Heavy Sleeper

Chapter 2

Fun Fact: I was originally done with this when it was just about 5K . . . I got just a little carried away when I realized it wasn't a good enough ending.

I don't own Naruto. It would have ended a long time ago if I did. But I would have made it fantastic, and it wouldn't be shounen.

- - - - - - -Start.

Naruto didn't sleep well.

He had hoped that finally getting to sleep in a true mattress bed meant he would get at least one night of decent sleep on this mission. No such luck.

For starters, he went to sleep much later than planned. Then after he turned off the TV, he just stared at the ceiling. He wasn't sure why he wasn't able to keep his eyes closed, and it was beyond unusual for him to be struck with insomnia. He was typically out like a light once his head hit the pillow. And then when he finally managed to trickle into sleep, it was restless. Absolutely miserable. He kept waking up to get comfortable - moving around, twisting and turning like so all night long. Not to mention his morning wood had shown up far too early, only adding to the number of times he turned. And it seemed so different than usual. I mean, it couldn't be normal to have a raging one in the middle of the night, why the hell wasn't it going away? Then in the moments he wasn't moving or shifting his hip, and was able to stay asleep, not concerning himself over the likelihood of a damaged pecker, he was having nightmares. He couldn't recall a single one, but he remembered feeling like he had done something unforgivable, and if that wasn't enough to stress him out, he kept hearing ghostly whispers asking what he'd done, and demanding he just kill himself now.

He shot upright, wrenching himself from sleep.

He tried to take in his surroundings, looking over to a stunned Hinata, who had just come back from a bath.

"A-Are you o-ok, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto was in deep shit.

Like, beyond deep. Every time he thought just how deep - and why, oh God, why - a visible shudder racked his body. What the hell had he been thinking! Boy, he really dug it deep this time. So deep in fact, he was sure the end opened to the other side of the planet. He shuddered again.

He supposed he should be thankful that out of anyone to be in deep shit with, it was with Hinata, but somehow, that just made it so much worse. She was by far the nicest, sweetest person he'd ever known, and probably ever would. He couldn't believe himself, once he remembered what he had done.

He had been innocently watching Hinata put together her things - just as tidily as he would have thought she would - trying to shake himself from the horrible night's sleep. It hadn't occurred to him until Hinata put on that over-sized purple jacket of hers, and a shift in fabric revealed a familiar patch of flesh, that memories of the soft, pale skin underneath assaulted him mercilessly. He promptly stowed himself away in the bathroom, mortified by what he'd done and unable to look at her. After 10 minutes of berating himself, he had come to the conclusion that the worst part of it all was that she had no idea, and he knew he would have to tell her. If he didn't, there was no point in that stupid 'lesson' of his - which was a humiliating, stupid idea he couldn't believe he had come up with - and he just seemed like some loser creep that molested his friend in her sleep. Which was exactly what he'd done, but...

He wasn't a loser, or a creep, and he was not going to let himself get away with what he did to her. He just didn't know what the hell to say. 'I was trying to teach you a lesson, so that you would stop sleeping so peacefully, in the off-chance you get ambushed, raped, and killed' didn't have a good enough ring to it. But it was all he could come up, while still telling the truth. Maybe, though... Maybe he didn't have to tell the whole truth? Maybe he could just tell her everything leading up to, and leaving out, the whole molesting part? No, no, that'd be too dishonest. She deserves the truth, at least... Argh! Why did the truth have to be so perverse?

He sighed. He truly didn't understand what had gotten in to him, or all the different feelings he had felt last night. It was all too confusing and complicated. He needed a dumbed down version, which he was sure Hinata would have been able to supply him, if she hadn't been the problem in question, and he wasn't the one who had wronged her. Ugh! Why did he have to be such an idiot? He didn't want to lose her as a friend... especially as a friend. She was one of the most supportive of him, if not the most, and she was always somehow helping him out when no one else could... He would die if his stupidity drove her away - or worse, made her extremely upset with him - or worse, made her never want to speak to him again! His heart raced at the thought. He could never deal with it. He wanted to stay friends with her for the rest of his life, and this was not going to get in the way of that. He wouldn't let it. He would die if he did.

Another minute ticked by when a knock at the door made Naruto jump up onto the toilet seat. He shook visibly, eyes opened wide at the door. No, he couldn't face her yet. He wasn't sure if he could even speak yet, but understanding that she wasn't just going to leave him be, he tried to calm down.


"Naruto-kun, is everything o-ok?"

Trying to think of some way to excuse his cowardly behavior, and coming out blank, he did the only other thing that crossed his mind. He flushed the toilet, and turned on the faucet. He stayed there a moment longer, crouched on top of the toilet seat, trying to gauge whether or not she was still standing outside the door. He would come out, but not if he had to face her right away.

Spotting his toothbrush, a grin broke his face, "Just brushing my teeth!"

On the other side of the door, Hinata tilted her head in question, wondering why she heard the toilet flush then, but deciding not to press the matter, went back to her things.

She put her belongings by the door, and made one more sweep to make sure she collected everything, even though she hadn't unpacked much. When she was satisfied, she looked over to her bed, instantly embarrassed to see it was just as messed up as Naruto's. She hadn't realized she was such a messy sleeper... since she always made her bed as soon as she got up, she must have never noticed. She attempted to clean it up a bit, to make it seem slept in, but by someone who was up to par with the strict standards and discipline of a Hyuuga. She hoped Naruto hadn't took notice to the heap of sheets and blankets strewn all over the place, slightly hanging off the bed. He did shoot to the bathroom pretty fast, so maybe she was in some luck. Her nerves were slightly rattled when the bathroom door was suddenly thrown open, Naruto emerging even more boisterous than usual, and she turned quickly, hiding her arms behind her as though she were a child who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

He didn't seem aware of her though, and continued to walk by and towards his own bag, tossing his things inside. She frowned, only a little disappointed. She didn't want him to notice her though, right? So the disappointment that was there was completely irrational, and she figured it must just be a conditioned response of sorts. She'll get over it. Eventually.

Setting a much more reasonable speed on the way back, they were just about half way to Konoha when they decided to stop for the night. It was the middle of the afternoon, but they were both tired, having their own reasons for why their sleep had been hampered.

They had set up their separate tents, no longer under the guise of a traveling couple - to Hinata's further disappointment - and she had started to cook them dinner over the fire Naruto made.

She had walked into his tent to ask him whether or not he wanted his warmed up just enough so he could eat right away, when she stopped short of opening her mouth.

He was asleep.

In fact, he was half-naked and asleep. Wearing nothing but his boxers - which had adorable toonish frogs all over them - she found herself frozen to the spot, staring. She blushed then, gripping her left arm hard, and chewing on her bottom lip. Torn, she assumed he would be hungry, but he must have been more tired. She smiled at the thought, looking at his face. It was far less intimidating to look at him when he wasn't aware of her... and then a part of her grew sad. Even though she had worked so hard on herself over the years, she still had a lot of work to do. It was disheartening. She was still too shy. Too cowardly. She couldn't stand it.

But then all thought escaped her when she noticed his hair. That ridiculously blonde hair; wild, with absolutely no regard for order. She was amused at how it seemed to be representing the man it belonged to.

It was an innocent lure that had her crawling to him, around him, to sit near his head. And it was only in innocent fascination that she began to twirl a section of his hair in her hand. She marveled at the bright blonde strands, at how utterly gorgeous they were. Just as gorgeous as those insanely beautiful eyes of his that she wish she could see, but wouldn't complain about. After all, if they were open, she wouldn't be able to do this. It seemed like a fair enough trade-off. Feeling bold, and remembering his knack for deep slumber, she lifted his head - after noticing he had missed the pillow - and rested it on her lap. Just a little longer... until she was done cooking. Then she would move his head to the pillow and wake him up to eat.

She smiled to herself, allowing her mind to wonder, fantasizing being in a room back in Konoha, possibly in an apartment shared between her and Naruto. A blush painted her cheeks with pastel and she traced the whisker marks on his cheeks. She sighed blissfully, accepting how utterly hopeless she was. Even his supposed 'disfigurements' were cute. How anyone could not see how handsome he was, was clearly in denial. He was as handsome as they come, she was sure of it. She sighed again as she ran her fingers through his hair. So soft... She couldn't help but think of him as her own personal little sun, blessing her with his rays every so often. He was truly her inspiration, and she could only dream that some day, they could be like this, him aware of her presence, and even wanting it there. She pushed her sadness aside, not allowing it to intrude in her rare moment of peace. She didn't realize she had been humming quietly until he shifted, moving deeper into her lap, and it went quiet. You really are a deep sleeper, Naruto-kun...

She had been carried away by her fantasies again, not realizing how her stroking hand had drifted to his cheek, then neck, then chest. Her nails were gliding along his shoulders and biceps when she realized with a start what she had been doing. She bit her lip and cursed silently at herself for letting herself get carried away so easily. It may have been the perfect opportunity, but she couldn't use it for her own personal gain. This was Naruto. How could she do something he would be appalled about, if it ever came up? She decided she would stop all dreaming then, and go back to her cooking, when she noticed a peculiar bulge that was not there before. She blinked at said bulge, willing it to explain itself. When it didn't - moreover having the gall to grow bigger - she frowned. She thought she had an idea, but decided she had no clue as to what it was. Was there a wild animal in Naruto's pants? In sudden fear of the possibility, she quickly placed his head on a nearby pillow, and went to investigate.

In a hesitant motion, she nudged it with a slender finger. If it were an animal, she didn't want to scare it, or worse, send it into defense mode and get bitten. She gulped after watching it twitch. Oh my God, there really is..! Unsure exactly what to do next, but figuring she should help it out - and Naruto, seeing as it probably wouldn't be a friendly wake-up call - she lifted the band of his boxers, reminding herself that she was helping the critter that found itself trapped inside. She had told herself she would just hold it open, so it could crawl out, but it never did. Was it scared? Slightly annoyed, she lowered the band down, hopefully just enough to prompt the thing to run out already. She sighed in slight exasperation when it merely twitched in response.

She slowly let go of the band, trying to think of a new approach. A tomato colored blush tainted her cheeks as she bit her lip. She decided she would just have to uncover the thing. It seemed to be too terrified to do anything of its own volition. She hoped it didn't hurt Naruto in a particularly sensitive area. Her blush darkened at the thought, and she had long since resolved to simply look the other way once the animal was uncovered and out of harm's way. She found the courage somewhere inside of the recesses deeply within herself, and gripped onto the elastic band of Naruto's boxers once again. Taking a deep breath, she slowly pulled it over the bulge, hoping she didn't anger it in the process. What she saw froze her and had her mind whirling at the same time. It was a complicated sensation, but not quite as note-worthy as the sight before her eyes. She couldn't look away. And she tried, really hard, but apparently not as hard as... Her throat felt positively dry.

She couldn't believe her eyes, and yet there it was. Freed from any and all restraint, proudly jutting out from undeniable proof that those blonde strands she loved oh so much, were entirely natural. Her brain clouded, in a similar yet different way than in the dream she had last night - and maybe because it was a dream - but she felt drugged, and heavy, and uncomfortably warm. She wished she could remove her jacket, in hopes to cool off, but then she was pulling harder at that abused band, and a single finger was testing the texture of the appendage before her, looking liberated, yet very much a sacrifice meant entirely and only for her. A deep, throaty groan fed her sudden hunger. Hunger... she was yanked out of her trance at the thought of hunger. Feeding, food, cooking. With a gasp, cooking! She let go of his boxer band as quickly and gently as possible, not caring to make sure his modesty was entirely protected.

She practically ran out of the tent, dismayed at her discovery. I can't feed him this, she thought sadly, sighing to herself. But then, she thought of him and blushed furiously, realizing what she had just done.

After a few hours, and against better judgment, she decided to check on Naruto. And just as she was about to enter his tent, she felt a presence that was entirely foreign and sent her into attack mode.

She dodged a shurikan aimed for her head, as she threw rigged kunai to where she felt the presence, assumed they would flee to, and the space in between. A loud, pained grunt met her ears, and she waited for the explosion, before jumping towards it. Rookie...

Startled by first, an unknown presence, then a loud explosion, Naruto jerked awake for the second time that day. He just couldn't catch a break... and subconsciously, he figured he probably didn't deserve one. He suddenly could no longer feel that foreign presence, but his mind was still trying to grasp onto the fact that he felt it in the first place. His poor brain. It'd been significantly slowed down due to his inability to catch a decent night of sleep.

He attempted to stand up, when a sudden drag of friction had his eyes crossing. His head snapped down, horrified to see his erection peeking out at him from underneath the waistband of his shorts. How had it done that on its own? A flurry of unanswered questions and irrational thoughts crashed into him in a particularly vengeful wave. He let them ravage his skull, surrendering to the fact that he had no time to comprehend anything, as he scampered on his pants, and threw on his jacket, making no attempt to zip it.

"What's going on?" She heard an alarmed Naruto exclaim. She didn't have it in her to reply, still far too embarrassed by her earlier actions.

Naruto quickly spotted her, eyes bugged out at the ashy remains at her feet. "What?" He practically screeched. "How did you wake up before me?"

She looked over to him in pure puzzlement, not sure how to answer him. After all, how could she tell him she wasn't asleep in the first place, because she had been too busy thinking about how she had touched him? "W-Well, Naruto-kun, y-you're a-a bit of a heavy sleeper, s-so..." She was cut off by an offended huff. "Me? Me? I'm the heavy sleeper?" He sounded absolutely flabbergasted, and she wasn't sure what was happening, or why he was so upset, but feeling like it was somehow her fault, she looked downcast, irrationally believing he somehow knew what she had done, dread sinking deep in her gut. Unaware of the change in her demeanor, he raged on, "Nu-uh! I'm not the heavy sleeper here! Hinata! Do you have any idea what I went through last night, trying to wake you up?" She perked up at this, curiosity apparent in her eyes, though still dreading that the cause of his being so upset was her. "W-What?"

He paused, anger retreating him and leaving him looking more and more a fool in its abandon. His mind reeled and tried recalling what he had just said. He didn't think he gave anything away, except for the fact that he was doing things to her in her sleep. But, but that was ok, because... he didn't say what he was doing. But the inevitable questions were unavoidable. At least for him. He wasn't good at thinking on his feet - at least, not when it came to lying. And how could he lie to Hinata? The good, kind, helpful Hinata? The sweet little Hinata that would likely never lie to him? How could he just turn around on her and lie to her face, about something that had to do with her? Damn it.

"Naruto-kun?" He bit his lip, trying to draw out the silence a little while longer. Think, think.

"Naruto-kun, a-are you ok?" He glanced at her then, seeing his escape.

"A-ah, yea, I'm just a little tired, "he grinned weakly, "I haven't been able to get much sleep lately..."

"I-I'm sorry, i-is... is that my fault?" In shock, his eyes grew twice their size. Oh Hinata... he felt his guilt tenfold. Why was she so amazing? Always such a martyr. She felt guilty, like his being an idiot was somehow her fault? He confirmed his earlier thought of wanting to be friends with her for the rest of his life - and wished he could surround himself with Hinatas. And before his mind could wander off, imaging a mass of shadow clone Hinatas, he shook his head.

"Hinata, why would you think that?"

There was a pause, and she looked uncomfortably off to his left. He waited for an answer, because he seriously wanted to know, but it never came. He waited a second longer, before realizing she didn't have one. "Hinata?"

She looked back at him, and nibbled on her lip. "I-I don't know, I just...," she trailed off, not knowing where she was going with her words. She just thought he would give a simple 'yes' or 'no', not question her back. It was unlike him, and it caught her off guard. Especially since she was so preoccupied by her own troubled thoughts. And while her previous dread began to lift, her gut sank deeper at the fact the something was obviously disturbing Naruto... and making him act abnormally.

Silence fell between them again, and she shuffled her weight, uncomfortable in it. It was always an uncomfortable silence when Naruto was involved. Naruto and silence didn't mix, after all. She would prefer he start talking again, even if his words were only questions she couldn't answer. But she didn't want to upset him either, and if she couldn't answer him, maybe that would...

"I'm sorry." Her thoughts were interrupted, and she looked up to him once more, his words not registering.

"I'm sorry?"

He nodded. "I'm sorry."

She felt embarrassed, realizing she repeated what he had said, and made him say it again. "F-For what?"

"For going too far."

She stood there for a long while, blinking. He looked entirely solemn and serious. Like he deeply regretted something of grave importance. She was utterly confused, and a part of her was hurt for him. "E-Excuse me?"

He broke eye contact at this, and squinted off in the distance behind her, lips pulled into a torn expression between a pout and a bite. She understood that he wouldn't elaborate any further... and she wasn't sure she wanted him to. His answer to her first question had already created far more questions than she originally possessed, and she worried it would become a pattern. Still, what could he have meant? Did he mean just now, over the whole 'heavy sleeper' thing? And what was with that face? How she wished she could just run to him and wipe it away, and caress him, allowing him to sink into her and let her be strong for both of them, willing the negativity away. Then she was mortified at remembering what that had led to earlier, her gut sinking deeper in shame. And then she pondered back to his words. Had she hurt his feelings somehow, unaware of his sensitivity of his heavy sleeping? And then he must have came to the conclusion he may have overreacted... If that was the case, there was absolutely no need for him to apologize to her. In fact, she should apologize to him! She should have known that he may feel self-conscious about it, being a shinobi and all, and she had brought it up so casually. Oh, she was horrible! How could she do that to poor Naruto-kun? And even after taking advantage of this fact to fulfill some of her inane, childish desires... and then getting twisted into some unfortunate, perverse events that she didn't entirely regret - in fact, she wasn't sure she regretted it at all. She didn't deserve such words from him.

"You shouldn't be sorry Naruto-kun, I brought it on myself. I-I should have known better. I'm sorry, Naruto-kun..." It was her time to glance off, feeling bashful, and ashamed of herself. She felt tiny under his intense stare. She took a quick peek at him, after his staring became too much for her, and her breath left her at the intensity of his cobalt eyes. She had never seen anything quite like it.

"You don't know what you're talking about. You can't be." He couldn't believe his ears. There was absolutely, no way in hell, she knew what he meant. Her response was so wrong, on multiple levels, he couldn't begin to fathom it. And yet, a part of him, devilish thing it was, couldn't help but notice how it seemed to fit, when put into context... but then it didn't make sense when comparing it to her character. Unless, of course, there was a part of her he didn't know about. No. He wouldn't think like that. This was Hinata. How could he even begin to think of her that way? That wasn't fair to put her in that position. Position... His mind flashed to that pale moon, wriggling around in invitation. No, he hissed to himself.

Meanwhile, Hinata was shell-shocked. She had never heard his voice so hoarse, nor him speak so harshly. Let alone at her. Maybe he did know. While her expression portrayed a frozen interior, her mind was quite the opposite - working overtime to try and piece together pieces of information she just didn't have to make any sense of what she did. It finally came to be too much, and she had to lie down.

She settled with her legs crossed on the ground, the strength to stand no longer within her. His gaze followed her, fixated on something she didn't know what. Her head felt heavy with confusion and questions, and she needed to rest it on something. So she sat there, on the grass of a clearing somewhere in the forest of the Land of Fire, and lay her head in her palm, resting her arm on her thigh. She closed her eyes, not daring to stare back at the man with impossibly blue eyes, some sort of concentrated strength in them, all directed at her. She felt the familiar sways of her adolescence, signaling the moments before fainting, and she sighed. She hadn't fainted around him in a really long time. She didn't want to get back into that habit. She had finally began to be around him more, for longer than ever before. She would die if she lost that, and had to go back... just die.

He studied her, watching her, silently stunned that she had just ignored him and sat down, seemingly unaware he said anything at all. He was also just a little offended, but mostly stunned... and kind of proud and glad. He really didn't want to continue their odd conversation, and he felt she was getting more than fed up with it, if her sudden change in posture were anything to go by.

"W-What exactly, then, do you mean? N-Naruto-kun, please, s-stop beating around the bush. Just tell me." Could he really do that? Could he really just out and say it? Butterflies burst into his belly, but he trusted her.

"I uh, molested you in your sleep." It was much easier to get out when she wasn't looking at him. But the awkward pause that followed made him doubt himself. He was sure she hadn't even breathed. But then, something strange happened. She started giggling. Giggles were escaping her mouth uncontrollably and they quickly morphed into some sort of deep-belly laughter. He had never heard her laugh like this before... he couldn't recall hearing anyone laugh like this before, at least around him. It was like she was insanely and thoroughly amused, and just slightly relieved.

She had her right leg lifted, resting her right arm against it in much needed support. Her left arm was holding onto her stomach, and mirth-filled tears formed in the corner of her eyes. He couldn't understand what was so funny, unless there was a serious misunderstanding happening here. But what was there to be misunderstood? He had been so blunt, and unless she had a different understanding of the term 'molest' - which he was beginning to consider - he couldn't think of any other reason.

"I-Is t-that," she took a gulp of much needed air, before breaking into a fit again, "I-Is that all?"

"'Is thatall'?" He screamed. Was this really Hinata? Did she get replaced by some lunatic trying to pass themselves off as Hinata... again?

"N-Naruto-kun, I-I don't understand. W-Why are you a-acting like it's t-the end of the world?" She struggled to speak through her laughter, though it was beginning to settle down.

His face fell, and he could only think to ask, "Are you really Hinata?"

This made her stop laughing, for the most part, and she looked up at him, shocked. "Y-Yes. W-Why wouldn't I be?"

He crouched down in front of her, looking at her suspiciously, not noticing the red hue crawling up her neck. "Why are you being so blasé about this? Is it funny that I molested you?"

The red reached her ears by the time she spoke, "W-Well... it-it's just... it's a bit ironic."

This confused him, and he looked even more suspicious of her, she noticed. Before he could question her, and in vain hope that her fierce red glow wouldn't overwhelm her, she continued, looking off into the trees on her right, "B-Because I s-sort of... m-molested you."

Naruto fell out of his crouch and landed on his buttocks in a futile attempt at keeping his balance. He stared at Hinata, who stared back. They were caught in a trance of mutual wonder.

"You what?"

"Y-You're a heavy sleeper..."

"What? No, when? How?" He paused, recalling her laughter, soon standing up in a flash, furious, "And why aren't you more shocked? It's not a joke, Hinata, and doing it to me doesn't mean it's ok that I did it to you!" His mind managed to pick up some speed, fervently trying to process this newfound information. She did what he did to her? His nerve endings went wild at the idea. Shivers were sent up and down his spine, reaching to the very core of his bones. The very thought of him lying asleep as she caressed his skin, and other very important, begging parts of his body... They most certainly would have been inviting her, never daring to mock in anticipation of her touch. His mind spun out of control.

Hinata had been so caught up in her relief, that their interaction hadn't set in until now. He did what? Her face was redder than a beet at the implication, her mind clouded with the possibilities. If it was even possible he touched her in nearly the same way she had touched him just hours ago... could he have just been exaggerating? Her heart sped up and sank at the same time.

There was a long moment of tense silence, both lost in their own wayward thoughts. Hinata, mind clearing much quicker - due to the clearly milder thoughts spinning around inside it - than Naruto's, looked up at him from her spot on the ground. The expression on his face had her heart racing again.

He was stuck in a whirlwind of horror and hunger. Warped yearning lashed out at him, angry with an air of vengeance looming about for being kept under wraps for so long. He hadn't known where it came from, or where half the things he felt came from, but he was lost in them. Briefly, he feared it would pour out of him and corrupt the young woman before him.

She slowly stood up, hoping to get a closer look at the morphing expressions manipulating Naruto's facial features. They were fascinating, and terrifying, but she would be lying if she said a part of her wasn't intrigued and slightly excited. But she was always trying to experience new things, to expand and better herself, so that had to be the reason why.

"A-Are you ok, Naruto-kun?" Even in her moment of contemplation, she couldn't help but add his name to her question. She always tried to say his name as much as she could, enjoying the thrill it gave her as it left her tongue.

He focused on her then, "Is this really happening?"

She titled her head in question. "I mean, I'm not still asleep or anything right?"

"N-No, you're not, Naruto-kun."

"You're sure? Because I swear this is unreal. How could you not have murdered me yet?"

In response to her utterly shocked expression, her body jolting at the thought of Naruto dying by her hand, he hurriedly explained, "Ah-I mean, because of what I did. It just started out as a little game of mine, I swear, because you just weren't waking up no matter what I did... but then it got so out of hand so fast, honestly, I'm shocked myself. But, I swear I didn't mean for it to get that far, Hinata, you have to forgive me!"

After a pause, and Naruto fearing more and more that suddenly now her anger would be unleashed and he would regret opening his damned mouth, again, she spoke softly in reply, "A-At least you had a good reason. I-ah m-mean, there...there's really no excuse for why I went that far..." Her gaze was firmly fixed on the ground, her voice growing more and more quiet the more she spoke, and Naruto had to strain his ears to catch it all.

"What is the reason, anyway? What could have possibly made you, of all people..." She looked off to the side, mortified at the prospect of telling him the truth. How could he possibly believe her?

"It's ridiculous, r-really... thinking about it now..."

"No, come on. I want to know," he insisted. He couldn't deny the fact that he was suddenly having fun.

She shifted her weight, and once more, before complying. How could she ever deny Naruto? "I thought...," she closed her eyes, letting the fresh embarrassment wash over her, "T-That there was an animal in your... b-boxers..."

Completely not expecting this answer, Naruto was silent for a few seconds, staring in wonder at the shy girl before him. And then he cracked a crooked smile, "Really?"

"I-It's embarrassing... and stupid, I know." She bit her lip, looking anywhere but at him, "B-But I really thought it was, and I-I was trying to help it out. I was trying to create a space for it to run out... but, w-well... it wasn't an animal."

"How?" She looked at him in question, and he continued, "How were you creating a space for it to..." He trailed off, a rare moment of epiphany shining brightly behind his eyes.

She was just about to lift her hands to give a visual demonstration of lifting the waistband, when he popped with a loud, "Ah!"

"Then it was you," he said suddenly, pointing at her so quickly she jumped in fright, eyes wide with shock, heart frozen in her chest, hands uselessly in mid-air. He was still pointing at her, hunched slightly as he mused aloud, "Man, I was really starting to think it had a mind of its own. It's a scary thought, you know? It's like I have no control over it anymore... And you know, this morning, for some reason..."

She tried to understand him. Really, she did. But she had no idea what he was talking about.

A pause fell between them, and he realized he had been rambling about his qualms over his penis to Hinata. To Hinata. Using the hand he was using to rudely point at her, he smacked his forehead. Girls didn't want to hear stuff like that. Ah-young women, he caught himself. So, why was he standing there, pointing at Hinata and talking about it? But wait. If one and one was two... and they connected... His eyes traveled to Hinata, raking over her body, sizing her up. She shifted, he noted, but didn't stop. If that had happened, and she had done it, and it was still... He glanced down and back to Hinata, quickly. She had just done it. Like, just done it. Like, if she hadn't been interrupted by that intruder, could still be doing it. A heat he was unfamiliar with crawled along his skin, reaching up his neck and licking at his ears.

"Y-You..," He stuttered, unfamiliar with the sensation of not being able to get his thought out fast enough. The heat doubled and stretched across his face. What the hell was its problem? Couldn't it tell he was trying to speak?

Hinata was breathless. She never thought she'd see the day. She was curious to hear what he had to say, especially after watching the strange progression of his lead into it, but mostly she was in awe at the darkening red quickly replacing the sun-kissed tan of his skin. Naruto? Blushing? That was an even stranger mix than Naruto and silence. But she reveled in it. It was downright intoxicating. She simply had to soak it all in to cherish later. Moments this rare could not be wasted.

He seemed to find his voice again and, rather than attempt to say everything on his mind in blurred, inept fragments, he merely asked, "Just h-how long ago did this happen?"

She blinked herself out of the spell his flushed skin had cast on her, and replied, "Two hours ago, maybe?" Still bewitched, she hadn't realized she lost her stutter.

"Two hours?" His outburst jolted her out of the enchantment of his blush, but it wasn't long before she fell under its clutches once again.

She numbly nodded her head, trying to enjoy the surely fleeting moments of those wonderfully rose-stained cheeks.

He was suddenly speechless. Two hours. Two hours of this. His strained erection - he never removed it from its entrapment under his waistband - twitched as if it were finally fed up with being ignored. Maybe it really did have a mind of its own. And then he was overwhelmed with anxiety. It couldn't be normal or healthy for this thing to be like this for that long, could it?

Hinata was disappointed and a bit envious of how fast his blush vanished, leaving no remnant behind for her to marvel. Then she noticed his furrowed brow, and was concerned, "Naruto-kun?"

Interrupted from his quickly-growing-hysterical thoughts, managing to come up with a few off the wall notions, he focused his panicked eyes on Hinata. "Huh?"

"Is everything o-ok?"

And then he was in a pickle all over again. There was no way he was going to tell her about this. Yea, they may have just had a strangely uninhibited, if not wildly inappropriate, chat about their molestation of each other, but... this was different. Actually, because of their conversation, he thought it would come out seeming like he was expecting something from her... and that certainly wouldn't be his intention. Never! He would never, ever expect something like that from Hinata. Ever. But, he was really worried. And he thought he would somehow die if it continued like this. He would just have to excuse himself somehow and take care of it. But how in the world would he do that when she was starting to express her own concern? Shit.

"A-Ah! Yea, um, I'm just. Uh, dango! I spotted a dango shop on the way over here, you know? And um, I'm a little hungry... and I was just thinking about going over there to get some dango. Oh! But, I can get some for you, too! D-Did you want some? " It wasn't entirely a lie. There really was a little shop off to the side of the road before they steered off to find cover in the brush of the forest. And, he was a bit peckish now that he thought about it. So, it wasn't a lie per-say. He was just going to go take care of a more important, pressing matter first. But, then he would go get some dango... Did he like dango?

Hinata felt guilty. If she hadn't let the dinner she had been cooking burn beyond a crisp... he wouldn't have to leave just to go get something to eat. And then she had just snacked on whatever was left in her bags - not even bothering to share some with him, because he was sleeping so soundly, and she was too much of a coward to face even his sleeping self - since she figured she wasn't really that hungry, not in the way that involved food, at least. Not after what she had experienced when she was dealing with the animal trapped in Naruto's boxers. She was quickly losing control of her thoughts when she remembered he had asked her a question. Her nerves jumped in embarrassment, realizing he was still waiting for her answer.

"U-Uhm, n-no, thank you. I'm fine, thanks."

With that, he had waved and forced his body not to run away. He thanked whatever forces in the world had helped him escape, and not have her follow. That was, after all, the reason why he had suggested bringing some for her. He couldn't have her following him - that would defeat the purpose, and he would be screwed all over again.

He found a spot somewhere in between their makeshift camp and where he remembered the shop to be, not wanting to be too close to Hinata or where possible civilians would be... just in case he couldn't keep himself quiet. He couldn't recall ever being quite like this, and he didn't know how his body would react. He partly imagined that somehow his penis would turn into a being of its own and start screaming at him for neglecting it for so long when it was so obviously beyond its breaking point. At least, he figured, it wouldn't take long.

The sun was just beginning to set, starting to cast an orange glow across the sky and her surroundings. She was a little surprised to see him practically run away, and even though she knew better, she couldn't help but feel like he was running away from her. Sadness and disappointment were seconds away from cloaking her in their unforgiving shroud once more that day, when she realized he left without grabbing his wallet. It was an adorable little frog - and her mind pondered over why he seemed to like frogs so much - and then she began to wonder why she seemed to find his fascination so fascinating, and how she seemed to like all of his little frog memorabilia, particularly his wallet.

As she was walking over towards his tent, she pictured it in her head; it was positively endearing. Not quite as much as Naruto himself, but with just the same intensity. It was a round little thing, and its mouth clicked open to store change. It was almost the cutest thing in the world, and she had wondered on multiple occasions where he found it. And then she spotted it, stashed amongst his belongings, and gripped it protectively to her chest as though it were real. But it was special, since it was Naruto's, and she couldn't let anything happen to it. Not that when she held it to her chest so close it felt like she was holding a part of him like so, or anything as insanely childish as that.

He was so close, he could feel it. He had been willing that tightening coil in his abdomen to spring open already, quickly becoming more desperate as the seconds ticked by. His jacket had scrunched down into the crease of his elbows, trapped there, and his pants were bunched in the crease of his knees. It had all felt very restricting, and it was driving him nuts, in a way that wasn't helping snap that coil so deep in his belly. His heart was going to burst, he sped up. In the heat of his mind, his hands were quickly being replaced with slender, pale ones. Then they were roaming his heated flesh, tracing the lines of his muscle, and an attached body was becoming clearer. The pale, voluptuous woman was straddling him, hovering very closely over his pleading erection, entirely void of clothing.

A beckoning "Naruto-kun?" reached his ears, and it had to be from the woman before him. She was whispering to him, seductively, as if asking him if she could do something to or with him, in an all-too-familiar voice. It was all too real. Almost there. In a frenzied moment of trying to go even faster, she had begun wriggling her body against him in a familiar fashion. And her face was just about to come into focus when his shoulder was touched in a way impossible for the woman on top of him. "Naruto-kun, are you ok?" And he suddenly realized it - the voice - was far too real. He wouldn't have imagined that all-too-familiar voice sounding so concerned. Heat engulfed him, and everything but his proudly displayed, maddeningly defiant penis disappeared.

He was frozen. Utterly, madly, frozen. He couldn't move. There was no hiding what he had been doing. There was no covering up. His pants were at his knees, his top beginning to feel more and more like a straight-jacket. His hands were frozen. Frozen on the proof of what he was doing. His eyes were impossibly wide, but he couldn't move.

She was beyond concerned. She had hurriedly ran off after Naruto, hoping to catch up to him before he found himself in a terribly embarrassing position of not having his wallet, when she heard heavy panting. She was immediately alarmed, and approached the heavy breathing apprehensively, only to find Naruto huddled on the ground, her back facing him. Mind jumping the gun, thinking he had been hurt or ambushed, she began running towards him. But then she stopped. He didn't sound hurt, if the sudden hitch in breath and familiar, throaty groan were anything to go by. She called out to him. What could he be doing?

When she was merely ten feet from him, she thought she would be eaten alive by the pure heat and energy radiating from him. Now she was terribly curious. What in the world could he be doing?

He was trembling, and at one point a hissed yes escaped him and lodged itself deeply in her core. She worried the hem of her jacket, trying to ignore what his single harsh word had done to her. Decidedly more concerned with his breathy, incomprehensible muttering, she lowered herself behind him and tapped him on the shoulder, eyes never straying from the back of his head.

When he went suddenly rigid, she was confused. What happened? Did she scare him? And then she was berating herself for sneaking up on him like that. Without warning, suddenly tapping on a trembling person's shoulder - what was wrong with her? She was about to apologize when she noticed a bead of sweat roll down his neck, joining the light sheet of perspiration across his back. That's when she spotted his jacket hanging partly off of his body, and she realized he must have just been really hot. It made sense to her, after all, it had gotten unbearably warm. Must be something about this area. She was then suddenly upset with the region for suddenly getting hot when it should be getting cooler. It was making Naruto-kun suffer.

She went to help him take off his jacket - it seemed stuck for some reason - when he clammed up even more than when she had tapped on his shoulder. Baffled, she thought to explain herself, a blush forming on reflex. "Don't worry, N-Naruto-kun. I-I'm just trying to help."

But for some reason, he seemed to clam up even more. Thoroughly perplexed, but pushing it aside, she tugged on his jacket once more, before he pulled away, shifting his knees underneath himself so he could stand on them, still facing away from her. Hinata was bewildered once again to see that his pants were in nearly the same predicament as his jacket. Was he really so miserably hot that he just couldn't seem to get his clothes off fast enough and somehow got tangled in them? She frowned, wondering why he would take his clothes off if he were going to the dango shop, but then figured, because of the sudden boiling heat, that he just decided to go later, if at all. As tactless as he can be sometimes, he certainly wouldn't just walk into a shop half-naked.

What the hell is she doing, was all he could think, in a frantic, slightly bitter way. Was she trying to tempt him, or tease him, or mock him? Was she making fun of him? Just trying to help? What the hell did that mean anyway? He didn't think Hinata was that type of person, so he was doubtful of his bitterness, but then what could she have meant? It was pretty obvious what he was doing, so why was she taking off his jacket and why was that being helpful? His heart practically burst at the thought that somehow she had seen the fictitious woman that had been straddling him, and decided she would take her place.

"N-Naruto-kun?" Her meek query snapped something deep inside of him. His head shot to the side, dilated pupil pinning her to the spot behind him. She was breathless. Thoughtless. Entirely motionless and solid, her mind unable to even process that it couldn't. The wildness in his smoldering deep blue eye ravished her, leaving no part of her untouched. Her nerves were frayed, prayed upon by the fiendish beast behind that lone eye. Her skin tingled then, trembling under the force of the eye bearing into her.

He watched her react, and despite some part of him telling him it didn't match up to his theory, he turned to her. This thing inside of him, whatever it was that had snapped, relished in her reaction once she saw it. It was simply delightful. His body practically purred at the shifting look in those pale lilac eyes of hers. Intimidated, but utterly approving.

She hadn't expected this wild version of Naruto, he seemed completely out of touch with his normal self. But what ever thoughts had managed to cross her mind, nothing - absolutely nothing - prepared her for what she saw after he turned around. Granted she had seen it earlier in the day, but it was completely different now. It seemed impossibly huge, to the point it seemed to be straining against itself. And beckoning. Entirely beckoning, as she noticed a throbbing vein spiral up along it. It was calling out to her. There was no other way to interpret it. Her head was immediately clouded with thoughts of it seeming even more so a rightful sacrifice specific for only her, and her heart leapt, her breath caught, her lips fell open in anticipation of touching it once more. It seemed to be blushing, darkening as if it could read her mind, her tongue caught between her teeth. Would it feel the same? Would it feel different? What would happen if she...

He watched as she got closer, anticipation building inside of him like a thunderous storm. Just a little closer... Closer. He could feel his mind separating from itself, going mad with lust and unable to stop. He was going to devour her. She was too close. His erection practically screamed in agony when he seized her wrist, just inches from touching.

There were no words to describe her complete and total disappointment, she hadn't even felt the pain in her wrist. She wanted to touch it, and he stopped her. Just... stopped her. It wasn't fair, and she was so overwhelmed by her disappointment, there was no room for mortification or embarrassment.

"Stop doing this to me." It wasn't his voice. It couldn't have been. He was trying so hard to fight for control over himself, he couldn't recognize his own voice when he spoke.

She looked at him then, mystified by the raging battle in his eyes. Even more mystified by the way her insides coiled at how his voice seemed to be dripping with heat. She was being swallowed by something. Something inside of her that took away her voice. She couldn't speak, but his words had sunk in. She was doing this to him? It was her fault? How had she managed that? She desperately wanted to know - in the off chance, that someday, maybe, perhaps, she wanted to do it again - but couldn't find it in herself to ask.

He was looking at her, but he couldn't focus. His head was spinning and it took everything he had to hold it in place. He had to get rid of this raging emotion, throw it out somehow. He couldn't let it taint Hinata. She looked so innocently up at him, just asking for him to do something, patiently waiting for whatever that was. He could never quite explain what possessed him to pull her into him and force their lips together.

Only after he'd done it, had he feared that somehow his emotions would travel through their kiss and infect her, but then he couldn't bring himself to stop because they had been so soft and quivering against him. Her lips. He couldn't get over how they felt against his. And then it was hard for him to breathe, but he couldn't just pull away. He would just have to make do.

She couldn't believe it. Simply couldn't believe it. Naruto was kissing her. Really, truly, willingly, kissing her. And she really, truly didn't believe it. It just couldn't be happening. These things didn't happen to her. Ever. Especially not with Naruto. She must be dreaming, this must be a dream. She must have somehow passed out on her way to the dango shop, somewhere along the way, and was now lying on the forest floor, crouched up, blissfully dreaming that Naruto was kissing her. Because he couldn't be kissing her. That only ever happened in her dreams, so technically it never really ever happened. But then it was hard to breathe, and she was struggling to stay awake. Which didn't make sense, because she was already so obviously asleep.

Realizing the difficulty to breathe went both ways, and Hinata didn't seem able or willing to save their lungs, he broke free just enough to pant against the corner of her lips. He stood their for a moment, still on his knees, holding onto the woman before him, leaning in to her, his forehead pressed firmly against hers, trying to catch his breath. Their breath mingled, creating even more heat between them. It was intoxicating, his world spinning... spinning...

Dazed, they fell back together, Naruto managing to catch himself with his left hand. In their tumble, Naruto landed on his rear, legs tangled in each other, slightly bent behind Hinata, who had incidentally been thrown on top of him. She was tossed into his chest, still on her knees, frozen. Her wrist was still in Naruto's grip against his chest, and she pushed against him with her right hand to stabilize herself. She, of course, didn't realize how dangerously close she was hovering over his problem - which, to his dismay, was still a problem. He waited in dreadful anticipation for her to comprehend the predicament she found herself thrown into. Or on top of.

There were no words passed between them when recognition lit her eyes. He bit his lip, half-expecting her to jump up, scream at him, call him a pervert, and then run back to camp crying. He really didn't hope that happened, or at least not the crying part - he could never forgive himself for making her cry - but at this point, he figured there was no helping it. He lowered his right thigh just enough to give her room in the off-chance she decided to merely back up - so as not to hover so dangerously close - and really, he hoped she would. Her staying where she was only spelled doom.

He watched nervously as she glanced down, a blush mercilessly overtaking her face. He felt a bit embarrassed himself, but it was quickly replaced with relief when she nudged herself backwards, just about sitting on his thigh. And then he found himself fascinated by her. That blush of hers mellowed into soft pink, accentuating her features in a way that widened his eyes. She was beautiful. And not once did she look away from his problem area, which he was sure was doing nothing but give him further reason to feel embarrassed.

Neither of them spoke, in fear of breaking the spell. They weren't sure how it happened, but under it, they felt little to no embarrassment, and for once in his life, everything felt in place. And as she reached out for his pleading body part, he watched, a dark blush prickling his skin. It was in that moment he realized it wasn't just her sleeping form that was an enigma. Hinata, in her entirety, was a puzzle to him. This was a woman he had expected to run away, cry, call him a pervert, scream, or even just pass out. But here she was, still on top of him, touching him even, making him feel so good, with a look of determination in her eyes he found himself admiring. Just when he thought he had her figured out, here she was doing something that completely boggled his mind. It was maddening, and miraculous, and absolutely wonderful. He wanted more. So much more. He wanted to feel like this all the time.

And then he was watching her hands. Observing how they moved and fumbled, trying to figure out how they wanted to move along his length. He simply marveled the difference in their skin tone, thinking how fitting and adorable her pale skin looked next to his much darker flesh, before a particularly pleasant caress took his breath and thought along with it.

He was getting extremely worked up. He'd never known it actually felt this incredible to be intimate with someone else. The thought alone had his nerves on end. Without thinking, he moved his hands - one of which had still been gripping firmly onto Hinata's left wrist, surely leaving a mark of some sort behind - to her hips, gliding up and underneath her clothing to explore the areas he had missed last night.

It dawned on her in that moment, that those hot spots and sensations from last night were eerily similar to what the hands attached to Naruto felt like. No way. It must be a coincidence. But then that couldn't be, because they had to have been Naruto. And that must have been when he had done his supposed molesting. A fierce blush gulped her whole, adding to the heat that left her mouth in bouts of rushed breaths. So Naruto had touched her like that... and done that. Watching her fingers smooth up and down over his throbbing appendage, her eyelashes fluttered as she dozed off into a state of tranquility. The cherry hue relinquished its hold on her and became nothing more than a delicate blush resting along her cheek bones, meeting over the bridge of her nose. She smiled to herself when she realized she had already named those spots in her head. One would be Naruto, the other Uzumaki. She was briefly amused at what his reaction would be to her naming his own hands after him. But he had already owned her heart. So why shouldn't he own her body as well?

She recalled the reign 'Naruto' 'Uzumaki' had over her body the night before, and had to rest her forehead on his shoulder. After all, he was the reason she got up in the morning. He was the reason she was breathing right now. She loved him so much that she lived for him. For his happiness. And if she happened to give that to him, or even just her body, she was more than satisfied. The sudden, overwhelming feelings she had for him consumed her, and she had never felt so at peace. Not once did her eyes move from her hands, only now and then marveling at the glorious object they held.

There was silence between them. But it wasn't truly silence, no. For there were gasps, and groans, and mumbles that were easing their way into the core of her abdomen, caressing it and making her feel fuzzy, branching into other parts of her body, dancing along her nerves. She was elated, and euphoric, but somehow it wasn't enough. She didn't realize she had started rubbing against him.

He was lost, unsure where to look, senses overwhelmed by the heat on his thigh. He kept glancing between the side of her face, her hands, and what little he could see of what brushed against him every now and then. Everything felt hazy. If he hadn't known better, he would have sworn it was all a dream. And somehow, in the heat of their proximity, she was suddenly straddling his right thigh. In the opportunity, his hands soon found themselves lodged within her pants, worrying at her heated flesh, soon grinding her against himself, sensing that that was exactly what she wanted. When she gasped her approval, forehead still resting on his shoulder, he added his thigh firmly into the mix - lifting up and down in rhythm with her forced motions.

The tension tightened in his belly, and he was no longer able to stop himself - not that he would have otherwise. He could hear her whimpering into his ear, and noticed her chin now resting against him, in the crook of his neck, mouth so close to his ear, panting and begging and whimpering in desire that kept rising and rising until finally, it overcame them both.

Drenched in their bliss, they laid there together, silently, panting, not uttering a word. In a moment of what felt seemingly like fireworks exploding behind his eyes, he had fallen back, unable to support himself any longer. Hinata followed suit not long after, landing on his chest, heaving against him in a state of pure content.

They stayed there a moment longer, before their world slowly opened up to their surroundings. Everything until then had simply disappeared. In their moment of passion, their world had all too easily been condensed into nothing but the other person and their heat. That heat. They had never felt anything like it, but when they glanced at each other then, their thought was mutual, connecting in a near telepathic manner. It wouldn't be the last time.

And in the end, somehow, Naruto was rewarded for everything. For that 'dango' shop he had gone on about earlier turned out to be a ramen shop.

- - - - - - -End.

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