1 Spider's Bite

1.1 Chapter Four: Goodbye

Shalnark took out his cell phone. He pushed a few buttons and pointed it at Kurapika. All of a sudden, the chain fell to the ground. A glazed look came over Kurapika his face. Kurapika's lips curled up in a sneer. He jumped to the top of a junk pile and pointed his finger. Directly at Leorio.

Smiling (Of course), Shalnark pressed a few more buttons. The Chain Jail flew out of Kurapika's finger.

A soon as it touched Leorio, Kurapika screamed out in pain. Blood spurting from his chest, he fell from the pile.

In a rush, Leorio caught Kurapika. Blood coming from his mouth, tears in his eyes, Kurapika said in a weak voice, "Leorio?"

"Yes, Kurapika." Leorio was also crying.

"I'm sorry… Please… don't cry… I'm going to be with you, eventually."

"Don't go, Kurapika!" Killua pleaded.

"Killua… my time is up… I must go… don't hold me back…"

Gon also started crying.

"You too Gon… All of you… remember… you came with me this far…" He was almost out of breath not, "Continue my dream… Find the Scarlet Eyes…" Kurapika gave them the last smile. One lone tear rolled from is cheek. Then, he was gone.

2 The End

TT! You KILLED Kurapika!!!! Why?!

TT: The brat deserved to die.


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