of the horrors rush back to me. I close my eyes to shut them out, but I can't. The Hunger Games will always be a part of me along with the deaths it caused. Mary must see the stress in my face so she stops.

"Keep going," I tell my sister. She shakes her head, but still does.

"You made it down to the final two. The other girl had been your ally and you both were forced to fight one another. She hit you in the stomach with a knife, but you killed her in time to win and get Capitol treatment to save yourself," The way she says it makes me feel awful. I killed someone! When I think the word "killed," I see other deaths. Poor Iris Wolfe, commiting suicide as she was ambushed by mutts. Teribithia was drowned by a horrible flood. Alf, I killed Alf! Those were the only ones I saw thankfully.

The other tributes will always stay with me and their memories will never be forgotten. I feel like I have a job now that I've won the Hunger Games.


My eyes are puffy when I wake up from crying all last night. Usually my legs and arms are sore from thrashing around in my nightmares, I guess my conscious is being easier on me since I started working in the garden. That's where I'm heading right now, with my garden gloves, to plant. I take my five leftover rocks that I dig into the ground. This will make twenty three little tombstones for twenty four tributes. I put flowers and other things specific to each tribute. It's my peaceful place. Here I know that I can never forget them. I sit on the one small bench in the garden and take a deep breath. I used to block out the memories, but I find that it's easier now to remember. It makes me think easier. In a month I have my victory tour. I'm not dreading it like I've heard most do. I look forward to getting things off my chest. I look forward to telling the Districts about my garden of death. I'll promise them to remember the tributes of the fiftieth Hunger Games.